Zombie Dream Meanings and Interpretations


Zombie – For zombie see Undead. Zombies can be very scary in your dreams. In fact, there are many ways that zombies can actually become a reality on our planet. There are funguses that are capable of turning us into zombies with very little genetic change.

However, in dreams zombies usually make an appearance because of your overactive mind and watching too many movies. Zombies are in truth not flesh eating machines, they are just corpses that are not in control of their own nervous system. Instead some other organism is using their body as a staging ground for reproduction.

Zombie Dream Interpretations

Zombies are things of horror movies and nightmares. You usually dream of them when you have been watching them on television or the big screen. It could as simple be your subconscious replaying what you have seen when they visit a dream. If you have not been watching horror movies, dreaming of zombies can be a sign of your stress levels in your waking world. You may feel you are losing control in some part of your life.

Dreaming of turning into a zombie can be a sign you fear the unknown. You may fear losing someone you love and feel a need to protect them, but you may need to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. If you turn into a zombie, this represents possible health issues in your life. Once you transform into a zombie you are no longer who you used to be. Do you worry about becoming someone you do not want to be? You have the ability to turn the situation around.

Being chased by zombies can mean some health issues take longer than expected to heal, but you will regain full health soon. Dreaming of the world being overrun by zombies, indicates you feel the world is changing in a hostile way and you have no control in stopping it. Maybe there are parts of your life out of control. Does someone close need your help?

Saving someone you care about from the clutches of a zombie symbolizes you are secretly in love with them. They may not see you in that way, so you have to fight for their recognition. Showing your willingness to fight for them can show this person your true character and bring trust. This is a sign your relationship will grow into a lifelong success.

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  1. I know this isn’t about zombies bur vie had this recurring dream… It only ever come when ever I get a new good friend. This is what normally happens. Me and my friend were walking up to the back door of my dads restraint which is normal for us cause we always do that during the winter time and it was winter at the time. Dad told us to wait in the truck well knowing him it normally takes like 30 minutes so we decided to play with the snow. My friend was kicking the snow in one stout and being me I went over and helped her. Well we kicked and kuxked and then it just all fell down and opened up to like this huge cave… And what was down there literally stopped my heart there were skeletons whack I know in real life there is no cave and no skeletons. What does this dream meant cause I dent want to make a new good friend and that dream coma back.

  2. I am an avid zombie game player. Interested is some zombie themed movies and such.
    But yesterday around 2:30 am i woke up from a dream that my father was bitten on his neck by a zombie. A first I tried my very best and drained every ounce of my strength to prevent the bite but in all those attempts Still the zombie overpowered my will and .y father got bit. Then for an instant the zombie was gone and my father was just standing in front of me, he was just standing there and said “it’s ok”. Then from out of nowhere i was already standing behind a door. As i watched myself uncontrollably locked and shut the door. I didn’t see if my father turned but i would really want to know what my dream all about. This was a complete dream that i could remember from the moment i woke up. I was so exhausted when i woke up and my heart was really pounding that i had to put some pressure on my chest just to calm myself afterwards.

  3. My x from over ten years back was a zombie. he was unemotional control freak but non violent. he was very rigid, like he’d always go to bed at th same time. he’d get up real early an go to bed really early. iwas an unnecessary accessory in th humdrumedness which was our total existence. we were very young then in our early twenties. I separated from him in my early thirties. I found it very difficult. we had almost cut everyone except his parents out of our existence. he was employed by his parents. he no longer works. they broke him spiritually an mentally. he became addicted to legal medications.

  4. I had a dream that my mama was eaten by zombies. There was a zombie that crawled through the window and grabbed her. Before she was eaten she turned to me and said “they are coming” then she was gone. It was so sad I woke up crying.

  5. I had a dream where I am in my old school and a zombie apocalypse starts. I am always either with people from my old school or new school and only me and one other person survives. The dream ends when me and the other person climbs over a fence to get away. I and some other people are always getting chased before they die. I had this dream a couple times and they die in different ways and I don’t see who die, but the first time I survived with my ‘best friend’ and the second time with a random boy from my old school. What does this mean?

  6. Last night I had a dream of skeletons that ate all of the flesh off your body. Then you would be able to sprout back up and become one of the vile creatures. I don’t remember much since I woke up but I can remember running in the night and hiding in some apartments.

    It was vacant except for a young males voice and his younger brother who were walking amongst the halls rambling about their TV show. I had been able to get through the sliding door from the balcony. I locked all the doors and shut the curtains and turned everything off except for a small night light.

    Soon after sitting for a few moments I began to listen to the boys to which they started whining about where their cat had gone. At that moment I heard a small mew at the door and some light scratching, upon slowly opening the door I found a small orange tabby cat. He happily came in through the crack as I was looking at him. Shutting the door quietly and locking it afterwards I began to pet the cute little tabby with glee.

    It all happened so fast, there was screaming and windows breaking from the other rooms. The cats hair started to stand up while he crawled onto my lap and hissed. I could hear furniture being moved violently with garggling noises as the screams got quieter. My heart was pounding and I could feel the lump in my throat ache. I heard hard clacking noises on the wooden floors. After an hour or two everything was silent once again after the place was ransacked. My room was untouched somehow. I looked out the curtains and saw nothing.
    Rummaging through the room I found a large back pack and cat food and some snacks and clothes that I fit all into the bag. There was a tiny gap just perfect for the cat. Thankfully he knew what I was doing and crept into the backpack with caution. Zipping it up bit leaving a hole big enough for him to escape, slowly I unlocked the slider door and jumped down to the grass(wasn’t far at all).

    Somehow I was able to travel to a beach area by morning that still had people shopping at the stores. That’s where I met 4 other survivors who couldn’t believe that there was still peace in a place like this. Later on in my dream a great storm came to which was followed by the skeletons but I won’t write a whole thing here so yea. It was a little intense. I wish they had something to where you could go back and watch your dreams. I have very interesting horror & action dreams.

  7. Sometimes i had a dream chasing by a Zombies and sometimes i have that ability to fly away from them.
    I don’t watch zombies everyday.
    But in my dreams it always about Zombies 🙁 and i don’t know why? Why on earth I’m having that dream? Thank you. 🙂

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