Wood Pecker Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Woodpecker Dream Symbol – Woodpecker’s constant pecking at the wood of a tree brings the dance of life to your dreams. This can mean you need to pay close attention to all opportunities that cross your path. There are opportunities currently flooding in and you will miss them if you sit back for too long. This can be in relation to the ending of the old and the start of the new.

woodpecker dreamThis maybe be the discarding of old habits, toxic relationships, and old careers in favor of new opportunities. You may want to turn your life totally around. Opportunity is surely knocking on your door when woodpecker pecks on your door. Success is yours if you want it. There is much joy and happiness ahead. Reach out. Take a chance on your future.

It can also mean you need to pay attention to something you are overlooking in reality. Have you been putting off things for too long? Or have you been ignoring things that are too tough to deal with and now they have become an issue? Woodpecker can remind to pay attention to the smallest details.

If you lack attention to details, you may suffer a financial loss. She also may bring messages of what is nagging at you in life. Does your partner nag you? What constantly annoys or irritates you? Why is this so? What can you do to change that?

When Woodpecker crosses your Path

When woodpecker crosses your path you have the rhythm of the natural world in your blood. You have a simple way of drawing others’ attention to complex matters and drawing enemies together.

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