Wood Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Wood Dream Symbol –┬áDreaming of wood has lots of meanings and it can even be that you know people with the name of wood. Chopping wood can mean you work hard to provide a good life for your family. It can also be a good way to take out your anger safely while achieving something positive.

Chopping wood can also mean there is serious trouble ahead. This could be a loss of financial resources through your carelessness or you get sick because you do not dress appropriately for the weather. Carving wood represents your creativity. Look at what you are carving in the dream for greater insight into the meaning.

A woodpile can symbolize warmth and love. It can also represent stockpiling things for a rainy day. Are you someone who likes to be prepared for an emergency? Seeing wood paneling can represent the warmth and comfort you get from your home. It can also represent being stuck in the past.

The wood paneling can even be hiding a secret. Covering something up. Plywood can indicate your open, flexible attitude to the world. It can also mean you may tend to be a cheapskate and settle for second best.

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  1. Tracey Cullen on

    I was dreaming of a woodpile that had 7 poisonous snakes living in it. The woodpile was stored under my house and the wood was a collection of floorboards, vj wall panels. The snakes would only show their tails.

  2. I dreamt I was in the woods, and there was a circle of beings (humanoid in nature), chanting ‘chop wood!” They were literally circling a tree, but talking to me. It was like a ritual.

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