Wolf Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Wolf Dream Symbol – Wolves are powerful creatures that are symbolic of survival, beauty, mystery and pride. Wolves can indicate strong characteristics that are able to overcome difficult circumstances. They are hunters that prefer to work as a pack, but can also venture out on their own.

wolf dreamsDreaming about a wolf pack can indicate your preference to work with others to achieve your goals. Alternatively, your dream may be telling you that you need to work better with others if you want to accomplish your goals in life. Trying to tackle your problems on your own can be overwhelming.

Seeing a lone wolf in your dream can indicate that you like to go against the grain and do things “your way.” You may be the type of person is willing to take risks in order to accomplish your goals. Alternatively, the dream may indicate that you need to stop relying on others and become more independent.

A wolf is a true embodiment of personal freedom and the ability to do what you want without having constraints.

A wolf dream can also indicate that you may feel threatened by someone or something around you. Wolves represent male sexuality and natural instincts and desires they lay deep inside of us.

Additional Interpretations

Wolf visits to remind you of your wild side. Although we are domesticated that wild side is at our roots. Wolves live in packs much like our communities. They survive in harsh environments with humans their main predator. They understand the natural order of the world.

They show that in the way they live. Wolf visits to teach you to look within to find your own natural order and how you fit into the world around you. Discover your passion and do not be afraid to share it with the world. There is not wrong as long as you walk your truth with integrity. She can also appear as a sign of your intelligence and instinctive nature.

You may be someone who usually acts instinctively. And, this is a good thing. You usually get it right. You have the ability to see straight through any illusions to the heart of matters. Wolf may bring messages you need to find balance and harmony to see the bigger picture of your life.

Wolves can come as a warning you have hidden enemies. And, if they attack you, there is real danger in your life. This is usually psychologically or materially. You need to tread carefully. Be wary of all who profess to be friend. For everything may not be as it seems.

Use your wolf instincts to get to the truth. Be careful of who you trust, especially those you trust implicitly. You may have to test some people to get to hidden agendas for you may be hunted by unseen predators.

Hearing wolf howling in your dreams may mean you should stand your ground in this situation or speak out truthfully about what worries you. If you do not stand up for yourself and your boundaries, other will see you as an easy target. Alternatively, if they do not know where you stand you will always be a target. Wolves are shy creatures and do not like conflict. But, they will not shy from a fight where they have no choice.

You may prefer to use intelligence to make your point than to be confrontational in a fight. You make strong emotional attachments quickly. Often trusting without looking too deeply. You may need to reevaluate these attachments.

Seeing a lone wolf is a reminder you have a network of people supporting you. Hearing a howling wolf can also indicate a cry for help from someone in your life or a sign of trying to connect with someone outside your circle of connections.

When Wolf crosses your Path

When wolf crosses your path it is about balance and the natural order of things. You operate from primal instincts that usually get to the truth in an instant. This can get people offside around you. Sometimes you need to use more diplomacy.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • What does the wolf in your dream represent to you?
  • Was the wolf alone or in a pack hunting?
  • Did you notice the color of the wolf?
  • Is there any aspects of the wolf that is represented in your personality?

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  1. Been dreaming of wolves for years. Rarely as a pack. Usually being pursued by a single wolf. Last dream was my young son and I trapped in a house in the woods. The wolf was trying hard to get inside. Tearing through the door. I somehow shot it in the chest and it ran off but could sense it was still there waiting. Then I woke up.

  2. I often dream of wolves or dogs. For a long time, the wolves were in a pack and as I cam out of the house I grew up in, they would come out from everywhere and chase me back into the house. I had these dreams till recently I had a dream that a lone wolf was chasing me through the woods, I fell on my back and she gently crawled onto my chest, paws on my shoulders and just examined me in a very playful way; Since then I dream of dogs, no special type… mostly Labrador types. Often in groups, friendly. I often become upset in my dreams if they run off or I can’t attend to them.

  3. I dream that there was this couple inside an old and abandon building, and they were trying to get out of it, a wolf was hunting them he finally prayed into the husband but not her she escaped taking the elevator when people opened the elevator door the husband was laying dead with blood in his face she came out intact and the wolf jumped out and went away. The wolf looked like a German Sheppard, that type of color. the building was dark but when thru opened the door was very very bright. What does that mean?

  4. Jessica Wittbecker. on

    I dreamt of a large, very healthy wolf near my back door. I thought he/she was merely interested in my flick of chickens (whom were secure, even in my dream). I yelled and banged on the window, chasing her/him around the house and back into the woods. As she/he returned to the woods, people…strangers emerged from the woods and side-yard….asking questions about my daughter, and when I would be sending her to school. Their intentions, in the dream, seemed to have negative motive, disguised as concern. I have never considered alternative schools as much as I do now.

  5. I dreamt that I was walking through the woods at night and a pack of 3 grey wolves were running towards me. They weren’t snarling and I wasn’t sure if they were going to attack or not, but once they were in front of me I could control them, almost like a dog. The dream ended with us running together through the woods…what does this mean?

  6. I dreamt that in front of me was a wolf sniffing at my 1 year old baby, and was snarling at me. Its eyes were wide, yet I didn’t feel scred; just hugged my son close.

  7. I had the weirdest dream. It was that I was deer hunting for food and I was sitting at the bottom of a tree and I saw this wolf come out of the woods so I shot at it it came at me trying to attack my face I shot and it took off. So I got up and tried to run to my car. It chased me and all I could see was its big mouth bitting at my legs I got to my car and I shot it and it took off when I left going down the road it came out of the woods again and climbed into the back of the bed and I woke up

  8. I had a dream in where a wolf is sitting in front of what seems to be the house I grew up in. It’s cold and windy and the wolf was wearing a hoodie. The wolf seems to be sitting at attention firmly unshook by cold wind. I looked up under the hoodie to see the wolf closer. It was a dark colored wolf and didn’t seem to get bothered when I was close to him. What does this mean??

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