Witch Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Witch Dream Symbol – Witches understand the powerful energy of the universe and have learned to harness its power to use to their advantage. Dreaming of a witch can mean you hold the answers you seek deep within. You hold much wisdom. Look deep to tap into it.

The old notion of an ugly witch can be a sign of the fears you struggle to overcome. It can be a message that your fears are simply a distorted view of the world. This is an opportunity to face your fears head-on. When you do, they will melt away.

You may dream of witches when you are unsure of how to use your personal power. What confuses you? It is about having the confidence to achieve what you need. Seeing a witch with warts connects to the part of you that is superstitious. Or, you could be seeking fun, adventurous times with no thought of responsibility. This is great for short periods of time, but what happens if it backfires?

Witch Dream Interpretations

A woman dreaming of a witch can represent your own sexuality. Or a part of yourself that holds wisdom. Take notice of what the witch has to tell you. For it will hold great relevance to your waking life. You need to take this advice for a positive outcome. When a man dreams of a witch, you need to take a long, hard look at the way you treat women. Do you treat women well? Do you think women are just out to get you? Do you have a deep fear or hatred of women? A friendly witch is a sign that your social life will be busy. There is much to look forward to.

Dreaming of a witch may mean there is someone ugly and nasty around you. This could even be you. This is a message to deal with this behavior as it does you no favors. It is time to address things and allow inner transformation and changes to become wisdom. When you do this, you can move on.

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  1. Hi there I’m 12 years old. Umm I had a dream where I was at my house and eating something which I don’t remember and across the hall was my bathroom and inside had a woman staring at me. I was shocked at first but I was brave enough to stand up and to scream out “I am not afraid of you! I am not afraid of you!” Soon she disappeared. I guess she left me alone or something so then my dream switched and what I saw terrified me. The whole world was up in flames and I saw horrible monsters chaining up people. Then I saw the witch again and she was smiling but that didn’t scare me. The one thing that did was my family chained up too. that dreamed ended sooo what was it the devil coming to earth? Or was it my nightmare?

  2. So I JUST woke up from this dream and I’m still a little shook..
    It starts off with me trying to get into a department store to shop around. But I can only go in through the back, where the loading dock is. Turns out there’s a whole concert going on in the same plaza, so I’m not able to get in.

    Instead, the back now turns into someone’s garage/hangout spot. I don’t know anyone there but I’m pretending like I do. We start hearing multiple gun shots, automatic rounds in the distance and people just lay down on the floor as a precaution but everyone acts normal. I start getting anxiety and so I check my phone and it reads around 11:30pm. So I excuse myself and say I need to be home by 12:00.

    Out of NOWHERE, I’m walking back to my car but now I’m suddenly in this witches house.

    I have to walk a corridor to get to the front door and into my car. But as I’m walking, I see rows and rows of witch costumes. 5 different costumes to be exact. And I hear the witches voice telling me about how every costume has helped her kill innocent children. And that they were kind of stupid in the first place to have gotten killed and that if used correctly, these accessories and costumes could be of great advantage.. so naturally, in my head I’m screaming “this b*tch is CRAZY”

    I FINALLY get to my car and realized that my phone has been stolen. I hear the witch echo it in my head that she took my phone. When I get to my car, the key hole has been sabotaged so it’s a lot more difficult to get in. The door feels REALLY heavy but I manage to get in. Then, I realize that my car has now become a manual car and I come to the split second realization that this is a dream and that this witch is going to try and kill me.

    So I glance at the rear view mirror, AND SHES SITTING IN BACK SEAT WEARING A MASK FROM THE HOUSE.

    So I grabbed her neck and pulled it forward and she screamed, then I woke up….

    Any thoughts/interpretations would be amazing. This is the first time I’ve ever dreamt of a witch.

    • You are under a very serious witch craft attack and witches don’t play with people. Everything you described fitted in so well with what the witches do and how they operate. You also have to know that they really kill people every day as the witch described to you how she killed people.
      Now when people see this kind of dream they go into fasting and praying because Jesus of Nazareth is the only power that stop witches.
      This is a very serious attack and you will need Jesus Christ to defeat the witches. Alright thanks.

  3. Shaktiprasad on

    In my dream, I saw a witch very beautiful, she roams around with me. Then we fall in love with each other. She has a lot of magical powers. We make love several times. I have a upcoming exam, qualifying which my life will be successful. I asked her to use her magical powers to pass me. So then she remains quite and my sleep breaks.

  4. My dream was narrated like someone was reading me a story. It’s dark. Everyone was dressed like our founding fathers. A witch with skin so white she looked ghostly in the moonlight. She meets with her lover in the forest only to be discovered by his envious son with murder in his heart. It doesn’t end well for the son. I’m saddened and frightened. I (the witch) make plans with my lover to hide & meet when it’s safe & we can be together forever. I become spirit & hide within a giant tree with vines that bind. Time passes all of it dark nights with moonlight. I reach out of the tree to untie its vines & jump to the ground only to see a small model of my perfect cottage I dreamed to share with my lover, broken. And I know I hid for too long and that he had died decades ago. I’m brokenhearted.

    • Max hilliard on

      Ok, my whole family has dealt with paranormal, when I was young it was less but after my dad opened my spiritual side has visions of the future, low level telekinesis, empathy, controling and feeling energy shoot through me like a boost of energy. My mom side family comes from ireland, ancestors are coven witch’s from Ireland, we ticked off another coven, and came to America during potato, famine. My dad side is Irish, both sides have native American too so . when me and dad did seance , I felt god and ancestors, warded off a few negative entities, me and my brother have too, I am 18 , got serious with this stuff when I started having visions when I was 15 , I saw many terrorist attacks,natural disasters etc. I have learned how to let energy flow through me to allow me to run faster, help others. Also have a huge hero complex. I always have to help and save everyone. I do struggle with anger, temptation etc, but I try not let others see it. I pray to God a lot. When I am summoning energy I chant father,son, holy spirit. I also say holy spirit, ancestors and spirits of positive give me strength to travel spiritually, but stay true to who am I and help others. All this I am saying is I feel at very connected spiritual to the point a month go had a dream of stone circles in Ireland called drumbreg and a red head with with 21st century cloths and black fist representing rebellion, I also saw a satanic pentagram with goat in center , the red head witch said welcome to Ireland Maxwell Hilliard. Funny thing is summer of 2019 my family is going to Ireland for the first time.

  5. I am the witch. But I am fighting in a realistic paranormal war against a powerful entity. Specifically, It was a female figure, going after a baby boy that i was offering my life for its protection. I can remember running through acidic rain in a field between a forest, to get to a massive broken down building where i can bring a stranger her infant, to safety. There was so must pain, and fear around me, yet i was not afraid. And the pain had made me more fearless. The infant had a mind that spoke to me, not by language. I cannot recall the information, but i remember for a second seeing the depths of the answered truth that he had to carry. I was power, by an unknown love. I was not complete, and knew i was not the strongest. But i was as brave as the intensity of my boundless love. Chaos. I woke up in deception, where this entity had fooled me. I felt the loss of a mother to her son, when the boy was taken from me. At that instant I lost the ability to understand the power of language in my dream.

  6. Dreaming up a witch every 7 years means what? She come to me in my dreams every 7 years her body is not fully developed this will be the last puzzle of her body. Ill be 50 yrs old when i see her again. I try to fight this dream but i dont have no control over it. It seem she catch me off gard when i go to sleep and her power get stronger and stronger.

  7. I had a dream last night where one of my past friends was a witch. In the dream my fiancés boss sent me a text saying that he is cheating on me so i went to my witch friend for help. She lead me to an open area where she and lots of other people were practicing witchcraft and i then told her about him cheating on me.. She didnt seem to care though nor did anyone else they just grinned at me.. I decided to take revenge and exposed them.. They were all furious at me because they knew they would never be able to set foot in public as normal people again but I was not scared at them..it was as if I was the one with all the power now.. It was weird and the dream keeps bugging me i dont know why or what it might mean..

  8. My witch dream is very long. Bare with me. I would like to start out by saying a couple people think my house is haunted but I don’t believe in that. (On a scale of 1 to 100 on belief, I would say maybe 5) The house we have is over 100 years old. We hear normal old house creaking and warping. Specially in the winter when we run the heater. Of course we got slightly spooked the first time we heard these things happen but never found anything or anyone and or anything out of place. I also remember hearing a alarm clock going off the night before this dream and didn’t know where it was coming from (sounded like it was from the attic but I’ll explain later). So before I start the witch dream I want you to know, my wife was very stressed out the night before and we we’re both very depressed and stressed also lack of intimacy lately. We both work A LOT. (Note that my wife and I get along very well) We had difficulty going to bed that night. My wife leaves for work around 3am in the morning. I’m still up tossing and turning. Need to be at work at 8am and now it’s 5am. I Check my phone and put it down at the edge of the bed. I fall asleep.. I wake up to me snapping in and out of my dream and finally wake up (in my dream) and there is a red cleaver knife next to my phone and I’m thinking, why is this here? And I know where it belongs in the kitchen. Then I see a head kind of peeking through the door and I grab the knife and swing at it so that it may back off. I’m thinking this must be the person or thing in the attic!! I say hey!! What ar you doing in here. I can’t see a face and all the lights in the house are very dim I noticed. Seems to be a lady, and possibly old. She had light grey and black hair, but mostly grey. She had a white long shirt on and grey pants or jeans. Everything was very baggy on her. (This observation happened in seconds) she replied with oh hey, I’m the one in the attic and waves at me while walking to the kitchen. I’m thinking I have to call the police but I want to make sure she isn’t going to try and grab a knife or something from the kitchen to try and hurt me. She did sound a little friendly. I followed her with a slight distance. She is in the middle of the kitchen near the counter and sink and is looking at me. I see a very lustfull attractive women. I can see her face, but the lighting is very dim. (Like bar lighting dim) I can see her face but it still has a bit of shadow. She somehow attracts me to her so much to where I say in my mind no no no, my wife is going to kill me, I can’t do this. She seduces me. I couldn’t say no and we make out and I start thrusting. She lifts her leg up and has tight black leggings on now. Her leg is on the counter and has a cut out in between her legs… for easy access. I remember thinking no no I can’t and she pulls me in and we go at it for a few. Then I think we’ll im in deep crap now and we head over to the bed room. The lighting being very dim and I go to turn on the light and she says no. I can’t be in the light. I say no it’s ok. My clothes coming off and hers as well. I turn the light on and see this very old lady and all the beauty is gone. Was abnormal old like she has been alive for hundreds of years. Skin long saggy and very unattractive. She looks at her body and sees how I am looking at her too. I see the shame in her face by my reaction. She had lots of disease looking descriptions on her face and I remember thinking oh crap. I need to wash my face and body and whatever she has, I have it now. I remember a red bruising or leasions on her forhead. Like tearing of the skin or a speading skin disease. She had herpes or something around the entire left side of her mouth and much more. For some reason I didn’t want to shame her by being rude and giving up. I said, well let’s try it the other way around (Doggy style). She replied with a sad sounding but firm No while she looked at herself and looked at me. She had a semi baffled look on her face. At this point I know it’s a witch and wasn’t sure if she was trying to scare me and she seemed weirded out by my reaction like this wasn’t suppose to happen or that’s not what she was expecting. She got her clothes on and headed for the front door. I was thinking, I need to call the cops and get her out of this house and explain to my wife shamefully what happened. She is on the sidewalk and I’m in the door way of my home. She looks at me still kinda up beat and waves at me while walking away, saying I’ll be back in 15 minutes. For some reason I go back to the bedroom and pretend to fall asleep and accidentally do. I wake up in my dream with 2 knives where my phone use to be. I grab them and am kinda scared and baffled like what is going on here? I’m thinking she is on the attic now and not sure why she put the knives on my bed. I run to the bathroom with the knives (just in case) and wash my mouth out with soap and eat a good mouthful of jelly soap (as if that would help) forget to call the cops and I’m making noise and rattling things so that she would come out from the attic. At one point I see some shoes/feet like someone is hiding under clothes and boxes. I move it out of the way and it’s some guy and I see just his eyes and nose, but I’m thinking that’s not the witch and cover him up and keep making noise for this witch to come down from the attic. The noise keeps getting louder and louder and boom!! I wake up in real life. I’m awake and only got 2.5 hours of sleep but I felt like I slept like 10 hours. That day, I worked a very long day and got home to my wife. We start getting intimate and go to the room. In the middle of our love, we both heard a medium ka-dunk noise and felt it. I feel like it was from the attic and she felt it was from downstairs. We immediately get dressed and I grab my gun. This was no noise we have heard before and let alone feel the noise! We felt like someone was in the house. I call my neighbor over to bring his gun and help investigate the problem to be sure it’s someone or something before we call the police and waste everyone’s time and make a big useless scene for all the neighbors to watch. We check the downstairs and I check the crawl space. Which is pretty big compared to some others. (you can crouch almost stand in this space) but yet nothing. Now it’s the attic. Oh man are we all kinda feeling the hype on this one. Very large attic. I peek my head in with rifle ready. I notice this attic had almost finished floors. It was very dusty but just as empty. I have yet to actually get in their but one could almost fully stand in their. If someone or something would be moving around, it would have stirred up the dust and it probably would be hard to see. Everything was stagnant and still. No shuffling around. But my wife and I have no idea what the sound was or where it came from. I told her about my dream and she got very scared but we are still skeptical. Please tell us any sensible or reasonable feedback. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  9. I dreamt about two witches that welcome us into a light room. (Mom and i) we spoke about God and I made jokes a dance around. We all laugh. Then the door rings I went to get it.it was dad and two other ladies. We all prayed before entering the room. Then I see the two witches one holding my mom the other holding a knife to stab her. Mom kept talking about God. Then the witches saw us walking in and we ran and grabbed the knife out of the witches hand and had my mom free. Then the door slam shut and I woke up

  10. My dream was quite different I had been to see a friend (cant pin point who) when 2 witches came in separating us so I ran to find safety but they were everywhere watching in places people didnt look… The last thing I remembered I was walking in a group of people in an open ground area to hide and I looked up to see like 15 witches circling the area in the sky getting rid of people around me.. They never hurt me just the people around me.

  11. I dream that a witch likes me,.but I cannot see him,which he offers some food and I was about to escape,but he keeps on following me. He used his powers to cursed anyone.

  12. My dream was about several witches inviting us ( me, my fiancé and my black Chow Chow dog Kuma) into their home that looked old and run down from the outside but as we walked inside, it became magical. Beautiful people inside , food and everything a person can want. As we walked to another home we meet a beautiful couple who gave us black cloaks and ask us to join them near the fire. She had red hair, light complexion, glowing eyes and beautiful. He had dark hair, tan complexion, very handsome and mesmerizing.
    I woke up right after this scene. What does it mean? Can you please send me an email response.

  13. I had a dream last night I was walking through a public house to the right of me I seen four figures dressed in black, three were sitting at a round table and the forth a lady was standing they all looked witch like. The lady who stood a good two feet taller then me places her left hand on my head she says your head is full you have faced your karma please look into the lense of this camera on which I did, I seen an awful demon i started to cry and the demon turned into a beautiful creature I looked across the table to the three others sitting down they smiled at me as I cried I then woke up any idea what this means it’s really playing on my mind

  14. I dream with a witch standing at her door inviting me to come inside her house she was overweight and ugly I refuse and keep walking.

  15. My boyfriend told me tonight, about a reoccurring nightmare that ive been having for the course of a year or so. He said that I wake up to tell him of a dream where witches are trying to burn me. I remember none of this (the dream, the punching, the telling him about it) and apparently I even went so far as to accidentally punch him, in my sleep, while I was having one of these dreams. This is so weird to me because I usually remember my nightmares that affect me this hard.

  16. In my dream I was a witch. Is that usual? I was the perfect version of myself and I remember being a “good ine”, I was with my best friends who were also different type of magical creatures. I remember one was a troll but the others were not specified. And we were horseriding in a place that is familiar to me but not to them. Can someone help me finding out what this means because I am beginner in finding out what my dreams mean… thank ‘s a lot!

  17. Today had a dream about alots of witches in the train station I knew they where witches because I felt but I didn’t get any scared wanted to tell them a boy secret so I did who I had a crush on talked to them like they where friends but idk I feel like some other person would of got scared seeing like 13 14 witches and get scared but I didn’t they didn’t look scary but they where wearing all black

  18. My main part of my dream was when I walked into this antique looking room on a stormy night and I see this head on a desk in front of a mirror. I knew I should’ve been scared, but I wasn’t. I walked up to it to realize it looked just like me, but somehow more beautiful (like no pimples, no face wrinkles, more like a realistic human doll almost). I picked it up and spoke to it asking what it was. It replied “I’m a witch”. I was confused, so I told the head “prove it to me that you’re a witch”. Then I found a paper saying: “go to the nearest dead house”. There was an arrow pointed to the right on the paper after that. I asked “what’s a dead house?” The head replied “that’s for you to find out”. I thought to just believe that the head is a witch and not go to a ‘dead house’. When I woke up, I thought again… What if I did go to a dead house after I figured it out? Should I even do that?

  19. Yoni Silverstone on

    I’ve had this dream twice in a 1 day difference

    I’m in this White House with grass on the outside and a glass done around it, but the thing is there’s a witch whith black and purple hair and she’s young looks like in her 20’s but she has a beautiful daughter, the witch is going to kill me than I ask if I can have a final wish and I wish to see her daughter 1 more time, she laughs her daughter appears and they both kill me at the same time

  20. It’s been like 2 in a row I dreamed about a witch. Well, technically some of them are different.

    First, it’s more like the witch uses satan/evil spirit to kill me, in my dream I was getting beaten up by this spirit, I kept getting thrown by this witch to the roof, to the wall, and then to the floor, it feels real, it just feels like I’m actually about to die.

    Second, which is yesterday, today’s night. I was in a house, like a shack. Then I have an unknown friend because I have never seen his/her face, but I feel like I know him/her, and the gender… I am really unsure but he/she’s using a bustier came to me, he/she’s wet from rain, he/she put the bustiers near me, it was a sexual dream for a second, cause I feel like I wanted to have sex with someone. Meanwhile, there’s a prayer calling, so I go, I walk through the gate down the road to the other gate to the place where I pray but then I see a woman, walking slowly down the hill from the gate where I pray and she opened it slowly, that time I felt something is wrong, I kept looking at her as I thought she’s crazy or something, but I was like “Nah” then walk confidently until she possessed me, and I can’t even talk, I feel like I actually getting possessed but No. I woke up at the actual prayer time in real life.

  21. My dream is that i saw a priest and a girl in farm as if they are running from someone so i led them.As we are walking down the road we saw a house,we entered it and saw two men hypnotized or somewhat possessed.Then the witch appeard.I ask the priest to handle the two men and remove them from being possessed and i will be the one who wil fight the witch.I used the Lord’s Prayer in fighting the witch.Then the witch said what is written in bible Thesalonian 17 and 22 is not true….What does that mean?i have’nt read that not only after that dream…

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