Winter Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Winter Dream Symbol –┬áDreaming of winter indicates a time of rest. It can represent disappointment, sadness, and dissatisfaction with the way your life is currently. It can also represent your relationships, health, and success in business.

A winter landscape in a dream can mean there is disappointment and sadness on the way. You may feel depressed by something that affects you this way in your waking life. Maybe you hate your job or you are bored with life. This is a time to take action. Find another job. Get a new hobby. The choice is yours. There is no point wallowing in depression. Brighten your life with colors of the rainbow and you will never look back.

Seeing winter in a dream can warn it is time for a health checkup. Your health may not be as good as it seems. Seeing your doctor will help you find anything that threatens your health early so you can beat it. Just know, that this is a time, where you should not avoid a trip to the doctor if you have health concerns. If you do, you may regret it later.


Winter can also mean you are not happy with how things are going at work. You may feel your effort is a senseless waste of time. It may be that you just need to ignore these feelings and get on with the job at hand. This phase will pass. In fact, this negativity may help you put things into better perspective and help you move forward. Let things run their natural course.

Seeing winter entertainment is a sign you will have success in new projects. While you may encounter some obstacles. You will navigate these with ease or turn them into your advantage. It can also mean you crave adventure. Maybe your life has become boring. Do not sit around wishing for something to happen. Get out there and make it happen. You have control of what happens in your life. Now is the time for action.

An abundance of snow is a sign of abundance and prosperity soon entering your life. Rain and sleet in a winter dream can warn there are problems coming with friends and family. You should put measures in place to avoid this situation.

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  1. Lindsay Tobias on

    Last night I had a dream and I thought it was kind of like a snow globe. There was light snow on the ground and at one point, I kind of sledded down an area of grass (even though I wasn’t on a sled) and I ended in my father’s arms.

  2. I feel like I might only be remembering fragments of my dream but; I was at the mall with my grandma, ( my grandma died 3 years ago) I was looking at this huge new store and she wanted us to go check it out… We ended up having to go to the parking lot because I had been watching a TV show and a person who appeared to be my physiotherapist wanted me to watch it at home… But there was so much snow… It was winter and the snow had reached the beginning of my neck. I didn’t feel like I was in danger, my physiotherapist was going to get her car and told us to wait. My grandma and I were sort of “stuck ” in the snow but then I started to “swim” through it and felt it would be a lot easier to get to the car then I though, I was trying to explain to my grandma how to do that and she did, we both did a good job but I don’t know if I got to the car I worke up before.

    Unrelated;, before that dream I had another dream I was back at Greek school ( I used to go every Saturday to learn the language ), but I saw some guy I had booked up with as a teacher. Then I tried looking for him again but it was a different teacher , they wanted to reach us about the history of Greek music. There was another class happening in front that I wished I was part of where the singers were singing beautifully whereas my teacher was incredibly boring…. Lol

  3. In my dream I dreamt I was running around outside my grandmas house with my best friend, playing tag or hide and seek. It seemed a lot like my grandmas older houses… I’m not sure which one, I think the first one I remember ever seeing. Eventually, we went inside and then I lost my friend. I grabbed something from a room with a computer in it, everything looked black and white but the sims 3 symbol was its normal green. I looked at my grandma at some point and… the look on her face, God it makes me shudder… it was cold, she looked frozen over! She looked mad, of blank? Maybe upset?… I’m not quite sure… she just looked up like what Iv ever seen her look like… a few moments later I woke up.

  4. During my winter dream, I got separated from my trqvel group on a bus, forcing me to drive home accross the country in my own car. I had to stop a lot even though I was in a hurry. There was a giant grey ant almost as big as a car moving sluggishly trying to get to the gas station. I think both winter and the ant in this dram represent job or life dissatisfaction and frustration with progress.

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