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Whisper Dream Symbol – Hearing whispering in a dream symbolizes there are gossips around you. People are talking about you behind your back. Is there someone malicious close to you? Do others envy your achievements? Do they want to destroy what makes you happy in life? It can also mean you have a yearning to learn a secret, but you may be afraid of what you do not want to know.

Whispers in a dream mean you need to pay closer attention to something or to what someone is trying to tell you. It can also represent your stress levels and insecurities. Do you feel others are talking about you behind your back? How do you feel about this behavior?

Dreaming that you are whispering is a sign you do not have confidence in what you say. Are you trying to hide something? Are you afraid to speak your truth? You need to stand tall in your truth to move your life forward.

Hearing whispering in your ear in a dream is a warning you need to take more notice of something or what someone is trying to tell you. This is an urgent message from your subconscious. Is there something or someone you have been ignoring? It can also mean your stress levels are high because you know others are gossiping negatively about you.

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  1. I have had a continuous dream of an old man or sometimes a child telling me things, or a story. But they always use me as there subject. It usally ends up with me dying a a very painful way. I have taken these ‘dreams’ and toke parts of them to create a book. Just some short stories about people. They are very weord and twisted. Its almost as if you can feel them breathign on your ears as they tell you everything

  2. I had a dream of the boy I like and I was in class doing some work with my friend and then I started to hear his friends getting all hyped up tell him he needs to ask the big question in my head I was wondering “What Big question ?” I kept on doing my work but then I saw my crush coming towards the desk and before he said anything he quickly whispered “I like you” and then he said something else I don’t remember what he said and after that I woke up. PLEASE TELL me what this means.

  3. I was laying in my bed one night and I was in and out of sleep. I was awake but kept my eyes closed when all of a sudden I heard fast whispering in my right ear I opened my left eye and was a little uncomfortable but I tried to understand the whispering but I couldn’t make out what the words were. Then I pictured a demon on my back with long fingers and nails pressed against my back. What does this mean?

  4. In my dream, I heard a man’s thick voice asking me to sleep ‘n not wake up…there were no exact words but somehow I knew what that voice meant, it wanted me not to wake up…then I heard him say a language I couldn’t understand but it sounded really nice..I couldn’t move ‘n felt his breath against my skin, it was like being pressed down by just the air against the bed…then I woke up breathing hard

  5. Nikita Dubey on

    I had a dream that a man’s hard ‘n thick voice was whispering in my ear for me to sleep…there were no exact words but it was like a silent message passing that asked me to sleep ‘n not waje up…I could feel his breath against my skin ‘n it was like being pressed down against the bed…I was sleeping on my right side..I was so terrified..I woke up breathing hard ‘n couldn’t sleep for a while…what does it mean?

  6. Recently, i dreamt of someone saying ‘You are mine. You are mine forever.’ and ‘You are mine. Not his. Come back to me.’ There is no one around me that physically whisper that to my ear in my dream. Moreover, that person’s whisper is after a year I got married. I mean in my dream. What does this mean? Do i have a secret lover/crush?

  7. This is not the first time it’s happened but this time this scared me out of my dream, like someone else was there with me in my dream. All I remember is driving in a rush to get some place and.this was not the first time I had dreamt something like this. Except it was different. It was like I was watching a movie of my self. But I was also the person in the dream making all the moves in the dream as well If that makes sense. Next thing I see or remember is I’m being followed out of no where, chasing me in another vehicle and my first instinct was to turn into this place so I did really fast then next thing I hear is a whisper “amber”, like it was right in my ear and I woke up startled. I don’t know if it’s because of the feeling of being chased in my dream that’s why I woke up scared with my heart pounding. I don’t know. But I did not want to go back to sleep right away.. It creeped me out. Anyone else have experienced this?

  8. chnadler richards on

    i had a dream that one of my friends in my dream was whispering “you know we could go to the back and this could be reversed” i also what to note that she came to me and kissed me on the mouth, in front of her boyfriend.

  9. Literally just woke up from a dream from which I just heard a repetitive whisper, more like a chant of someone or something whispering “we’re mad at you, we’re mad at you, we’re mad at you…” any thoughts?

  10. It started out with random pictures of hands. Big hands, small hands, hands of people I know and don’t know. Then this woman with long red hair and a terrified expression appeared and kept whispering “wake up wake up why won’t you wake up” followed by a high pitched tone. She gets dragged down by these black hands, and I start having flashbacks of all my reoccurring dreams, stopping at my rose garden dream. The garden seems different though. Usually it feels cool and calming with this angel boy under a willow tree with a blue robe and four wings. In this dream, it felt hot to the point that I felt my skin bubble off. The roses that grow at both sides of this yellow dirt path leading up to the willow tree are overgrown. The angel boy is missing from the garden. The willow tree on the path is without any of its leaves. I haven’t had this dream in months after having a dream about a battlefield of dead angels, so him not being there worried me. I felt someone grip my throat, snapping my neck. As I was about woke up, the woman appeared again, whispering numbers.

    “1 4 27 8 7 2 1 01 120 8 25 25 25 25 25 25 Wake up.”

    I woke up with my body contorted, my neck sore.

    • So like I just had the same experience but I was half sleep and this voice I heard sad the exact same thing wake up wake up but the spirit was a transparent figure and it was a calm voice I couldn’t move more speak but I felt it touch me and it moved my arm in circles it wasn’t a female not male voice it was just whispering in my ear and the only thing that was clear was wake up wake up wake up and when I woke up it vanished like I saw it it was like a clear vaper but it had like a figure sort of and I could see it moving my arm

  11. I dreamt of someone whispering in my ear “I Love You” several times, while the vision in my dream is constantly changing and I also saw the word “I Love You” in a text message.

  12. Last night, I was awaken by a whisper. Like someone called me while i’m sleeping. I don’t know if it’s a dream. Or just my subconcsious. No goosebumps at all, it just felt weird. This is the first time I experienced it.

    • This happened to me last night at 4 am. Someone whispered my name. I woke right up. It was very real. A female’s voice, but no one around. I was told by a Native American friend that it means I’m at a good place in my life. But I also have been contacted by many friends or family that have passed over in my sleep. I think it depends on how ‘in tune’ we are to a certain level of consciousness and awareness to our spiritual self.

  13. I didn’t really have a dream about anything.. I only remember hearing “I hear you, do you hear me?” I jumped from my bed and nobody was there. It sounded like someone was right next to my ear though. I was sleeping on my left side and IT whispered in my right ear. Does it mean anything?

  14. I had a dream my moms fiancé was helping me wash my body was facing me and held me had a scrubber and started to scrub my back and started to whisper in my left ear and I didn’t know what he was saying all of a sudden I woke up and woke up how I slept which was sleeping on my right side

  15. I’m going traveling in January and I had a dream i lived there with a guy making love then I over heard him say he wants to leave his wife for me and after saying I was going to leave him I started kissing him on the neck but he whispered in my ear my name to stop then over and over again and it really freaked me out and woke me up, I thought nothing of it tired to go back to sheep and I fell straight into the dream and it felt like something was pushing me

  16. I had this weird dream, I was in a room with afew people in a living room I never seen before in my life.some one/ something was standing very close to me from the back. The all of a sudden a straight voce lend over my shoulder and whispered in my hear. It was a male voce and said you are pregnant!

  17. I had a dream someone told me I will live to eighty I am going to be eighty this year this scares me

  18. I dream someone that I love whispering in my ear and told me about her feelings but I can’t remember everything she said all i remember she whispered that she still love me.. That’s all and from what ive had read up there is that or is there someone you might ignoring.. Yes that’s true we don’t talk/chat anymore.. But what does it really means..? Is like a message to me..

  19. Donna Adams on

    Dreamed I opened my front door 3 men dressed in black suits pushed their way in and started searching my house for something. They were looking for a camera or a disc. They split up and walked through the house looking for it. They ask me where it was and I told them repeatedly that I did not know what they were talking about. I called the police and they felt threatened by that and left. One of the men was very tall 7 ft., he leaned down and whispered jibberish in my right ear, it felt real, I could feel his breath on my ear, he whispered again and I woke up. The men had an evil presence to them, not violent just made me feel like they were not nice people.

  20. Had a dream of female whispers the same number 4221 repeatedly n got louder until I jumped up out of bed seemed like someone was right there

  21. I had a dream that someone whispered in my ear…the first words were In the name of Jesus! And then he continued saying or speaking a language I didn’t understand. I woke up immediately. I was so scared, I couldn’t go back to sleep for hrs! Was it an angel?

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