Wealth Dream Symbol


Wealth – If you dream of winning the lottery or gaining a lot of wealth in a dream it is a wish fulfillment dream. This dream is a fulfillment of your inner desire to acquire wealth and succeed, especially if you are currently facing a difficult financial situation. Sometimes dreams about wealth are reflections of your inner desire to gain wealth that you currently don’t own.

Sometimes symbols of riches like jewels and money don’t always mean money, but can indicate wealth of knowledge or wealth in relationships that you have. It is important to determine how the wealth makes you feel and how it is indicative of your current status in life.

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  1. I’m curious about my dream that I’m not even thinking…… I see my self that I’m in the front of big building together with my bf. We are talking while we are in outside chair….. Then I said to enter inside then everyone is Hurry to come near with me and said madam good morning……that time I notice that Buisines is mine and I’m owaner……. Strange….

    Somebody can give a meaning of my dream

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