Watermelon Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Watermelon Dream Symbol –¬†Watermelon is a sign that you are taking it easy. That you are going through some tough challenges that are just too much to deal with and you have taken time out to refresh. It can also mean you want to relax but things are too hectic in your life for time out. Seeing watermelon in a dream is a sign you have enough money to take it easy. Be careful you do not leave any troubles too long unattended.

watermelon-dreamsPlanting watermelon seeds means that you are sowing the seeds of your future. One day the growth of those seeds will pay off financially when you least expect it. Cutting a watermelon indicates money will come from unusual places. Dropping one that shatters can mean you will waste all the money that comes to you. Cutting and offering watermelon to others is a sign you will make an offer on something that is accepted. Watermelon juices trickling down your chin is a sign that any money you have is just wasted on superficial things.

Picking the seeds out of the watermelon as you eat is a warning there are financial problems in your future, but you can easily resolve them. And, a watermelon without seeds means there is much money coming your way. You will use it to travel and for holidays.

Dreaming of buying a watermelon brings news there are financial gains coming your way that do not eventuate. Selling watermelons can mean any money you receive you will use to pay off your debts.

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  1. jennifer kenneth on

    i dreamt that someone well warp water melon and pear in a nylon and gave it to me, but it was half, big half watermelon, big half pear

    • I’ve dreamed about picking a watermelon my neigboor gave to me. And cut it in the ground into four. Half, 1/4 and 1/3. I keep on dropping the half of watermelon that i cut while walking on the road downhill. With my cousin and i saw my other cousin I gave her or let her bite my watermelon. I think there’s also a raindrops. I manage to bring the watermelon home. But I think someone is trying to get my watermelon so I ran and hide on my neighboors house which is my uncles house. The I gave him some of my watermelon too.

  2. Sylvia Owusua on

    I’ve had two dreams in which I saw water melon. In the first dream I saw our neighbor who died standing afar and he was pushing a lot of watermelon to his young son whom he left behind and the son was also push them towards me, but when I asked him whether I could take one he said no, But yet he pushed one big one to me so I picked it and then woke up from the dream.

    In the second dream it was like a colleague Pastor had brought them to where I was and they were on the ground about to roll off then I when to gather them well so they don’t roll away.

    Can you please help me with the interpretation of the dreams.


  3. In my dream a big truck transporting watermelon was driving fast and when turning the corner the truck flipped and there was watermelon everywhere, broken and whole a woman was carrying a large broken piece which looked perfectly ripe and it was seedless

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