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Water Dream Symbol – Water in your dreams is all about your emotions. Water is vital to our survival and represents creativity, emotions, and fertility. It is a true representation of life in that in its fluid movement imitates the ups and downs in your life.

Drinking pure, clean water symbolizes rejuvenating a relationship. Drinking dirty water symbolizes you are unhappy in a relationship. A relationship with a close friend or a partner may have become toxic. You need to remove this from your life.

water-dreamsHaving water forced down your throat means someone is trying to force you to do something you do not want to do. It may even be you are being put into a compromising position. You now have to say no. This will put you in the center of an argument you would rather avoid. It can also mean you are not happy in your job. You may want to change employers. Dirty water is sign of negativity around you. This may be a time where your judgement is clouded.

Enjoying the cascading water of a waterfall signifies cleansing and renewal. It also can mean a new love coming into your life and sexual arousal. Being battered by a waterfall reflects feelings of being battered into the ground in real life. You may feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of problems you have to handle. This may provoke old negative feelings and fears to come to the surface. You may be at risk of repeating the mistakes of the past.

Diving into water indicates taking risks on new opportunities. You are in charge of your life and the path to your future. Dreaming of snorkeling under water signifies a time where you take a look at your life. You may analyze your goals and dreams. You may find that past tough lessons come back to haunt you in the present. You need to put these to rest once and for all.

Floating, almost stationary, on a pool of water indicates you may just be maintaining your current path in life. Things may seem to be making no progress in some areas you want to move forward. Dreaming of water skiing or skating is a sign your risk taking is only a front. In reality you have a deep seated fear of failure. You may show a happy face to the world while crying inside. You may love the thrill of the chase but be afraid of letting go of your feelings.

Playing with water, having fun, symbolizes your fun, positive outlook on life. There could be new friends or colleagues that benefit you in some way. Dreaming of paddling in water means you are progressing well with a project. It can also mean you will have unexpected problems if you encounter obstacles in the water. Paddling in the open sea represents your open, down to earth attitude.

Being boiled in water or turning to ice represents extreme emotional highs and lows. You may repress these. This is a message to let them go before they harm you or others. Dreaming of an accident involving water can mean your partner will betray you. This may come as a surprise and knock you out emotionally. You need some time to heal.

Flood waters in your home signifies your family has major turmoil. This can be financial or family personal concerns. This is a sign of your family being torn apart. Being splashed by water is to shock you into turning your attention to what needs attending to. It is a sign you need to look deeper into the people around you or apply yourself with more diligence to a project.

Dreaming of a river highlights there may be problems in your future. There can be many twists and turns, and forks to choose from. You may choose the wrong direction. A fast moving river indicates you feel life is going moving too fast. Crossing water is a warning you can avoid any danger by taking a step back. Sometimes you need to look closer before moving forward. Walking though muddy water means you are doing things with a halfhearted attitude. While flooding represents chaos in your life.

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