Wasp Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Wasp Dream Symbol – Wasp brings messages to get off your butt as nothing will come to you while you sit there and wait. You need to commit to your plans if you are serious about following your heart’s desires. Are you passionate about something? Do you have plans and dreams? What do you do to action these to make them a reality? Use perseverance and have faith in what you believe.

Wasp dreamIf wasps are attacking you from every direction this is an upsetting dream. This indicates you are being gossiped about and attacked from every direction. There is bad luck on the way. Being stung can mean there are traitors close to you. Take a closer look at those you trust. Dreams of incurring the wrath of wasp can signify you need to be careful. It is likely a betrayal or tragedy will occur close to you.

This is another warning to beware of those you trust. You may not understand their true intentions. Have some relationships become toxic? Are there those trying to get the upper hand over you? It can even mean it maybe you who is toxic with your attitude towards those who have some say over you, such as work. Are you stirring up a wasp’s for your own agenda? Do you push others’ boundaries on purpose?

When Wasp crosses your Path

When wasp crosses your path it is a reminder you have no trouble thinking for yourself or expressing your opinions. You let nothing stand in the way of your success. You are good at using barbs to make your point. Sometimes you need to be more gentle.

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  1. In my dream there I was this rich noble person with a butler. Apparently I had a fly problem and I went to check it out the flies weren’t dying or going away but instead they brought wasps into the house and the wasps attacked be in a swarm. It wasn’t really from every which way but it was like an animal crossing effect with them all behind me while I ran terrified. I remember one landed on me just below my ear but I wasn’t stung I just slapped it off. My butler came to the rescue with a oversized net and caught all the wasps, tied up the net tight, then proceeded to step on it killing the wasps.

  2. I dreamt I was trying to get somewhere, but the door had disappeared. I needed to go around, but I took a shortcut through the bushes.
    They happened to have wasps in them, and they wooshed and buzzed all around me, but they didn’t sting. One crawled into my shirt and landed on my heart area. What does this mean, does anyone know? It seems too relevant to deny.

  3. I dreamt I was in my old room in my parents house looking at a spider web in one window. Then I notice a giant black wasp with red eyes behind the web. I somehow know that it can not sting me but I am still unnerved by its presence so I decide to open the adjacent window hoping it will fly outside (my usual way of dealing with flying insects) The wasp crawls outside and hovers outside the window, which I struggle to cloese properly. After I succeed I notice that the wasp have somehow passed throug the glass and is hovering on the inside of the window.

    In the next part of the dream I am telling my mother about the wasp. She tells me not to be afraid, referring to the wasp as a “hattedame” (hat-lady)

    After I awoke I got the notion that the wasp was some sort of sign or messenger.

  4. Dreamt I caught a huge white wasp and held it then placed it a bottle with a cap.

    I’ve got some business ventures I’m pursuing and feel like it’s related to my confidence and/or success

    Any insights are appreciated

  5. I never remember my dreams so this is really bothering me because it was so vivid. And strange because it mixed a dream with real things in my backyard. There was a wasp stuck in the light fixture on my back patio. It kept trying to get out of the glass that surrounded the lightbulb. There were too little holes in the bottom of the glass and the wasp finally figured out how to get out.
    Then it flopped right into the outside garbage can where it struggled to stay alive.

    WTH does this mean? It’s really bothering me.

  6. In my dream wasps weren’t the main focus, but they kept coming up throughout as more of a nuisance, and the ending of my dream was basically a showdown with a wasp. Another character in my dream told me how to deal with them/make them go away, and so I was doing so throughout. It was the end of my dream that was weird though. We had just fought this huge battle in a war. During the whole dream we were fighting in a war with various battles. But we were returning from this last one and this wasp started bothering my little sister. I kind of swatted it away and soon it started bothering me, but instead of stinging me it would just land on me repeatedly. Every time it would land on me I would move or brush it off or swat it away (I think I was trying to crush it because that’s what the character in my dream told me to do, but I wasn’t totally doing what they said, I don’t know how I wasn’t listening but I wasn’t) but it would circle up and back around and try and land on me again. Finally it got angry and went up in the sky and it was like we were about to face off. I even started hearing drums pounding like we were gearing up for battle. And I was prepared to face it and for some reason I wasn’t that scared, which is strange because I get so scared of wasps in real life, I even got so scared of a couple yesterday. I think my fear is partially because I’m allergic to bees, not wasps, but whenever I get stung by a wasp I’m always terrified that maybe it was a bee and my anxiety sky rockets and I get really scared I’m gonna have a dangerous reaction, even though that fear is irrational. Anyways he’s gearing up to attack me, and I’m preparing myself to hit him with my hand or something, and he attacks and starts stinging and it feels like this small repetitive pounding. But he hits me right where this necklace I wear everyday is sitting on my chest, and it acts like a sort of armor. The necklace is a turtle which is my favorite animal and I feel like it’s my spirit animal. I didn’t even know I was wearing it in my dream until I felt the pounding from the wasp right on it; it kept pounding right on the hollow at the base of my neck and then I woke up, and I still felt the pounding for a few seconds after I woke up until I touched the place where I felt the pounding to see if I was wearing my necklace. I wasn’t, but I know that’s what protected me from the wasp in my dream. My grandma got me this necklace for high school graduation last year, and in college I started wearing it everyday. I’m realizing now I really started wearing it everyday a couple months before I started being so much happier. I found my people, and everything started to click. I think I associate that necklace in a way with who I have grown into in the past year and the people who helped me grow into that person. But now, I’m back at home for the summer, and my college isn’t in the same state as home, so I’m not with my friends from college and haven’t been for months. I saw them each once for a few days, but that was it. I go back to school in two weeks, but all summer I’ve been feeling so disconnected from myself I guess. I felt like at school I matured so much and now that I’m home I’m losing so much of that and acting like a younger version of myself that I don’t like and she is angry and mean and insecure. I don’t know what this dream means but I hope it means something about how who I’ve become is who I am, and I’m not completely/permanently reverting back to the person I used to be.

  7. KariJosefiné on

    I had a dream last night about a wasp, which had human abilities, such as talking to me, having a face, it was chasing and threatening me all while talking to me in a weird voice, and it was huge! And then it stung me and hysterically I removed the stinger of the wasp, and I got hold of it so I threw it as hard as I could as far away from me as possible
    I remembered it all after a few hours being awake, and talking about my relationship with my parents . They have done so much to hurt me and put the blame on me for all family problems
    And I forgive them both, they just seem to have a hard time forgiving themselves now
    I don’t remember what the wasp was telling me but it was clearly telling me to do something about my life, and to move past my sorrows
    I get that, I just don’t understand what the bigger message was
    I’m afraid I had another premonition dream that someone is going to die is close to my heart
    And that I need to go visit them before it happens
    I’ve had several dreams in life came true, so now I’m so afraid for my father, cause it’s a constant worry after he had a brain hemorrhage
    The more I write about this, the more I feel that’s why I was first chased down by this humanoid wasp lol, surreal experience, but yet so real it’s made me scared for my parents..
    I hope I’m wrong and that ‘it’s just a dream’, like people say, but I know better
    Cs to me, has studied my own dreams ever since I was a little girl, I trust my instincts which now has me completely worried

  8. I woke up remembering my dream. I was looking at a house that had a very large wasp nest hanging from the corner. WSpd were all around me but I walked thru them flying around and none stung me but all I kept remembering was how much they hurt when they sting. And comment appreciated.

  9. I’ve had this dream twice now within a two night stand between them. It’s like i woke up seeing the wasps beside me busy. Just working their way in and out of my sheet by my pill. This last time a relatively large one was staring at me occasionally. Though no harm came to me I couldn’t help but be afraid and feel foreboding.

  10. Mark Kennard on

    I had a dream I was eating black wasps as though they were a normal food item. Can’t figure what that means

  11. Amanda Love on

    So crazy, I JUST had a dream where a big black wasp was in my car as I drove to a birthday party, I didn’t know it was a wasp and swat it like a fly and kept doing so until it grew bigger and showed itself to me….Then the attack began… I was fighting it until I could safely get into the house without it following me. Then as I went from room to room it was trying to get inside to me. I finally convinced my family what was happening and they teamed up to help kill it. As we went outside to confront it a swarm of wasps came and I was the only one attacked. I started killing all of them until the last original wasp came for me, I fought until it died BUT the huge shell of the wasp was then put on to my back and I tried to take it off but my uncle yelled at me to not do it…. Eventually I removed it and was covered in stings but felt the terror go away even being all battered up.

    So curious as to what this means. Everytime I have these crazy intense symbolic dreams …..I always have an “ohhhhh that’s what that meant” later on down the road. Would love to hear any feedback

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