Washing Dream Symbol


Washing – Dreams about washing are usually related to something that is bothering or troubling a dreamer in his conscious mind. If you dream that you are trying to wash dirt off your hands then it can indicate you have some hidden feelings of guilt that you are trying to wash clean. This interpretation can also be used if you are trying to wash your clothes that have stains on them.

Taking a shower in a dream can indicate of an major problem that you have overshadowing your waking life. Washing your sexual organs in your dreams would be interpreted by Freud symbols as trying to get rid of sexual guilt that you are ashamed of in your waking life. You might have done something that you are not proud of and trying to symbolically erase it in your dream.

Washing dream symbolsDreaming about cleaning and washing a home can indicate that you are trying to put some order into your life and get rid of some of the unwanted clutter you have. Dreams about using a washing machine to wash your clothes can indicate a feeling of being trapped in a daily routine and being bored with the standard norm. A negative emotion or attitude while washing can indicate that you are not happy with things going on in your life and need to make some changes.

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