Warrior Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Warrior Dream Symbol – A warrior represents physical strength, power, and the ability to protect those who are weak. Warriors are fearless and are willing to fight for causes that they believe in, no matter what the cost. They are also very loyal to people who are not able to protect themselves.

Seeing a warrior in your dream may symbolize an aspect of yourself that is fearless and willing to take on challenges that lie ahead. You have the ability to show courage in the face of danger, regardless of how difficult the circumstances are. A single mom who is fighting to put food on the table or a struggling father who is working two jobs to support his family, all share attributes of the warrior spirit.

Dreaming of a warrior can also be symbolic of the passage from boyhood to manhood. The moment when you realize that you have responsibility and people who are depending on you.

Negatively, the warrior can represent someone who is fearless and willing to take unnecessary risk. The dream may be indicating to you that you need to calm down and focus on things that you can control.

An evil warrior in a dream will try to achieve victory in battle at any cost necessary. These warriors do not care about hurting others around them, but are simply trying to achieve their objectives.

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  1. Steven Johnson on

    I was in a shack as Indians approached. I snuck out of the back and started to ride away on a bike only to notice that Indians were watching me. I let out a at cry and a Indian standing on a rock let a war cry as a salute to me as I rode away. Very vivid dream.

    • Shelli Frances on

      I dreamt I was traveling along a dirt road through rolling hills. There was another person (or more?) with me at first, but a group of warriors descended on us, whooping and circling us on horseback. The other person/people became terrified and ran off. I was startled by it at first, but not afraid, and stayed the course on my own. The next day, I continued to walk. As I would come to the top of a hill, the road ahead would have warriors/sentinels posted evenly, every 200 feet or so for approximately 1/8 of a mile… at the end of which, was the rest of their group and horses. They were all dressed alike, and stood like statues with burgundy colored cloth wrapped around them and their bows and quivers strapped around their chests showing above their heads from their backs. As soon as I had seen them, they broke formation and walked down the road ahead of me to the rest of the group and horses. As I walked up to them, a palomino horse at the front of the group, lowered its head for me to pet it. Then I woke up. I know there is a message in this dream, as I have had other dreams and past life memories of native Americans that always held messages for me.

    • In A valley where there was MOUNTAINS and lots of Beautiful flowers, and a face painted 1/2 was Painted white I could see his eye When he turn I Could see the other side of his Face He was other side of his face was Painted as a INDIAN WARRIOR ,WITH FACE PAIN9 AND FEATHERS IN HIS HAI I COULD SEE HE WAS A STRONG MAN HE LOOKED IMTO MY HEART ,BUT DID NOT SAY A WORD THIS DID NOT FRIGHTEN ME 3 DAYS LATER IN MY DREAM I SEEM A ELK WITH HORNS,A BEAR ANS BLACK STALLION HORSE

  2. Muhammed sahad on

    My dream was like, I was a warrior, who is aware of his skills, a self-proud one. Yet i was convicted by certain people, certainly they are dark. The skills i knew couldn’t get me out and i saw my frnd dying beside me, and i couldnt save him

  3. I had a weird dream yesterday… I’m standing in front of an army who has fancy weapons and all.. Their general is leading them… When they saw me… They started attacking me at a random pattern… But when they shot me… I gained power… I was not afraid.. There were no injuries at my body.. A greenish light appeared at the impact… Finally, the general shot me with his powerful weapon, but still I was smiling… What does this dream mean…? Can anyone explain… please…

  4. I dreamt that I was on the back of a horse, holding tightly to the Indian warrior at the reins. We charged up a mountain and saw many other warriors on horseback racing down the mountain. I then heard battle drums and asked my warrior if everyone heard them or just us…he said a little of both. In the clearing of the trees we suddenly saw a ghostly tribe preparing for battles and seeing that made me cling to my warrior and beg him not to let me go. At that point, our horse fell, and we we both were thrown to the ground. That is when I awakened. meaning?

  5. Had a dream that was set in a world where creatures lived and spoke amongst animals but also were made to fight and put on shoes for humans. A girl (who’s body I was in to begin with) (I could feel her role) she didn’t agree was actively against it… streets etc aren’t safe but she’s an activist against the treatment of some “creatures/humans”, she is in battle mode’ish has some kind of sixth senses, fights off a bad creature that’s attached her in a war zone type scenery. Brave and still running around after. Jumped in the dark by someone and feeling of being scared BUT it’s her mum, also an activist but fights and has a sixth sense on another level, better warrior than she is..
    then my boyfriend called and woke me up. What does this whole dream mean ? Please, lol someone tell me ! So weird.

  6. hi im in a really odd spot here i see a black paladin he takes over my right side and a beautiful angel on the left don’t know if it means anything or not if anyone has ideas i will take suggestions

  7. I have a had a recurring dream since childhood of a spartan warrior standing in front of a wall of flames he’s looking at me but doesn’t say anything then after a few seconds he walks away I have no idea what this represents be nice to find out

  8. Gabe sedillo on

    I had a dream that i was on the phalanx in the middle. A few rows form the from line and I was so hyped by war that I got out of position and began to massacre the enemy.
    My birthday takes place on the battle of the 300 Spartans so Im confused if this could be a reflection of what I need to recognize in the waking life or a flashback as if I were there

  9. karen scott on

    I dreamt about spartacus reincarnated.
    Him and his family were getting killed for whatever it was they did.
    Spartacus got hanged but didn’t work so they took an axe to him.
    His family were trying to find someone to let them live.
    While trying to find someone I female warrior and youner sibling saw girl get dragged away by 2 gaurds.
    We managed to rescue the girl but the fight was brutal and I only had small knife.
    Had several other dreams this was just before I woke.

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