War Zone Dream Meaning and Interpretations


War Zone Dream Symbol – Dreaming of a war zone probably reflects some sort of conflict in your waking life. This may be with another person, or it could be a struggle with yourself. Seeing bombs go off can reflect feelings of tension in some part of your life ready to explode. Something may need your urgent attention to diffuse the situation.

This sort of dream can also represent the daily battles with yourself and with others. This may refer to changing your perspective, or shifting your boundaries or position on something or someone. Have you realized that all is not what it seemed? This may be a time where your waking life is going through constant transformation.

Most of us in western countries do not experience war. But, but we do live under a constant threat of war and terrorism in a modern world. Are you hypersensitive to what you perceive as dangers lurking in the shadows? Seeing an actual battle being fought points to possible breaches of your boundaries in your waking life. What battles are you doing with yourself?

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  1. I have been going through a very long family custody battle and just had a final court order made.

    As the outcomes where not inline with the evidence I presented during my trial, I have been feeling very conflicted in between what the order looks like and my personal values.

    As a military leader myself, when I dream about wars it can have a different interpretation than our average citizen. However, this time I think I dreamed about World War 3 because I had to re-assessed my way of thinking.

    I always though that people should be accountable for the criminal abuses they commit. However, I came to the conclusion that most Canadian Family Courts do not feel the same, and that they will usually do what is in the best interest of mothers, as opposed to be focused on the best interest of children.

    This goes against everything I stand for. The victims should be protected against the abusers, no matter how they look like.

  2. Masaba swabrin on

    I have dreamt constantly almost daily of a war that happens all over a sudden by Al shababs shooting at people ,using equipment of fire to burn people terriorise at people but the people are not fighting back but running for their lives and am always safe in all dreams hiding not to be seen. The last dream i entered in a room and their were ladies and children and later some old man entered the room we advised him to close the door and the machine used to burn was later on used again the room we were in but i kept running around the room and changing in the room all over a sudden i woke up.

  3. I had a nightmare that I was in Yemen , I was seeking a place to hide from militants! I found an old building full of wall cracks but my inner voice told me don’t go there, so I ran to a neighbourhood where a group of people questioned who I am , I was terrified. The feeling of danger isn’t pleasant at all. I woke up and thanked the lord for living in a peaceful country as New Zealand and truly wondered how innocent people are surviving in any war zone. On a different note, I am struggling in real life with family members , we grew apart and it’s difficult to maintain a good understanding of our relationship.

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