Walking/Running/Cycling Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Walking/Running/Cycling – Activities such as walking, running, and cycling are all exercises that are self-sufficient forms of progression that are a result of your own physical effort and will power. These dream symbols are signs of progression, self-sufficiency and proactive behavior from the dreamer. The common definition of these dream activities would be projections of the dreamers own autonomy and independence in the dream. You should also look at how well you are doing the activity to indicate further meaning.

If you are extremely agile and are having no problem running or walking it can indicate you are coping well with your situation. Anytime the movement in a dream is easy and fluid it means that you are in harmony with some of your emotions and your sexuality. People who find themselves walking slow or getting stuck and unable to further progress will often have certain fears and anxieties that are holding back personal growth and development in their waking life.

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Having a confident walk or stride can indicate that you are in control of your surroundings and are not afraid of the future. If you are walking at night it can indicate the feeling of the unknown and uncertainty around you.

If you find yourself running in a race and keeping up with your peers then it is a good sign, but if you are falling behind others around you and failing to win the race it can indicate you have too much pressure on yourself. You might have unreal expectations that people are placing on you. Consider a shift in your goals or maybe changing your expectations to something that is more achievable in your life. Sometimes dreaming about running can also indicate that you need to exercise more or it could indicate that you are exercising too much and need to get more balance in your life.

Walking Dream Meaning

Walking in a dream signifies a positive future. It symbolizes walking your path in life. This may be a time for new beginnings. There are new opportunities that can help you achieve success. Walking away from something or someone, can mean you will soon have to make a choice of some sort in your waking reality.

Dreaming of walking in the country can mean you need to make decisions. This is a sign you are thinking over your options to decide which choice is the best for the future. Negatively, this can mean there may be an accident of some sort. Pushing through a jungle can suggest you worry about how to achieve your goals. Breaking into a run from a walking pace, is a sign you feel repressed. Do you want to break free of something or someone? Are others trying to make decisions for you?

Walking through a field is a sign you get the news you wanted. It can also mean there will be a funeral in your immediate future. Walking down a road indicates that abundance and peace will soon cross you path. Dreaming of walking through an orchard means you will be happy enough, but if you walk through a garden your life will be filled with untold happiness, peace, and harmony.

Staggering around drunk can warn there is something physically wrong with you. Have you been feeling off color lately? It is time for a visit to your doctor. Walking with someone can mean you have failed to succeed in real life. You may need someone’s support to reach your goals. Walking a dog can mean your enemies will stop negatively impacting your life.

Hiking a mountain trail is a sign of good luck and wellbeing. Strolling through a park suggests you are at peace with yourself, but if you are on an island you have a tranquil life. Walking in sand suggests you have a suspicious, jealous nature. Is this true of you? Trudging through snow can mean while you may doubt yourself you do not let that curb your imagination and enthusiasm for life.

Walking through bad weather can mean you may make important decisions that you do not achieve. Going into a church warns that you have a tendency to enjoy others’ misery. Walking in a cemetery indicates you have some loyal friends. Trying to walk through mud indicates there are hard times coming. If you are walking quickly, this can mean you will overcome these hard times to achieve success.

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  1. I often dream of myself having of resistance as I walk to places. And also whenever I dream of myself walking up the stairs, my legs are often powerless, and have to rely on my arms to pull myself up step by step.

  2. I was doing an exercises by normal jogging but stop by unmarried lady with her kid daughter a lady i know.

  3. I have been having a dream where I have been moving at excessive speeds uncontrollable around rooms, my environment, old work places etc and run into objects into which I can’t stop myself from doing or Change the course of my direction.
    What does this mean.

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