Volcano Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Volcano Dream Symbol – A volcano is a powerful and negative dream symbol of destruction. If you dream about a volcano happening, this indicates that you fear a calamity or total destruction in your life. If this is not a fear that exists in your mind, then your dream of a volcano may indicate something even worse: an omen of destruction to come. The events that happen in your dream about a volcano are also significant in this dream symbol.

For instance, if you dream of escaping from the volcano, this is a good omen of a positive outcome from the foretold catastrophe. Your dream about what you do and what actions you take to protect yourself from the volcano may also be significant as a plan of action about how to protect yourself from the foretold catastrophe that threatens you, your loved ones, and all your hopes and dreams.

To dream of a volcanic eruption may also indicate a passionate, yet toxic love that you have in your life. This could be a warning that you should avoid heading down any paths that may lead to destruction.

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  1. I don’t think 2 times can be classified as ‘recurring’, but it’s the second time I dream about a volcano. I wouldn’t call it nightmares, but they still left a strange startling feeling.

    The first time I dreamt I was my mother in a nearby village when I heard some yelling about an erupting volcano amidst the village’s street. I looked back and saw the buildings crumbling while the floor exploded like a balloon slowly filling. I started running towards the car and urged my mother to do so, so we could run away. I managed to dodge the other cars and run away from that catastrophe and then I woke up.

    The second time I was on a touristic Spanish-look villa with a nice garden and some ponds, near the shore. There was someone by my side, like if I was in a Hotel. Then I saw a bird (some kind of diving-sea-bird) diving into one of the ponds and then I saw the ground slowly exploding, like in the first dream. I then started to run away from villa (or Hotel) and found myself amidst a forest. This time i flew away in a low flight dodging the tree trunks. When I was far enough away from harm, I woke up.

  2. I just had an odd dream where I was visiting my Uncle Gene’s house (who passed away years ago) with some other women’s, including my mom and sister (who don’t get along, though my mom wants to). My uncle was upset that my aunt Betty had passed away (she’s still alive and remarried after years) and he would toss broken furniture pieces into his wood garage. I was trying to sell paintings at his house brought them inside cause it was going to start raining. My cousin Wade had shown up as well. The neighbor and her daughter would come visit and the daughter mentioned she would like to move in.
    Somehow I ended up going with my mom, sister and uncle into a small town for something. We would wait in the car while he got out. For some reason we left and went driving. We ended up on a road where people would watch a volcano. It was active. I was afraid of it though as we continued to drive. Then after we passed it I ended up driving cause the volcano started to erupt. Drove as fast as we could with other cars on the road as well. Kept looking out the back and side passenger windows as it got more violent in its eruption. Lots of lava was coming out then it turned into a huge plume of smoke like an a-bomb. For a short moment watching there was a rainbow. We were finally far enough away from it to be safe when the traffic got congested on the road. All of a sudden there was a huge bang to the right of us, same side as the volcano we got away from. It was like the sound of thunder cracking overhead. Another volcano had begun to erupt to the right of us. A geyser of lava showed itself then huge black pumice rocks started coming out at the road. I was scared. I heated someone yell out “Ungus”. The rocks were bouncing off the side of the low lying mound, flying over the top of the jeep we were in and one even tapped the roof and I saw small cracks in the top of the windshield. Sometimes the rocks would hit the driving lane to the right of us but we couldn’t move cause there was too much traffic. I was so scared and started thinking that I need to wake up from the dream. And so I finally woke up. Haven’t had such a strange vibrant/violent type dream in a while.

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