Vehicle Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Vehicle Dream Symbol – Vehicles in a dream can symbolize your desire to move your life forward. The actual vehicle signifies your personal journey on the path to achieving your goals. Vehicles are all about movement. Buying a new car can mean there are new opportunities with many positive possibilities to choose from. You may even change direction.

vehicle-dreamsDreaming of selling a luxury car for a profit signifies money comes easy right now. The type of opportunities to expect depends on the type of vehicle in your dream. A luxury car indicates a more risky but profitable opportunity will present itself than if your dream of an old, rusty vehicle.

Repairing a vehicle can indicate there is a slight problem with your finances. It will soon resolve itself. You may need to think creatively to find a solution. It is a reminder you have the ability to deal with anything that crosses your path.

Helping someone with their car means you work with someone to find a solution. If others are repairing your vehicle, this means you will need help before you can move on with something in your life.

Vehicles are means of transportation and come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. In general, if you dream about a car or bus or plane it means that you have a long way to travel on your road to a goal or achievement. If you dream about a forklift or a heavy piece or equipment which is also a vehicle it means that you will need to do a lot of hard work to travel this particular segment of your life.

If you dream about a smaller piece of equipment that is not a traditional vehicle, like a lawn mower, it means that there is a necessary distraction in your life that you need to resolve before you can continue your journey.

Vehicle malfunctions

A dream of vehicle malfunctions can be a message to help pinpoint the problems in your life. The accelerator signifies the drive, or energy, in your life. If the vehicle does not respond to pressure on the accelerator, it can indicate you have run out of drive. Or, you are bored with something that is slow to succeed. It can also mean there is no response from those with influence over something that is important to you. You need more patience.

A vehicle’s brakes symbolize control. This can also mean there are things you need to stop or end. Brakes that do not work can mean things are out of control. This can be your emotions or you’re your sexuality. It can also mean a relationship is on a collision course. It may require nurturing and focus to get it back on track.

Additional Interpretations

If you need a new vehicle, this means you need to take a new direction in your life to achieve success. It is a good time to take risks and travel the world. Selling an expensive car and making a profit from its sale, is a sign you can turn a profit easily at this time. This is a good time for making money.

Being in a car with your love interest can mean your relationship reaches a new level, especially if the car is going forward. Working on a vehicle can signify there may be some minor financial problems. These will be simple to sort out using your resourcefulness to find a solution. This type of dream is a reminder you have the ability and skills to overcome anything in your life.

You just have to persevere to find a way. Working on a friend’s car together means you can work as a team to solve problems. Dreaming of someone fixing your car signifies you need to ask others for help and support. Do not be afraid to reach out.

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  1. Success OjoMakpenen on

    Someone give me a lift in his car to a government house. On reaching there, I thanked him and ask if he is the one that help me last time and he replied yes.
    As I alight from the car, I remember I am to have political meeting with my associate in the government house. I recalled I am a running mate to a governor of one state in Nigeria. Then I promised to repay the young man that help me with his car if we win election.
    I was well received and directed to the venue of the meeting. Then I woke

  2. Dreaming about a car that has shrunk to the size of a matchbox car and is taken to a shop to be repaired, means what?

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