Meeting a stranger who seemed to be a love interest

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jovi asked 1 year ago

So i have a dream about 2 different strangers.
In the first dream, i was having my choir pratice, then my ex came staring at me. At first i ignored it because i thought he was looking at someone else.

Then somehow he just got closer ans closer glaring at me, a few seconds, i notice he wasn’t looking at me, he was looking at another boy next to me. I didn’t that stranger next to me, but in my dream i manage to be friends with him. We were playing computer games and then suddenly he just hold my hand. And he confessed, i asked, “why?”. When he was about to tell me why i suddenly woke up
The second dream is pretty simillar.

I was walking my dog in a dark night. Then i saw a lot of bikers coming towards me. My dog just ran away and suddenly i was riding a bike. The bikers got close and surrounded me. I was screaming and asking for help. People only looked at me and started whispering. As soon as i saw those people i decided to go to the church. The bikers manage to go in to the church. I was hiding behind my friend and decided to escape.

I manage to avoid them by going to the back. They notice me and they started chasing me AGAIN. idk what was their reason so i just kept on running, one of them pulled my hair and as soon i close my eyes, i was in my house. My mom told me to go to the mini-market near the old village. As soon as i got to the old village. I saw the boy who was pulling my hair before. He was sitting in this old broken table. I went near him and saw him writing a letter. Then i said “we should be penpals..” he answered, “that’s a good idea”.

It was weird for me to be penpals with the person who’ve been chasing and pulling my hair.. That is just so not me. Somehow i was in the church. I was with my friend. The stranger from before was there too with his friend. They ask for our names. Me and my friend told them our names. Then i asked the stranger what his name was. Before he answers i woke up.

Each time when im about to know the answer i would always wake up. The stranger from both of my dream looks kind of similar.