Dream of an old lady in a forest house

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Vladimir asked 1 year ago

Hello, i would just like to point out thath English is not my native language.
So my dream starts of by some road with my girlfriend and two people i dont know. And it’s in the us because i remember asking someone if i can use mobile internet for free because we’re in the us.

We enter a dark forest and see a bear that starts following us but we come to the house but its locked so we ring the bell. The doors open and it’s a room with a bench and a mirror and noone is in it. Then a lady appears in the seat infront of a mirror and starts talking to a lady thats bot there but behind the mirror or invisible.

But now the lady gets teleported behind the glass i guess and we can see her but she cant se us. And in the last moments the whole room changes and its very dark so i turn on the flashlight ob my phone. The lady comes out of the doors with her eyes widel opens while looki g straight at me, sits dont and all shaky says what’s that behind me. Everyone next to me starts screaming, and when i slowly turned around there was a weird shadoely thing turning shapes behind me and then i woke up.
Havent been scared by a dream like that for a long time.