United Kingdom Dream Meanings and Interpretations


England Dream Symbols

Traveling England in a dream can mean you are about to spend a lot of money. You may be about to buy something really expensive or you are actually traveling. England can symbolize nobility, and renewal and fertility. England can also represent overconfidence and thinking you are more important to the world than you actually are in real life.

Speaking English can mean there is success in your career and business, but you may fail and feel alone in your personal life. Seeing a map of England symbolizes that you will have to stand up for yourself and your rights. This could be about ethics, morals, or breaking the law. It may be a time where secrets weigh heavily in your heart and mind. You may no longer be able to keep secrets that make you feel guilty.

Meeting an Englishman can warn that turmoil and trouble will soon enter your life. It could mean that you need to be wary of strangers and new people coming into your life. Be careful who you trust. Dreaming of English literature can mean you have a boring life. You may suffer from periods of deep depression. Much of your life is not filled with joy and happiness. This is a time to reignite your passion for life.

Dreaming of England can represent you worrying about saying or doing something to offend someone in your waking life. Do you worry that something you did or said was misunderstood? You may need to be more careful with how you communicate.

Ireland Dream Symbol

When you dream of Ireland and the Irish people it symbolizes that you enjoy life’s pleasures. You may always be optimistic. Do you always see the positive side of things? You choose to look on the “bright side of life” no matter how boring or depressing things become. You refuse negativity to invade your life.

Dreaming of Ireland can also mean you may like to be the first to have the latest and best of everything. Do you feel envious if someone has something more than you? It can represent that you ask for favors but are slow to return them because you already have what you wanted. Do you ignore others who may need help to put yourself first? Meeting an angry Irish person can mean you may soon lose your comfortable life, where you are the most important person. You will need to reassess your waking life very soon.

Scotland Dream Symbol

To dream of Scotland and Scottish people represents a side of your character that thinks you are better than most others. You may believe you are more powerful than others in your life. Do you find yourself competing with others for recognition? Do people try to make you feel stupid? There may be something in your waking life where people may be bullying or putting you down. You are better than that. Choose to walk away.

This type of dream can represent an argument with someone who is smarter than you in your waking life. It can also symbolize people who cannot accept loss or failure and who try to avoid public embarrassment at all cost. This could be a warning to avoid being caught up in other people’s dramas. Dreams with Scotland and Scottish people in them can appear at times you are going through legal changes and court cases. It can represent a rivalry that exposes each side’s flaws and weaknesses.

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