Truck Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Truck Dream Symbol – A truck is a dream symbol of transportation, which almost always represents the journey toward your aims, goals, and aspirations. A truck is a fairly optimistic symbol, as it encompasses overtones such as stability and toughness, as well as the ability to drive over obstacles or haul them out of the way, and four-wheel drive to keep you going even if the driving surface is slick or slippery.

Truck Dream Meanings

Obviously, the chances that you actually dreamed about four-wheel drive are somewhat slim, unless you have been shopping for vehicles recently, but all of these factors of trustworthiness and durability are nevertheless part of the aura and image of the truck. What happens with the truck in your dream is also significant with regard to your feelings about your ability to accomplish your goals.

That is, if you drive fast in the truck, this is a beneficial sign that you are able to pick your direction and go where you want to go in life. If you dream that someone else drives you in a truck, this is an indication of a feeling of dependence on someone else to help you meet your goals or to accomplish your ambitions for you.

If you dream of a truck crashing or breaking down, this is an indication that you do not feel in control of your ability to make your ambitions a reality, and that you do not trust the tools you have at hand, or even your own ability and motivation, to see you through.

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  1. I was in a dream and i saw about 10 containers on high speed and at end of the last containers i saw a lot of people follow them at back

  2. I dreamt I was in a high building and all my possessions were parked in a spot I could see below the building then in the morning I was told I had to move them, when I looked down again all my possessions were gone i was walking with a friend up in this building when it happened and I ran in high heals to go get the police, ran through a doorway saw a neighbourhood boy and woke up.

  3. I came here because I had a dream I was driving a red dump truck…I was driving behind someone, and was squeezed off the road by other traffic..and actually ran into a telephone pole..but then I switched gears, backed up and started driving on the road.. all of a sudden the truck began to fly.. at first I was afraid.. but then I started praising God for the beauty and everything I was seeing.. I was not afraid.. I was happy..

    • Enoobong John Bassey on

      I had a dream this afternoon, I saw a truck falling down and trying to stand up again but I walked pass,please I want to know the meaning

      • I had a dream of my husband’s two trucks. One truck was parked in the driveway and the other on the side of the street. They were both severly damaged, completely wrecked, undriveable. What does that mean?

  4. At 5:30a. This morning I just had a dream that I was in a car with someone, could not see the person and ahead of us, there was an eighteen wheeler (long truck) and we saw it flip into the air and it land on one of those overpass signs and I turned back to see who was in it, and the door (can) flew open and a man was tumbling and a woman was it it the were pretty marked up, end of dream

  5. I dreamt I was hit by a tractor trailer but I was not afraid. I died when the truck hit me and remember being at peace about dyeing. I remember thinking well Lord, if you’re ready for me; I’m okay with that. There was no pain from being hit by the truck on a since of being at peace.


    • I just dreamed that I was driving a semi hauling a trailer and on 3 separate dreams I wrecked. I wasn’t injured but other people were but not seriously. The accidents were my fault bcuz I didn’t use the brakes properly. I didn’t apply the emergency brakes after I stopped and got out of the semi. What do y’all think? I have been contemplating a move to a different state with a gf..

  6. Andreas Larsson on

    I had a dream about walking down a street after running down that same street to make it in time for my bus that was going to leave soon. Anyway. As I was walking down the street, I came across this truck. Which had no side windows only a front window. This truck, as it seemed, was only sighted by me. As if i was the only one who could see it. When i went past the front of this truck it looked like, in my peripheral view, that it had no front window either. But when i looked at it with my entire eyes, I saw into it. Behind the steering wheel was something that looked quite like a demon. The demon kept looking at me until i was all the way past the truck. It was kinda scary and discomforting.

  7. Hello,
    So I dreamt about me being in a car with someone else I don’t recall who that person is but I was in the passenger seat. We were on a freeway and we were in the middle of two large trucks except the truck that was in the right lane started emerging into our lane and the person driving wouldn’t slow down so the truck crashed into our car and made it crash onto the other truck and that’s all I remember I don’t remember what happened after or if we were okay.

  8. Hannah Georgina on

    I always have messed up dreams but last night one was different. I don’t remember much but all I do know is I literally was seconds from crashing into a very big lorry head on and as I made impact I woke up with a scare and with a big gasp of air being taken. It felt so real… anyone got any idea what this means?? X

  9. I dreamt I was driving a truck so fast after sometime lost control and was driving through th bush but I didn’t stop I went back to the road and I was stopped by the police but I didn’t stopped they chase me and I finally crash the truck and was fleeing from the police they caught me and as I was struggling with them they shot my hand what does that mean

  10. Shannon Biju on

    I had a dream that my dead ex fiance pulled into my driveway, got out of his truck and the the truck proceeded to reverse out of the driveway crashing into the street.

  11. Hi. I had a dream that I came across an accident between a large truck and maybe 4-5 cars. I didn’t see the accident. It was the aftermath and I was walking up to it. It looked like the truck was driving in the left lane and swerved onto the right lane and hit the cars. It was at night time. Maybe a bush road, not a main road. When I walked up to the first car there was an older man in the drivers seat and I think he was dead. And then I woke up. It was so vivid and I remember it so clearly. I hardly ever remember my dreams. Do you have any explanation of the accident and seeing the person who was deceased.
    Thank you for your time.

    • I had a dream that I was driving with my wife behind a truck loaded with either PMS or ago all of a sudden we can watch the truck crash on a small bus,I quickly reversed backed and stop,I was trying to run out of my car should any fire out break which migh like occur but my wife was comfortable in the car,she doesn’t want to come out ,it was as if the bus reversed back to our left hand side dragging the tanker gushing out the liquid, now am watching from a little distance my wife wasn’t bother ed then I woke up

  12. Hi, i dreamt of my mother driving my car and drove on a big hole on the road. I had a look at the damage and at that time my car was a red big truck. The gas tank was damaged the gas tank and it spoured the petrol out. I jumped in the car to drive it somewhere else to protect my surrounding in case it explodes. I started the car and parked it somewhere on side of the road and realised it was not a good place. So i drove it back and a guy alerted me to stop as a police officer wanted to check the vehicle registration. I stopped and the officer said the car belonged to someone else and to check the rego before taking a car. The car was not mine in the car at that time anymore. I was telling the officer the man on the paper gave me the car. Weirdddd lol can someone explain please.

    • John mcdermott on

      Your dream maybe a warning that your mother has to much control influence in your life? There are two sources to dreams outside of our emotions God and station . Anything with fortune telling , tarot cards etc is Satan’s area a guide spirit is a demon . We can open up all sorts of problems in are own life’s and over our generational line through witchcraft
      God bless

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