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Trapped Dream Symbol – Dreaming of being trapped means you cannot free yourself of someone or something. Being restrained using rope or cable can symbolize your ties to things and to people in your reality. You may have taken on too many responsibilities. Made too many commitments and feel you are running out of time. Maybe you feel obligations that you no longer want to be tied to.

trapped-dreamsBeing trapped by a falling object means you are under a lot of pressure and need to get your emotions under control. If you do not control them, they could threaten your wellbeing. Analyze your life to discover what makes you feel this way.

Dreaming of entrapment can also mean you feel isolated from the rest of the world. Maybe you are trying to trap someone else into following your agenda. Do others exclude you from their lives? Dreaming of struggling against being trapped signifies difficult love affairs. And, when someone falls into a trap, this can mean you are unjustly abused and judged by strangers.

Dreaming that you are trapped might be interpreted by some to mean that you are trapped in life. However, even though this is a common interpretation and can sometimes be true this dream also has another meaning. Not only can you be trapped by yourself or others, or even the gods, and kept from doing the things that you desire to do, you can also be trapped by your blankets in your bed.

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  1. I have the most vivid dreams almost exclusively about trying to get somewhere and never getting there, invariably after I’ve woken in the morning and then go back to sleep.

    So this am, I’m in (my) car but a friend is driving (don’t know who it is tho). We drive over a bridge then he stops, gets out of the car to something (I don’t know what). I see him leave and I wait for him to return but he doesn’t come back! So I get into the driver’s seat and set off looking for him but I don’t find him. Instead, I’m driving through increasingly weird places, workshops, under bridges, into spaces that I find it difficult to get out of, unitl finally I’m trapped in a location with no road out! At this point, I wake up feeling extremely anxious. The dream is so vivid I can remember quite a few details.

    Other variations include arriving at a railway station and trying to find the right train home. I never make it.

  2. What about a dream when your trapped in a room with someone like ur not the only one trapped and neither of you can leav

  3. What about a dream when your trapped in a room with someone like ur not the only one trapped and neither of you can leave

  4. I’m trapped by interlocked vines or roots (above ground) , quite old looking wood with no leaves on them. I can see through the gaps like they are windows but not big enough for me to climb through. I’m looking at it trying to decide which of the vines to cut to make the hole bigger. I realize I don’t have anything to cut them with anyway. I cry out in frustration. (Waking myself and my partner. He’s try to soothe me but I tell him I’m all right, just don’t touch me as I’m so agitated.

  5. I had a dream where I would dream about a dog in the dream, but after the dog dream I would wake up in a room where I was tied up to a door in a little room with red walls.And a doctor with a microphone ( the doctor was behind the wall, in an open space) and he would say “now Sofia its time for your weekly examination. This time where gonna use soap) And I would see a little syringe with soap in it. And when I tried to escape I got this horrible pain in my back, because I was tied to a door.

  6. Anais Perez on

    i had a dream that i was in my room and it was dark. i could still see though, but i wanted to get out. when i opened the door there was the exact door behind it, with the same scratch below the doorknob. i opened that one and there was another behind it. i kept opening and opening and when i knew that wouldnt work i started screaming, but nothing really came out. i knew someone was in here with me but i was scared to look around, so i stayed facing the door. over my screams i heard a deep voice say to me “im not gonna let you out” i screamed again because there was noone there with me, and the man was whispering in my ear. thats when i woke up breathing really hard

    i dont know what this dream means but i can remember it vividly.

    • Our dreams have some similarities.
      1. We both have doors in it
      2. A (probably) male that is talking, but we can’t see him
      3. I tried too talk in my dream but I had something that covered my mouth, and your screams that nobody could hear

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