Tiger Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Tiger Dream Meaning – The tiger is a symbol of ferocity and fearsomeness. It is also a spirit animal that represents the feeling of raw emotions and power. The tiger is a very primal animal that represents our primal nature of uncertainty and unpredictability. A tiger can also indicate that your future plans will change unexpectedly.

The tiger also represents feelings of sexuality and uncertain elements that are present in your life. If the tiger is acting unpredictably in your dream, it can indicate a lack of control over certain areas of your life. Maybe you have been struggling financially or you have suffered a recent emotional heartbreak.

A tiger dream can also represent good health and vitality. If you are at peace with the tiger, it can indicate that you are in a good place in your life.

Tiger Dreams

On the other hand, tigers can also represent aggressive behavior and uncontrollable urges. You might have certain vices in your life that you are unable to control. The tiger could represent this vice staring you in the face.

To be chased by a tiger can indicate you are running away from an aspect of yourself that you don’t want to confront. The distance between you and the tiger can determine if the problem is getting better or if it is getting worse.

If you manage to kill a tiger in a dream it can represent conquering an aspect of yourself that you previously had no control over. You might have learned how to control your anger or deal with people you don’t like in more favorable terms.

Alternative Interpretations

Tiger brings reminders of persistence to your dreams. He reminds us to use patience. He also brings reminders to do things the way you always have done them. This is not a time to change the way you do things. You will only achieve your goals if you have patience.

This big cat can also mean you need to carefully plan your maneuvers. Tiger lets you know you have the strength and fortitude to achieve anything, even when you do not like what you need to do. No more guilty procrastinating. Get off your butt and get it done.

What Do Tiger Dreams Really Mean?

Seeing a tiger can also mean danger is imminent. You are over-anxious about something you think will happen. What do you fear will happen? There is no point worrying about what has not happened yet. This is your imagination running away with you.

tiger dreamsYour worry may come from past lessons and experiences. Relax a bit. Let your fears go. Let things happen in their own time. There is no reason to worry about what may never happen. Tiger can also symbolize your fear that something bad will happen to you because of your own actions. Maybe you made some bad decisions in the past and they are coming back to haunt you.

Dreaming of a tigress protecting her cubs symbolizes you and your protectiveness towards your family. You will do anything to ensure your children and those close to you are protected and kept safe. This dream may come because you are anxious your children cannot protect themselves in such a harsh, tough world. You need to let go. They have to learn to stand on their own feet and cope with the challenges that come along. You need to support them in finding their own truths.

Dreams of killing tiger can mean you are feeling all-powerful You feel there is nothing you cannot achieve and you are not shy letting the world know it. This can bring bad blood from others, jealous of your confidence and success. Or, people who find your attitude grates on them because they may not be doing well themselves. Be wary there are no power plays or bullying on either side.

Tiger may bring messages to take on more responsibility. You are capable of being a leader and the tiger is pushing you to exert more authority. Is this you? Do you see yourself as a leader in some way? Do others naturally turn to you for the answers?

When Tiger crosses your Path

Tiger crosses your path to remind you are strong-willed and persistent. He reminds us there is nothing you do not have the courage to achieve. So get out there and keep achieving your dreams.

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  1. Today i show somwthing about 40 to 45 tigres n cubs in our building n.ground many people of my area is also there not doing anything to antbody but v all r scared but tiger color is dull not much active cubs are also there

  2. I had a dream that J had a pet tiger that my mom got me. Sometimes he acted like he might be aggressive, but he was just olaying with me, careful not to hurt me like a dog. Later he started talking and poonted out that I couldnt take him home to my apartment in louisville so he asked me to take him to cleveland. i agreed and we made plans to go to cleveland and the whole time we were at the lake. i go to swim across the lake to see my friends and as soon as I enter the water I see how nasty it is and when I get to the other side snake carcasses are laying everywhere. Some of the snakes are alive and some are dead but it is hard to tell which is which. I get freaked out and swim back to my side, but as I swim I notice more snakes in the water. One is huge (6-10 ft long and as thick as my waist) and I really hole he is dead. He is not dead and he chases me. I get to the shore and try to climb the bank but there are dead snakes everywhere blocking my path and I am afraid to climb over them in case they are not really dead. The giant snake gets ready to strike so I spray him witb pepper soray (I always carry pepper spray) and he goes away for a minute but then he keeps coming back regardless of the pepper spray. I wake up before he can bite me. This is all in the same dream as the tiger.

  3. Dreamt of talking about the bible with another guy and as were discussing, a tiger strolls up and sits right next to me. I was dumb founded but nonetheless started petting it while continuing the Bible conversation. Though when the conversation ended, and as I turned to walk away, the tigers peace turned to aggressiveness as my hand was departing the the top of the tigers head I was petting. So I stayed and talked more. I was never able to leave the conversation in peace with the tiger. So I remained and woke up suddenly.

  4. Jdeisxsoine on

    I had a dream this morning that has bothered me all day. And look, here I am tonight… It was vivid like many others but different. I was in a house with a few of my children. It wasn’t my house. I for some reason walked over to the sliding glass doors and opened them for me and the kids to go out. There were 2 dogs (I have none) that went out with us. As I stepped outside I saw a skinny but very full grown tiger over in the corner of the yard. I grabbed at the kids and got them back inside just in time to close the sliding glass doors but they were now weak and wobbly and I was desperately trying to close them and find something to jam in to keep them that way. As I look around I see a baby tiger in the room. It’s very small, like a young cat. Not kitten but like a teenage cat, if you know what I mean. Anyhow, I for some reason felt the baby tiger was just as much threat as the grown one in the backyard so immediately grabbed it by the throat and started choking it. After about 4 seconds I felt the fur and muscles in my hand as the baby tiger started to tighten up and frantically flail for its life. I felt like vomiting and needed to get that feeling out of my hand. I love animals soo much and always have. I had to find a way to get rid of it quick because I don’t think I could have handled killing something period but especially feeling it happen with my bear hands. I ran to a window (Never using any stairs) and threw it out a second story window to the left as hard and far as I could but looking to the right see a group of people hanging out in the yard next door and I was so worried that they may have seen me throw an animal out the window. I then woke up. I have never hurt an animal and never would. It’s just creeped me out all day.

  5. My dream starts with me seeing an orange tiger, when I first see it I feel the urge to approach it, I try not to show fear. At first the tiger does nothing, then it takes my hand with its mouth, although I was not injured in my dream, I started to feel afraid and threatened. I try to avoid it by going indoor but wherever I went it seemed to always be their. It didn’t seem as though it was chasing me, it was kinda just their, yet I was still afraid. My fear kept growing and growing the only thing I want to do was get away, but everywhere I went it seemed to be their. Then I come to a glass door, as I look through it I see a different tiger, this tiger was grey with black stripes… I can’t remember the rest

  6. I had a dream last night that one of my brother’s friends bought a tiger and I didn’t know about it, so I fed it a raw steak thinking it would leave and I locked me and my 2 sons in a room, and it ended up clawing through the door. It wouldn’t hurt me or the boys, but anyone else around us, it would hurt us. It would lay on the bed with the boys and wouldn’t do nothing to them. So I called the police and they got it out of the house.

  7. Salvation David on

    In the dream, I saw myself behalving like a Tiger, moving and runing like a Tiger. People fear and respected me in the dream. I was brave.
    A guy was coming close to me, i became angry and attack him, he ran away from me.
    And i keep moving unoppose.
    I sence the present of spirits and became more alert.

  8. I had just woken up from a dream about a tiger cub I found when I was in the woods and I handcuffed or chained myself to it to make sure it would leave and that I could protect it but I’m having a really hard time interpreting what it means.

  9. Gunnar Truls on

    I keep having dreams about a tiger who at first is a bear and transforms into a huge tiger. Once he takes tiger form he speaks to me a very almost demonic voice, telling me he wants me. His name is Rafi’el, which he told me in a dream. He kept getting closer and closer to me until I stood up to him. He’s clawed me once. However, after I stood my ground, he became patient, yet to me I felt he was unpredictable still but I’m not afraid and don’t run from him anymore. Anyone have any ideas what this means?

    • Lucy Johnson on

      That is the devil himself. Please accept Jesus as your lord and savior. Repent and stay connecting to a bible teaching church. Who believes in the Holy Spirit read psalms 91,23,35,37 it will help u from warefare

  10. I had a dream that a all white tiger walked up to me oit of nowhere & i pet it. He was very friendly and very big.
    I woke up right after.
    Idk what it means.

  11. My dream: somebody had occupied my house
    claiming and showing that he had all the proper documentation with him. I just go off and started walking/running around outside. The place looks like a mini wood. I see dogs running back. I also started running back but the tiger reached me. So I stopped with fear; the other tiger also started walking towards me. I started thinking I am gone now; no way to escape. Tiger pulled my hair; then I woke up.

  12. I dreamt that I was in a park with my little sister and all of a sudden, there comes a tiger. There are other children and adults in the park too and the tiger doesn’t harm anyone and everyone is weirdly calm. My sister and I are at the top of a slide and all of a sudden, the tiger becomes ferocious. Everyone runs screaming. The tiger tries to climb the slide and I kick it with my feet and it falls. I take my sister and run. We’re then inside my room and the door is open. I can see the park through the open door and see everyone running and screaming. I hide my sister and my cousin (who’s in the bedroom) under the blanket and start to hide myself too. The tiger then shows up in my room, roaring and starts to attack me. I fight it off and scream at my brother to get a poisonous spray. I’m holding off the tiger while it’s thrashing and roaring and scream at my brother to spray in the tiger’s face. My brother sprays while I hold it off and it dies. I spray again to be sure. It doesn’t move. Then I wake up.

  13. I dreamt about a cub tiger, staring at me the whole time. I was scared. Like he wanted to run towards me and attack me. But he kept his distance and never charged. He was at very close proximity to me. I still feel his eyes staring at me. Like the danger of my own shadowside, I am able to control. The tiger is me. I am afraid the tiger, the beast, the uncontrollable in me, will attack. I am at harm losing control over my urges. I feel. That I have a tiger in me. A very predatory, dangerous, uncontrolled, urge to pleasure and destruction and anger. I feel like I was staring into my own soul, subconsciousness. And at very close proximity. Face to face. He never did anything but stare right into me. But he was a cub. Playful. But yes, I felt imminent danger. And yes, I feel imminent danger in my life. But that is just an illusion created out of my own fears and anxienties and uncertanties. Every time he came closer and closer and approached me, I ran away. But I stopped every time. Because every time, I ran away, he stopped chasing me. So, if I stop running, he will try chasing me and attack. So, If I go towards him, and pet him and play with him. He will kill me. Very likely. So, the predator in me, I shouldn’t ran away from him, because than he will just keep chasing me. And I shouldnt be in touch with him, approach him because than I will do very bad things. Because he was very good looking, charismatic, charming. I should, acknowledge, that a psychopathic predator is in me, or a very dangerous one. And I am afraid of him. And touch and approach him, the tiger in me and love him and respect him and admire him and take care of him. And feel, be proud, that I am a truly charismatic, strong, psychopathic leader. That I have this rare, much desisered quality in me, that so many lack. And It carresses my ego. I am very assertive. The tiger is my cold predatory leadership that I am afraid to acknowledge and approach. Because than I could or would kill myself or others. Because my anger is, beyond comprehension. I will not run away from him. I am not afraid of myself. Because I have a very strong self control. I will never kill or hurt anybody. I love myself. Everything is going to be allright. I am worth it. I have many qualities that others just don’t have. I am now so proud of myself. I can achieve anything, if I only set my mind to it. “Hey, tiger, I am going to release you from my inner cage, go out and play. I am releasing you, because I know you will not bite or kill anyone.” A truly gifted charismatic rare exceptional individual, I am.

  14. I had a really strange dream. I dreamt I was in my kitchen and heard scratching on the door. I went to open it to find my dog cowering in fear. He ran in, and I saw a black panther on my porch. There was a regular black cat perched on it’s back. The panther started to attack me, and I was fughtjh it off. I managed to get back inside. I saw my mother by the door, she passed away last year and I was shocked to see her alive. My mother pointed at the panther and told it to go. A tiger came running through my house to the the door. It made the panther leave. I shut the door, and the tiger laid down in my kitchen and stared into my eyes. Then I woke up.

  15. Im.my dream there were 2 tigers. 1 black white and orange which seemed to be male and the second a pure white one which seemed to be female. We where on a local street and I had tons of people running past me screaming in fear of the tigers. I was stood still looking at them as they where coming towards me. That’s when the dream switched me to sitting on a bed in the middle of a field and the white tiger was walking towards me, I could feal the fear but something was telling me not to move, then the female came and sat on me as though a house cat would but which much to more force and weight. I felt like I couldn’t breath and had to push the tiger to one side and then I sat with it and cuddled and petted it like I would with any house trained animal.

  16. i had a dream that a good number of prehistoric creatures were walking around on the leaves of a tree in my backyard as though they had created a floor of some kind. one of them was what i can only describe as a tiger with very large fangs, and as i was getting out my phone to take a picture, it leapt at me and pinned me to the ground. its breath was warm and wet in my face, but it didn’t do anything to hurt me. i thought to myself “okay, i guess i’m not taking any pictures of tigers in my tree,” and it seemed to be satisfied. it let me up and returned to the tree, and i woke up shortly after. i took it to mean something about my crush, as he often wears a tigerseye pendant, and i’m a little dumb when it comes to what is and isn’t socially acceptable, so i do have a few pictures of him that i don’t think he knows about,,

  17. I recently had a dream where I was at the zoo. walking around until I get to the tiger area where I seen the tiger two to three times until the final time. Where I meet a white tiger face to face I remember being shocked and frozen with fear it suddenly leap while giving out this huge growl. I looked to a door while saying out “nope, nope, nope” as I opened the door towards my direction it leaped out. The tiger escaped. Hiding in some room I finally went out where I spotted the zookeeper in a somewhat calm yet panicked tone I said “Hey, there is a tiger that escaped” He left. As I begin to walk around terrorfied I saw the white tiger at a further distance. Then about 10 feet I saw a orange tiger walk by glancing at me. We both looked at eachother. And then I woke up
    What does this mean?

  18. I dreamt of a tiger trying to push through the door of my room and i was trying to push the door shut. I then jumped on a table to escape.

    • Gunnar Truls on

      I had a similar dream like that. Locked myself in a closet to protect myself from this huge Tiger yet , he won and broke threw

    • Finallllyy i found someone dreamt like me. In my dream a group of gigantic bears was there, and all of sudden am not sure, they turn to a gigantic tiger or i just rove mu eyes and saw the gigantic tiger is in the Middle of a bloody fight with black gigantic wild wolves(or dogs). And even i saw some racons there, taking advantage of this fight, leading their raccoon friends in to the jungle. And tiger was all aware of this side event even when it was all cover with blood. And at the same time i feel the tiger being me.

  19. I had a dream of a tiger chasing me ,I could see my mom in dream standing in between the tiger and me asking me to close the door and escape but I couldn’t immediately close the door in the dream,later the tiger stares at me my mom diverted his attention. later I found the tiger chasing me ,and I jumped off the balcony of the house and sitting at some edge and in order to catch me the tiger jumped too but falls down to death.what is the meaning of this dream? Am perplexed! And the dream happens in a different house

  20. I dreamt I turned loose 4 tigers …I could vividly see their heads in a golden field of wheat. 2 blue 2 orange. I was fearful they would eat my two 6 yr old granddaughters.

  21. I saw a red tiger in my dreams
    It looked at me and approached cautiously, I think it’s because I was also holding my ground
    Knowing that if I run away it’s gonna chase me down

  22. Whilst meditating, saw two tigers in a struggle. Both on hind legs, facing each other and coming up in a struggling type of embrace. Not sure if fighting or playing. Forming a triangle with their posture. Any thoughts or interpretation? I saw it to represent an inner struggle. Difference aspects of my inner nature. Maybe spiritual aspect versus physical/human aspect.

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