Tiger Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Tiger Dream Meaning – The tiger is a symbol of ferocity and fearsomeness. It is also a spirit animal that represents the feeling of raw emotions and power. The tiger is a very primal animal that represents our primal nature of uncertainty and unpredictability. A tiger can also indicate that your future plans will change unexpectedly.

The tiger also represents feelings of sexuality and uncertain elements that are present in your life. If the tiger is acting unpredictably in your dream, it can indicate a lack of control over certain areas of your life. Maybe you have been struggling financially or you have suffered a recent emotional heartbreak.

A tiger dream can also represent good health and vitality. If you are at peace with the tiger, it can indicate that you are in a good place in your life.

Tiger Dreams

On the other hand, tigers can also represent aggressive behavior and uncontrollable urges. You might have certain vices in your life that you are unable to control. The tiger could represent this vice staring you in the face.

To be chased by a tiger can indicate you are running away from an aspect of yourself that you don’t want to confront. The distance between you and the tiger can determine if the problem is getting better or if it is getting worse.

If you manage to kill a tiger in a dream it can represent conquering an aspect of yourself that you previously had no control over. You might have learned how to control your anger or deal with people you don’t like in more favorable terms.

Alternative Interpretations

Tiger brings reminders of persistence to your dreams. He reminds us to use patience. He also brings reminders to do things the way you always have done them. This is not a time to change the way you do things. You will only achieve your goals if you have patience.

This big cat can also mean you need to carefully plan your maneuvers. Tiger lets you know you have the strength and fortitude to achieve anything, even when you do not like what you need to do. No more guilty procrastinating. Get off your butt and get it done.

What Do Tiger Dreams Really Mean?

Seeing a tiger can also mean danger is imminent. You are over-anxious about something you think will happen. What do you fear will happen? There is no point worrying about what has not happened yet. This is your imagination running away with you.

tiger dreamsYour worry may come from past lessons and experiences. Relax a bit. Let your fears go. Let things happen in their own time. There is no reason to worry about what may never happen. Tiger can also symbolize your fear that something bad will happen to you because of your own actions. Maybe you made some bad decisions in the past and they are coming back to haunt you.

Dreaming of a tigress protecting her cubs symbolizes you and your protectiveness towards your family. You will do anything to ensure your children and those close to you are protected and kept safe. This dream may come because you are anxious your children cannot protect themselves in such a harsh, tough world. You need to let go. They have to learn to stand on their own feet and cope with the challenges that come along. You need to support them in finding their own truths.

Dreams of killing tiger can mean you are feeling all-powerful You feel there is nothing you cannot achieve and you are not shy letting the world know it. This can bring bad blood from others, jealous of your confidence and success. Or, people who find your attitude grates on them because they may not be doing well themselves. Be wary there are no power plays or bullying on either side.

Tiger may bring messages to take on more responsibility. You are capable of being a leader and the tiger is pushing you to exert more authority. Is this you? Do you see yourself as a leader in some way? Do others naturally turn to you for the answers?

When Tiger crosses your Path

Tiger crosses your path to remind you are strong-willed and persistent. He reminds us there is nothing you do not have the courage to achieve. So get out there and keep achieving your dreams.

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  1. I dreamt i was part of a clan people who turned and i was a late turner. They thought i was a normal human. But my teeth started falling out. In my dream i “woke up as i was when i fell asleep and my tooth fell out” i was upset then later…. more teeth fell out and the pain started and i realised i was turning! I was so excited everyone was chill no one knew how long it would take. My morph took ages and then as i was turning into the tiger she was speaking to me in my mind she was the coveted animal that everyone in the “clan” was waiting for she was fierce she wasnt frightened she owned the place. Her name was different to mine it started with a K like katkayan or something strange like that.

  2. I had a dream of seeing a tigre in a rich mans house after accessing the gate for me to enter the complex, i saw 2 dogs and a tigre. The tigre approached me and i tried my possible best best to run away from it. the more i run the more it chased me. I tried calling the couple who also watched how he was chasing me they stop by calling his name but the tigre refused to listen to them. at some point i could not run across the chair so i sat near the couple of which the tiger came and lay in between me and the couple suddenly the head of the tigre changed to a boy head and started advicing me to go and learn software that can be used in building a program and that he’s ready to teach me. he was about teaching me about the software then i woke up. i tried making a research on the name of the software but was not finding anything related. i knew very much that the dream has got a lot of meaning but could not interprete what it actually means

  3. Is there any way to explain a dream about a random tiger in the bathroom passing gas while laying on the floor? I was confused even in the dream.

  4. I dreamt that I walked in the middle of the forest but when I saw our school the tigers came in then it acts likes hungry and wants to eat me but suddenly it die in my front, I felt pity on him then I ran.

  5. I dreamt that I rescued a tiger from a friend. Once I connected with the tiger it was very calm and relaxed. I contacted my local zoo to take it, they came and checked it over and it had a few minor things wrong with it but ok. The strange thing is it was a standard coloured tiger at the beginning of the dream but when the zoo came to look at it, it had turned white.

    • Were forced to part with something or someone close to you or did someone let you down and cause you to be greatly disappointed?

    • I dreamt that I walked in the middle of the forest but when I saw our school the tigers came in then it acts likes hungry and wants to eat me but suddenly it die in my front, I felt pity on him then I ran.

  6. I dreamt that I was cleaning the house anf one of my wooden tiger statues (which I do not actually own any) broke. The tail broke into several pieces. My first thought was to glue it together with some wood glue I have in the garage. I then woke up.

  7. I just remembered that in my dream, I thought my parents abandoned me, so I decided that tiger and I would be family, but in a innocent way, since I was a child in my dream. Also, I never spoke to the tiger or spoke at all in my dream until I was being taken away from it. It was just a weird dream in general. I’ve never had a dream like it before. And I’d always considered wolves being my sort of animal that I related with, so it surprised me when I dreamed of a tiger. It was my first time dreaming of wild animals at all.

    • Last night, I had a dream. I heard a noise outside. Outside my sliding glass door, I saw a tiger in the middle of the yard, lying down. He then flitted to the side yard. Then, he appeared right on my deck, outside the slider window. 2 feet away. He liked down, looking at me. I noticed that the slider was unlocked. Terrified to reach over and lock it because actually the slider was slightly open. Because I knew how fast the tiger was, I didn’t know if my attempt to close lock the slider was futile, I just froze.

      • I had the same dream but I tried to close the door but it was like no matter how much I tried, it never gets locked.

  8. This is word and I can’t seem to find any insight or something that can help me interpret this dream I had. No one seems to have encountered a similar dream to mine. I had a dream that I was a child again and I lived with my parents in a small place that seemed to be an apartment building next to an amusement park. And in this dream I found a tiger and for some reason I wasn’t frightened of this tiger, in fact, we became friends. My parents weren’t around, they seemed to have vanished and didn’t reappear in my dream. After encountering the tiger, I didn’t want to part from the tiger so I took the tiger home and kept it in my room and, feeling tired, even though it was broad daylight, I fell asleep with the tiger in my bed and it cuddled up next to me. Of course, it was only a dream, so I wasn’t really sleeping in my dream. I heard some noises and woke up to find that there were people that were coming after us and we ran from our apartment and went into an empty apartment room to hide. This one was more expensive and seemed to be better than my own. In this room, we thought we could hid and that no one would think to look there for us. I heard the people searching and wondering where we were and coming closer. The tiger started to growl and get protective, I could see it’s fur starting to bristle and stand up. And I felt that I didn’t want to leave this tiger and let these people take it away from me. I felt like it was more than just a friend, it was family. I wanted to protect the tiger also, so I tried to get in front of it, but it wouldn’t let me, it kept me back. And the people finally found us, they busted down the door of the apartment and went to the room, and it was only then, when they shoved the tiger aside and grabbed me, that I realized that they had been looking for me, not the tiger. The tiger got up again and attacked the people, but I was being dragged away, and I tried to fight the person that was holding me and pulling me away from the tiger, but I was weak. The dream ended with the tiger trying to get to me and the person that was holding me, but I never got to see if I was able to get away from the person, the tiger saved me, or if I was still captured. I don’t know what this dream means and I haven’t found anyone having similar dreams of being friendly with tigers and them protecting you. Whenever I look up tigers being protective, I only see it speaks of female tigers protecting it’s cubs, not a human, and also, I think my tiger was male, even though I’m female, it felt like my tiger was a guy. But I have no idea what that has to do with anything, because I don’t have a guy in my life except for my brother, father, and my cousin.

    • I am by no means an expert but here’s a possible suggestion. Tigers are spirit guides, and the fact that you stopped at your parents’ house first, and they vanished after the tiger “took over” as your protector is very interesting. You may have some spiritual work you need to do around childhood wounding that you might be needing guidance for. If so, the fact that you embraced the tiger makes it seem as though you are ready to face the challenge, but the people coming to get you may represent people or even mental processes that will try to hold you back from healing. That is my very surface level suggestion but it does sound fairly straightforward. Also, the gender of the tiger may represent your animus (your inner masculine) and could be key to what you need. There may be parts of your inner masculine that need to be awakened (assertiveness, logic, etc.) in order for you to grow.

    • I’m actually looking for the meaning of when you dream that you’re friends with a tiger and them being protective of you. The way I interpret this is that a tiger is actually you, or rather a part of your personality/spirit. A tiger represents courage, strength, etc. So I think maybe in your dream, you were connected to that part of yourself and liked who you were as an individual and felt like you didn’t need anyone else to actually help you to be yourself. But something happened in your life that made people interfere and left you without your “tiger” self. And you desperately didn’t want people to interfere, you wanted to stay strong untill the end. But everything around you kept pushing at you and it made you abandon that part of yourself. Maybe you were even hiding behind it so people would not see what’s going on with you on the inside. But this is a faaaarr guess and I don’t know what’s going on in your life.
      In my dream my tiger emerged from the shallows in a huge lake (kinda makes no sense I know they are big animals after all). And everyone around me was afraid of the tiger (who also felt like a male to me. Maybe because in general I trust male friends more than female). The people were trying to get me away from the tiger but I got free from them and went in the water to hug the tiger. He was very happy to see me, and the weird thing is I think I dreamt of the tiger some time ago in another dream and this was us reuniting. I think it means that maybe I’m growing as a person, because right now in my life I’m making the right choices.

  9. In my dream have a tiger moving around me and later tiger was playing with a dog lying down DT was how I wake up

  10. Can someone reach out to me to help me interpret my dream? I dreamt that I was walking on a New York City train with a tiger on a leash. It was very close to me and I was walking him through the train like a big dog. I felt him on my leg as if it were real. He was heavy, furry and muscular and I felt the power of walking with such a big strong cat. I walked through one car on the train and could not decide what seat to take. Some seats were empty and others were occupied. I passed seats because I didn’t want to sit too close to anyone with my tiger. I go to the end of a car and then I turn around and walk back down the aisle. I leave the first car and go to a second car that was connected and I see a sleeping white tiger in a seat. I walk by. I see a second tiger that is very agressive and awake and he snarls and swipes his paws at me and my tiger. We run. We go to the third car, but this time I had to open the door and jump to the next car with my tiger. I go inside this car and walk by a calm tiger and then I keep walking until I see an empty seat. I sit with my big tiger next to me. Again, I vividly remember how big my tiger is and can feel his strength as I pull him by a very short (6 inch) black leather leash. He knows to follow my lead. He is well trained and is easy to guide, although he is very big and strong. What does this all mean?

  11. I had a dream that I was getting for work and i hear screams from outside and see people running. Some keep walking. I hear “runnn there’s a……”. I initially don’t hear what they are running from. But me I just stay in my house waiting for my bus …. until pop I see tge orange figure in the corner of my eye, walking down the street. I run to an area of my house tgat gas a wall but the tiger jumps on my house and now I am trapped by the tiger. Dream ends here. What does it mean.??

    • I had a dream I had taken my son to a department store to do some Christmas shopping (my son is a twin but his brother wasn’t with us). The store was crowded. One of the shoppers brought a tiger on a leash. My son had just bought a gift and was waiting on line to pay when the tiger got loose and rampaged through the crowd killing a young child. The tiger didn’t touch he or I and my son wasn’t phased and actual went to do more shopping.

  12. I dreamt that we had recieved a female tiger from a client for boarding (we run a boarding for pets, but tigers?!, No way). She was otherwise extremely calm and well trained, but the moment she saw our fluttering pigeon, she got anxious, my whole family saw changes in her body language,he eyes,her primal instincts taking over, it was just matter of one more day when she suddenly snapped the head off the pigeon and are all of the bird. Since then, we all were very scared and skeptic of her. Deciding who is going to leash her again, walk her, etc… although she did not attack anyone of us,but getting scared of her eyes, body language and her size, was the predominant tone of the whole dream. Anyone knows what could it mean? This was confusing because neither was the tiger running from or towards us, not it was following us or we killed it.

  13. I dream of baby tiger and I don’t want it to stay in the house but my husband said that this baby tiger is cute and benign so let the tiger stay… Few weeks later I get pregnant so ……. Anyone can explain my dream?

    • Douglas Harvey on

      A Tiger represents your unconscious, the most powerful part of your being. To some degree, your subconscious is afraid of your unconscious because of past experiences or failures or pain, and you are worried about having kids because you want them to be better than you are, or dont want them to go through the pain you’ve had to go through in your life.
      Your husband loves who you are deep down though, and he would be happy if your child were to become as kind and powerful as you are.

  14. I have a reoccurring dream where I’m in a mansion trying to run away from a tiger. In the mansion there’s a lot of people all running around trying to get away. I always pass by two things, a long pool that has a shark going back and forth and a large bathroom that is just like a public bathroom… not sure what any of it means.

  15. Daniel Souza on

    I dreamt of 2 tigers trying to get to me at my house. In the dream they both starred me down. I was afraid. They ended up in the back of a pick up truck were I dropped them off down the street.

  16. i dreamt i was looking for my college roomate everywhere.we were going to a wedding.i asked everyone i saw and no one saw him. i looked outside the building the building and there were about 6 to 8 tigers outside. i was worried that the tigers may have gotten to him. they suddenly went underground. i saw a little square opening on the wall and was afraid that they may enter through it. i took a square rug to cover it and it was forcefully engulf.a few seconds later a green tiger came through. i was scared. it walked towards me. i suddenly saw a flat disc on the counter, so, i picked it up to redirect tigers advancement and threw it. the tiger gave chase to object. meanwhile i was looking for room to hide. the tiger brought it back to me and i took it from it’s mouth and threw it again. i ran into a room but tiger founds it’s way in. again, i took the frisbee from it’s mouth and tried to throw it as far as i could.. this happened several times while i tried looking for place to hide. tiger still came back with frisbee. finally i flung the frisbee far, tiger gave chase . i ran outside looking for building to hide. i ran inside a small bamboo house to hide. the tiger was looking for me and somehow found it’s way in. i thought tiger was mad. it came close to me.. i was scared, i just suddenly said “good boy” and started to pet tiger on the head. i thought to myself maybe he just wants to be my friend. so i took the frisbee from it;s mouth.

  17. I dreamt that I had become a tiger and was confidently walking and facing the world. Apart from the obvious does this mean anything else?

  18. I dreamt that there were three men trying to hurt a tiger and sell it. I fought them and was winning, the tiger didn’t bother me in the least, I was just trying to protect him.

  19. I dreamt that a tiger was in my backyard and as my sister and i approached the metal screen door the tiger walked up to greet us. I could tell that it was tamed and friendly and probably lost. I was in awe of it and wondered why it was there. Then it started to talk, or at least tried to? It said a name and i can’t remember the name now but it jogged a memory for dream-me and so i told the tiger to stay right there while I called for the person it was looking for. Dream-me remembered the name to be from a zoo or animal trainer and so I went to get my phone and call the people. But then somehow the Tiger left and ended up in my front yard it jumped over our fence and just left.

    • I dreamt that a family with the members of mother, daughter and son with pet dog wanna going on a trip… Mother was busy in her business stuff but feelings of mothehood they planned to go out they started their journey. On the way a girl met friends n looking for loo but then a young man wants to chase her but didn’t succeed by returning to a family suddenly she got a tiger disturbed by her. tiger got angry and wanna chase her or her dog but suddenly dog at an Angry tiger wanna attack a dog but they hid their dog n asked tiger ‘s master how to get rid of this with the help of a master they succeed to escaped from a tiger who felt that something happens to… But felt sleep and at the last a family successfully escaped from theres place.

      Please give me Lil idea what was it meant…
      Thank you…

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