Thunder Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Thunder Dream Symbol – Thunder is a tool of the gods to wreak havoc on the population of the earth. It is not only a symbol of divine intervention, but also of divine judgment. If you dream of thunder it could mean that there is an actual storm in process in waking life or it could mean that you are feeling guilty about something in your life.

thunderAlternatively, thunder may also be a warning about a pending emotional outburst that will occur. If you see the thunder coming towards you, you may be able to prevent this outburst before it occurs. Thunder can also be symbolic of a deep anger that you have building up inside of you.

It is important to understand that dream interpretations are not an exact science and that some level of control is actually in the dreamer’s hands. As the dreamer, you hold inside you all of the answers to all of the symbols in your dreams. While a good website and dream interpreter can help you to clarify especially difficult symbols, you are the real source of everything that happens in your dreams.

As such, you should take a deep and lasting look into your soul and determine if you really want to know the meaning of your dreams. Some dreams can be given to you by the universe, however these are rare and when they do happen, only the universe can interpret them for you.

Dreaming of thunder is a warning there are hard times coming. Thunderstorms symbolize turbulent feelings of anger and hurt, bitterness and revenge. This can even be about a relationship that is ‘stormy’ with its intense ups and downs. Thunderstorms can also signify dangerous hobbies such as sailing or hunting where much is up to the external elements for success. This type of dream is a challenge to your expertise in a hobby that is a particular passion.

This sort of dram can also refer to the old saying ‘to weather the storm’. Your life may be full of turbulence. Your emotions may be swinging from one extreme to the other. Depressed beyond words one minute. Jumping for joy bursting with excitement the next. Dreaming of a thunderstorm is sure to bring you turbulent, emotional times. It is a warning of what is to come or may already surround your life. A thunderstorm can help clear the air. Calm you so you can stand tall to deal with things with integrity. Instead of just reacting or crawling into a hole and wishing it all away.

A thunderstorm with no lightning brings ominous bad news. This can be in relation to your business or job, or in relation to family and friends. Thunder accompanied by lightning brings news of meeting someone you have long admired, possibly from your past. This will be a happy meeting with much wisdom exchanged. Hearing thunder in the distance warns negativity is gathering around you. This warning can give you enough time to gather yourself before negativity overwhelms you.

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  1. Satya reddy on

    Hello ….I am having a continuous dream like it was raining and very huge thunders ….I wasn’t afraid of rains ….bt I was afraid of the thunder sound which is about to burst my ears ….I was pissed of this dream ….Can u tell me the reason why ?? I want to stop this

    • Last night I had similar one. I heard 2 huge thunders. They were so load I still could hear them when woke up and my heart was beating so fast. And now when I’m checking what should it means is even more scary cause it supposed to bring me just problems. Have You had bad news after the dream?

  2. i had a dream the moment i said I am atma bram which is a hindu mantra i saw a lightening thunder coming from the sky down to the ground but the dream was at night if anyone know about mantras need explanation plz

  3. Divine chibueze on

    I had a similar dream about thunder storm in horizontal in that dream it looks like I wanted to travel by air but I did not know that there is on going thunder so a friend said to me why do I want to travel now that there is thunder or don’t I see it if I didn’t see it don’t I hear it from radio he told me that I can travel tomorrow since the thunder is still going on at the same time the thunder stopped then he said now I can travel . What does that me

    • I had a dream stuck in thunderstorm and it’s raining heavily as well, lightening seems to be following me like it’s trying to attack or hit me. Me, my boyfriend and my friends are in car trying to escape the storm and I am majorly concerned about my boyfriend as he seems to be careless about the storm. I am not able to forget this dream please tell what does it mean

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