Teeth Falling Out Dreams – What They Actually Mean


“Last night I dreamed that my teeth were falling out!” Dreaming of teeth, and particularly of losing your teeth, is a common recurring dream.  In fact, dreaming that your teeth are falling out is one of the most common dreams reported to some dream researchers.  The dream could involve the dreamer’s own teeth falling out, or the teeth of someone they can see.

In the dream, the teeth can fall out in different ways.  They can crumble into small pieces and fall into the dreamer’s hands, or they can fall out one by one while the dreamer is frozen in shock.  It may be that they don’t fall out at all, but rot or grow crooked. There are a hundred different ways the teeth fall out, but the common theme is that you lose your teeth at some point in the dream.

There is no one accepted reason why someone may dream of losing all their teeth, but there are several common theories.  As with other such dreams, dreams of loss of teeth is merely symbolism.  The symbols may mean something entirely different for you than they do for your neighbor or friend.

Teeth Falling Out Dreams

Teeth DreamOne theory that is commonly used to interpret losing your teeth in a dream is that your teeth are connected to your outward appearance. Losing your teeth relates to worrying about how other people view you. How you look without your teeth and the process of getting older.

Signs of aging such as wrinkles, losing our hair, and losing our physical ability can give a strong enough emotional response to cause you to dream about your teeth falling out. If you dream about losing your teeth it may indicate that you have been worried about growing older. Your dream might be telling you the importance of accepting your transitions in life with confidence.

Besides aging, these dreams are also common among people who have lost money, status, or a position of respect. You may have struggled recently with tasks that you used to perform effortlessly.

Teeth Dream Scenarios

To dream that you have false teeth may indicate fear of your self image and the opinion of people around you. Perhaps you are worried that people will uncover hidden details about you that you don’t want to be revealed.

Seeing animal teeth in a dream can indicate natural aggression and instincts.  Perhaps your dream is telling you to focus on making logical decisions, not ones based in anger.

If you dream that you are spitting out lots of teeth in your dream it may indicate that there is someone or something in your waking life that you need to spit out and get rid of.

Dreaming about a toothless person can indicate the loss of effectiveness that you have experienced as you began to age. Perhaps people don’t take you as seriously and have forgotten about all of your accomplishments in the past.

To dream that you are brushing your teeth may indicate that have been going throwing a hard time in your life and want to clean yourself from the things that are holding you back. Conversely, if you are self consciously about your teeth in your waking life it could indicate your desire to keep your smile white.

Dream that something is jammed between your teeth, may indicate that there is a problem in your waking life that may seem impossible to resolve, but the real solution is much easier than you suspect.

To dream about clean teeth that are shiny, may indicate that you are confident in the relationships that you have in your waking life and your financial security for the future.

To dream about the roots of your teeth may symbolize the stability of your relationships in you waking life. If you have strong roots it may represent strong foundations you have built with your loved ones.

If you have a gnawing pain in your roots that requires a root canal, perhaps you need to visit the dentist if this pain exist in your waking life.  Conversely, this could indicate that someone or something is causing you a lot of headaches in your waking life.

A Missing Tooth Could Be A Reminder Of Someone You Lost

Another interpretation of losing your teeth in a dream is that it is a reminder of someone that you lost. Since your teeth are one of the first things you will notice if it goes missing, this is symbolic that you are missing someone or something in your life.

These dreams can also indicate a loss of power. You may have lost your ability to bite down, which is a symbol of power.

Pulling Teeth

One of the most common teeth dreams that people have is pulling teeth dreams. Depending on the context of the dreams and the background of the dreamer, having your teeth pulled out will have different meanings.

Pulling teeth can indicate that you might be facing a radical change in your life. It can also indicate that you have a difficult time ahead of you.

According to Jung, when a tooth is being pulled out from a woman’s dream it can represent the process of giving birth and the painful experience of loss that is associated with giving birth that leads to a new beginning. The tooth is symbolic of having your child being pulled out from you during birth.

“The Meaning of teeth dreams is relative to the dreamer’s own life experiences.

Teeth DreamsPresages of Death

In come cultures in places such as Greece, Hispaniola, and Bosnia, if you dream your teeth are falling out or that your watching someone else lose their teeth, you’re receiving a notice that someone in your family will die, usually within a week.  Some say that if there is no pain involved in the dream that the death will be someone outside the family; but if there is pain, it will be a family member.  There are many cultures that have passed down this belief for generations.

Thought this is a popular belief for quite a few cultures, it doesn’t hold true for everyone.  In fact, dream researchers report that thousands of people have had teeth dreams that didn’t foretell death.


When you lose your teeth you’re losing your ability to survive without a struggle.  Such a dream may be an indication of the presence of disease within yourself or someone you love.

Loss of Power

Teeth represent strength and force.  They allow us to rip and tear, bite, and chew.  A loss of teeth can signalize a loss of power in your life.  This might be due to feeling powerless at work or if something is happening to you that you feel powerless to stop.  It may be as simple as feeling that no one understands what you’re trying to say.

Anxiety Over Appearance

Menopausal women frequently have dreams in which they are losing their teeth.  This can be an indication of a fear of becoming unattractive because of the changes brought by menopause.

These dreams have also tormented people who are feeling or seeing the effects of aging on their bodies.  A couple of grey hairs or a new wrinkle can signal the beginning of the deterioration of looks and physical ability, and bring on a nightmare in which the dreamer loses his teeth.

Fears of rejection can cause one to dream of losing their teeth.  Being unattractive to the opposite sex, being unable to perform sexually, or being perceived as unattractively old or weak might bring on a dream of teeth loss.

If you dream about being toothless or seeing someone without teeth, it could reflect your feelings about aging. If you are extremely upset over the appearance of your missing teeth, this could indicate that you do not want to grow older.


In Chinese lore, when someone loses their teeth in a dream they are being warned that lies are being spoken.

Spiritual Warnings

The Bible mentions teeth in Psalm 58:6 when King David prays for God to destroy his enemies.  He asks God to “Break their teeth in their mouth.”   Teeth are needed to chew food, they represent power.  To break someone’s teeth would be to reduce their power, reduce their ability to survive.  So losing your teeth in a dream could relate to a loss of power.

In Ezekiel 30:24 it says:  “And I will strengthen the arms of the king of Babylon, and put my sword in his hand:  but I will break Pharaoh’s arms, and he shall groan before him with the groanings of a deadly wounded [man].”  Teeth are bones and in this instance, we see the breaking of bones as the weakening of power.

Some spiritual leaders counsel that dreams of the loss of teeth mean that there is a loss of faith.  The dreamer is being warned that they are placing their faith in someone or something other than God.

Another spiritual interpretation involves a dream with falling teeth and loss of blood.  This indicates a demonic attack on the dreamer’s soul, possibly brought on by a lack of faith in God.

Looking a Fool

Dreams of teeth loss can also be interpreted as fears of being seen as foolish.  Losing your teeth while in a crowd may indicate that you’re afraid of being embarrassed in front of others.  Perhaps you’ll be giving a talk in front of a crowd and you’re nervous about how you’ll be received.  You might dream that your teeth are falling out in front of a crowd as a manifestation of these fears.  When you’ve given that talk and your worries are behind you, the dream should fade.

If you’re in front of just one other person when you lose your teeth, take a look at the person in your dream.  They may be an accurate or symbolic representation of someone you want to impress but are afraid you’ll instead embarrass yourself and look the fool when you next meet.


Remember the Tooth Fairy?  That tale may have imprinted itself in your psyche and the loss of teeth in your dream may be related to money.


If your career is not satisfying for you and you’re feeling stuck doing something you really don’t enjoy, you may have dreams of losing your teeth.

Conclusion – What Does Losing Your Teeth Really Mean

When it comes to dream interpretations, there is no universal interpretation that will apply to everyone. Every person on this earth is unique and has their own set of life experiences and beliefs. Your teeth falling out dream interpretation will be different than other persons meaning.

The key to unlocking the hidden truth behind your dream is to analyze your own thoughts and feelings and see what the dream means to you. Did dreaming about your teeth falling out to relate to your outward appearance and fears about getting old or losing your beauty?

Or did losing a tooth symbolize losing someone or something that was close to you? Is your missing tooth a constant reminder of that special someone that you have lost in your life? Have you been worried about the appearance of your teeth in your conscious mind?

Follow your gut feeling when interpreting your dreams.  These are popularly accepted meanings, but in the end, you should rely only on yourself and what your own subconscious is trying to tell you.

By paying close attention to your dreams and what they mean to you, personally, you are taking charge of your own life.  Your attention to matters your subconscious mind brings to your attention can help you to stop small fires before they become infernos.

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Alternative Interpretations

Dreaming of losing your teeth is a sign of fear. You may be afraid of others’ judgment of you. Your fear may be about old age and your loss of independence. A woman swallowing teeth can symbolize sexual desire or the desire for a child. Men swallowing teeth can represent being dominated by their partner. This is a sign to be more assertive. Try some romantic gestures to rekindle the romance in a relationship.

Spitting out teeth represents illness. It could be that someone close will be diagnosed with a terminal illness. Finding a tooth in the palm of your hand can mean an illness will stop you from moving your plans forward at this time. Be patient.

Pulling out your teeth indicates you need some time out after going through a stressful situation. Having more than two teeth fall out can mean you may be involved in a serious accident. Remember, always be aware of what is going on around you. Stay safe.

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  1. I had a dream I fought with someone I punch on his face and his teeth is falling down and he us crying a lot what does it mean

  2. I had one that I pulled a back tooth and it was coil black and another dream today that my back tooth broke in half and I pulled half of it out. My boyfriend told me to put it back in and it was too late. But it looked like a elephant tooth inside the tooth

  3. l have reoccuring dreams that l pull my teeth out and that they aint normal teeth but they where massive and looked like animal teeth but they looked normal on the outside

  4. I dreamt that I was attacked by armed robbers they shoot me on a bike n my teeth were falling out. So scary . God help me

    • Margaret Crotty on

      I dreamed I pulled out my recently deceased husbands front tooth. I slowing came out and no pain. I told him to go rinse his mouth to remove the pus.
      What does this mean

    • I dreamed I pulled out my recently deceased husbands front tooth. I slowing came out and no pain. I told him to go rinse his mouth to remove the pus.
      What does this mean

  5. I dreamt that a friend hit me with a long stick on the head n my down teeth started falling out. One by one until every bit was out. So scary

  6. I was talking to my boyfriend in the dream outside my first school gates, as soon as he looked at me with this smurk, my teeth fell out onto the floor one by one as I pushed them out using my tongue. No pain, no blood, just utter shock on my face very distressed and I then woke up. Anyone want to have a ago at interpreting that one haha???

    • I had a dream that I was outside my apartment building and it was night time all of a sudden I started to feel my teeth crumble. As I spat out what I thought was little chips of teeth into my hand i looked at it and it was gold , silver, and diamond hole teeth with some kind of ancient hieroglyph markings on them. The crazy part was that I could feel the crumbles of teeth in my mouth as if this was really happening to me. How should I interpret this?

  7. Jackie Snyder on

    I dreamt that i was spitting my teeth out and there was a black soot in my mouth were the roots are and then I was pulling the the ones I it showing everyone that they were not rotted asking them what the black soot was n

  8. I just had a dream, and I immediately went and searched about it because I’ve had similar dreams to my teeth falling out. This one particular was me walking into my house, greeting everyone but no one was home and the lights wouldn’t turn on. So I started trying to flick on the lights and none of them worked. All the sudden I felt this aching pain in my mouth, and my teeth started crumbling and falling into my hands. I actually felt the pain in real life, because I was trying to wake myself up, I couldn’t bare the pain.

  9. I dreamed that two former lovers were trying to move into my house with their wives and children. Needless to say I was uncomfortable with their proposition, but felt coerced. When one of the former lovers began to make romantic overtures, I went to my television and began pulling out my teeth one by one without pain. I then left the house and went on outing with a neighbor, seemingly without slowing down. I also did not have teeth but, neither I nor the neighbor mentioned it.

  10. neeharika emani on

    I had a dream, that, my baby teeth is moving and about to come out, then i removed that teeth with my hands and showing it to the family members by telling them that, my baby teeth came out with happiness.

  11. I had a dream that idk what was going on. The only thing I remember is putting my hand in my mouth and on the right side of my mouth my (right) front tooth and the three next to it came out with my gums attached. There was a lot of blood and it was just a large piece of my teeth and gums. I was looking at it in my hand with all the blood confused about how this could happen. It didn’t hurt but I didn’t know how I was going to get it fixed and I was extremely embarrassed. It woke me up and I was really scared and felt sick to my stomach (kind of like a panic attack). I started touching my teeth to see if they were still there and if any were loose.

  12. I had a dream where four of my wisdom teeth fell out of my mouth while I was running behind my husband trying to catch up with him. I picked them up and put them in my pocket and continued chasing him. I was not able to catch up with him in the dream till I woke up.
    A month later I lost my husband. It is also believed in my culture that if you dream of losing your teeth, it meant death of a loved one. I never did believe till it happened to me

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