Swimming Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Swimming Dream Symbol – Dreaming of swimming can mean many things. Swimming can mean you are trying solve some problems constructively. Enjoying the feel of swimming is a sign you are in love and feel secure in your real life. It also symbolizes the possibilities you have to create a wonderful life.

swimming-dreams Floating in water means any negative around you will improve soon. A negative experience in the water can signify difficult parts of your life that need cleansing. Swimming in murky water warns you will soon get sick if you do not take better care of yourself.

Swimming in a swimming pool indicates you need to take time out from the pressures of everyday life. You need to rejuvenate. Try and take a short break for pure rest and relaxation. Life is not all about work. Swimming in a dirty pool suggests minor problems will come your way. Seeing yourself actually swimming indicates there are positive times coming.

A pool with problems represents a difficult issue you will soon have. Dreaming of swimming in a sea of rubbish symbolizes your annoyance at someone close to you. You may be on the wrong path and blame others for the deviation. Swimming with animals means there are big life changes around you. You have enough energy to get through these amazingly busy times. Remember to take some time out just for yourself each day to survive.

Additional Interpretations

In most dreams water represents your emotions and unconscious feelings. A dream that you are swimming can mean that you are trying to navigate certain areas of your emotions and feelings that you are not comfortable with. If you find yourself swimming in the deep end of a pool or lake it can indicate that you feel overwhelmed by certain aspects of your life.

swimming dream symbolTo swim underwater can mean that you are having trouble dealing with certain emotional issues that you are faced with. Dreaming about diving into water can show a desire that you have to go into a new relationship or work project.

According to Sigmund Freud, swimming is often related to sexual intercourse and can reflect your current feelings about your sex life. If you are struggling against a current then it can indicate that a relationship may be in trouble or the need to change your course of direction in life.

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  1. I had a dream that my boyfriend had kissed me and pull underwater to kiss me more, what I felt in the dream at that moment was pure love and happiness. What does this mean?

  2. I had a dream where I was Swimming with group of people I know and at a short, I started drowning and was rescued. What’s the meaning?

  3. I had a dream, swimming in a lake or sea, was at night, the only thing i watched were the lights of the buildings’s windows. I swam about 1 mile, the water was depth and dark . . I swam in crawl style, and I remember i made it to the another extreme and i went out of the water satisfied in another place like another city . . . in the momento of swimming was scare but i was trusting in myself and i could do it. I do not know the reason why i was swimming. If you could clear me what is the meaning of it, i would appreciate it a lot

  4. I have swimming dreams very often. I am always in a river or ocean. Mostly floating and always happy. I live around many rivers and near the ocean, though.
    I am a happy and sensitive person, so what are your thoughts?

  5. I had a dream where I was swimming with someone (I don’t remember who) in a swimming pool. In real life I can’t actually swim. Besides, I had two dreams before where I was drowning, in one of them I was trying to save my pet rabbit…

  6. I dreamed i was swimming in the deep side of the pool with one of my kid and i was really enjoying it and surprised that i can swim in the deep.

    In reality i swim but i never go to deep water because i always want to feel the ground beneath me.

  7. I had a dream last night that I was a good swimmer but truth to be told I’m not a good swimmer in real life I don’t even know how to swim, but in my dream last night I was a swimmer and I even won the swimming contest in an ocean with a falls on it while some of my competitors grabbed my legs while swimming, I even confronted them after I won the swimming contest that there are two person who grabbed my legs while swimming and found out that it was a girl and a boy in the swimming contest, the girl who wears a green nail polish and the boy who I even don’t know because I didn’t see his face clearly in the water. What’s it all about? This dream of mine is very out of the blue.

    • Iradukunda diane on

      I had a dream,I was swimming peacefully in a pool.I was very fine.but in real life I am afraid of swimming .and I don’t know how to swim.while I was swimming I met a guy in the pool and talked to me I didn’t even know him.can you help me understand those dream

  8. I had a dream I was swimming in the ocean just under the top bit with a air pipe thing in my mouth. Was swimming like a mermaid. My Prince (guy I’m in love with but never boyfriend or girlfriend even though he act like he’s my jealous boyfriend a lot and we wanted to get married and have a daughter when we first met online but it didn’t happen. On and off nearly 2 years now) was swimming behind me. We were happy in my dream. What does it mean? Before the dream, I asked God what I should do about him (My Prince)

  9. Had a dream l walked around in shallow clear, HEALING, water. I was told by another swimmer that it was healing. I specifically used it for healing physically. However, I am now at the end of my relationship of 17 years. Details are many but we’ve talked about ending it. Ive made peace with it but not sure he has. The dream was peaceful as I waded around displayed glass trinkets. Odd. It’s like this place had been flooded. I remember worrying about the glass breaking and it floating around with the possibility of cutting me. That’s where it ended for me. Hoping for some clarification.

  10. Had a dream last night/this morning & in it I saw an above ground swimming pool with its cover on; it was fall so I’d expect to see a cover on it but it clearly had some meaning, as I can still vividly see it. Couldn’t find a meaning to this directly so any non-biased opinions would be gladly welcomed!!

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