Swearing (Cussing) Dream Meaning and Interpretation


Swearing (Cussing) Dream Symbol – Dreaming of swearing refers to the stress and worry in your everyday waking life. These types of dreams bring important messages you should not ignore. A man swearing in your dream is a sign financial matters will be negatively affected for a short time.

Hearing a woman swear can warn that someone you are seeing casually could turn into an embarrassing situation if you are not careful. This may result in you trying to end the relationship. But, you will need to be tactful.

This type of dream can mean this is an unhappy time in your waking life. There may be repressed emotions bursting to come out. You need to face these to deal with these once and for all. Are you being honest with yourself? Dreaming of swearing is reminding you of your direction in life. It may be asking whether you are being true to your life’s path. This is a reminder you need to be completely honest with yourself if you want to move forward.

Dreaming of others swearing at you can be upsetting. A child swearing may represent a younger version of you. This can be sending you a message that your inner child is not happy. What are you going to do about this? Your life may need more spontaneity to bring you back alive. It can also indicate you have outgrown your own goals. You may need to reassess these to make sure they are relevant to your future.

Seeing someone swearing at work indicates there are major life changes on the way. It can warn there is trouble brewing at work. You may be retrenched or even sacked, and be faced with the prospect of having to find another job. This can be the chance for a new start.

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  1. What does it mean of i holding a rosary and swearing by it to justify your action. I don’t really remember what I was justifying in the dream, however.

  2. Akhigbe Josephine on

    I had a dream about my area neighbor coming to accuse me that I stole from her shop that I branch to ask her about something’s(onoius) but her price was too cost I have to just walk away. Later when cooking she came to my house that I did not steal her thing but she was trying to shock me on my neck I held her hands to the ground and swear that of I took her ting let death be my portion in Jesus name and a lady that was there said Amen when I sweated 4 her a man that was there was cancelling the dream and was even giving her a bible verse to read. Later she saw a stock ruler that has old at my gate and was also accusing me how manage her daughter ruler get to my gate, even the daughter was trying to speak up for me but she won’t listen and was measuring her daughter with the dirty ruler.

  3. I was having a dream about my ex bf who said i love you and he swears on his mom…now i am confused because in reality i don’t think he loved me! Pls help me out of this!!!

  4. I had a dream where some unknown lady along with some other unknown people cursed me strongly saying i will never find happiness
    I think I’ve been disturbed more thinking about that dream (which felt so real) than any of the real life events

  5. I had a dream about doing the middle finger to an ex best friend that I’m currently missing a lot, what would that mean?

  6. Judith jones on

    I saw my self swearing on someone I know in my dream,I that person I saw is someone am very angry with,what those it mean?

  7. Allie Potter on

    I was having a dream we’re a bunch of guys we’re cussing and fooling around where I wasen’t in that part of that dream plus they were on a cruise ship being mean to eachother.

  8. Last night I dreamt that I was swearing at my son in law. I was going of like I can not explain. Nobody was able to say a single word. The words that came out of my mouth is un describable. (I do not swear in my every day life. In fact I hate swearing in total). I dreamt that my daughter and my son in law came to me for money. I was so cross with him I just swear non stop. I even sweared his mother and sister and his whole family. Then I send him to someone down the street to go and borrow some money on my name. When I asked him what was the amount of money he told me R666. We went to the shop but I was lost inside the shop. I looked like a pharmacy with fabric inside. Their was also bread. When I woke up, I was so upset. First I told myself 666 means in the name of God and after being awake for a long time, I realized that 666 means the devil. It is now two hours later and I am very upset.

    • Wow! This dream is similar to mines in some way, thats what brought me here in the first place. I kept having dream that i am cursinf really hard and i dont curse any at all thou i am Jamaican. You must have experienced what this dream me an t by now so i wont bother try explaining.

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