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Sunflower Dream Symbol – Dreaming of sunflowers represents prosperity and long, healthy life. The message can be that if you persevere through the hard times, success is yours to achieve. It can also mean you are heading in the right direction when they appear.

sunflower-dreamsBut, beware of being conceited for someone may take you for a ride. They may take advantage of your pride. Take a look at those close to you for they may be deliberately working against you.

They also bring messages that by having faith, and through hard work, you can achieve anything your heart desires.

Planting sunflowers signifies you are looking for inner guidance. This may be a difficult time and you need support to help you move on. Sunflower seeds represent the birth of new ideas. This is a happy time where you find you reveal abilities that have been hidden away.

Admiring sunflowers and their color reflected under a bright sun indicate someone deceives you. When the background fades away and only the sunflowers remain this is a sign to look at those close to you to find who deceives you. There may be fake people or those who have false messages to lure you away from your own path.

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  1. I had a dream that I said to the man I have been seeing and have been friends with for many years, “come with me.” While I was half awake/ half asleep.. and he was sleeping right next to me.. he slept talk and said aloud, “Let’s Go.” Like he was responding to what I had said in my dream state. Seemingly, we get more and more connected. THEN, I fell deeper into sleep beside him and then we leaped off this hill from a meadow and jumped on a giant floating sunflower together (grasping on to the big stem with no issues about weight or falling) with gleaming, smiling faces. What could this mean?

  2. I had a dream that I planted a feild of Sunflowers on a grassy hillside next to a stream. Some of them were reddish orange and I was proud of them. But then a bunch of strangers came and put poison on my flowers, to try to kill them. I was very upset watching them put poison and my little brother ran into the field. He had a fishing rod in his hands and he had caught a fish. I was worried he would breathe the poison and get it on the fish he wanted to eat but he didn’t react to me desperately calling his name.

    • I dream that i rejected something but there’s something me to take a ride but something happened the one who offer me a ride see a sunflower and me i just said lets go…the setting of my dream was at night and the sunflower. Located at the neighborhood

  3. I dreamed my deceased son came to me and put a sunflower in my hand. He told me to read chapter 76. I asked what book and he said I would figure it out. But I haven’t yet. That was five years ago.

    • Your comment gave me chills. Maybe one day you will be drawn to a book without knowing it and you will find the answer. Or perhaps chapter 76 isn’t in a book, but the number itself has a meaning. Like you could be driving on road with 76 in the name. Maybe when you turn 76 you will know someone or something significant and connected to your son. Every year of our lives could be a chapter.

      • i had a dream where me and my family went on a car ride on a really hot summers day and me and my brother got out of the car and went to a sunflower field. he was in front of me walking through the sunflowers looking back at me to catch up, and we ended up at the beach but i ended up drowning.

  4. Laura Lynne Watson on

    I dreamt that my fiance & I had taken a train to a sunflower medow. I’ve been there before, but I think it was in preschool. In this dream it was near dusk & I could see rows of tall grass in between the rows of sunflowers. Our train stopped for a short bit & then we had to get back on & when we did we had to ride carts on the end of the train. Some man kept handing me one that looked like a skateboard & I wasn’t about to ride on a little board all the way home. I remember coming back on rt 611 n & entering the town I live on. I had my feet dangling out as we went thru & when we finally got to our destination there were people inside trying to thwart me somehow. I got very upset & they tried to leave me behind but the one dropped a bag of homemade silly putty & i grabbed it. I could feel it was very warm & there was a little hole in the bag so I squeezed it & shot the bright green silly putty on her for her to notice. When she did I threw it on the ground as hard as I could & it exploded. Then the medium Theresa Caputo was her mother & she was smoking a cigarette. She leaned into me & started to burn me with her cigarette so i grabbed her face & started smacking her cheek lightly to warn her I would attack….. not sure about this one dream but the other symbols/happenings remind me of the deceit interpretation to sunflowers

  5. I had dream finding a dried Sunflower, however the flower still look intact and still has it features but dried and I examined it for a while till the dream faded off.

    Can you shed some light on this for me ?

  6. I dreamed I was looking in a mirror at my eyes and I lifted my eye lid and found there were sunflower seeds, I tried to remove them but the more I removed the more appeared.

  7. I’ve had multiple dreams about a sunflower field with large beautiful sunflowers, I’ve had this dream so many times that I know how to get there in my dream. Every dream is different, always different people and always something different going on. I often try finding shortcuts to get to the field because I have to walk a long trail, cars do not fit on the trail and golf carts of ATVs stop working once i get to the beginning of the trail, but at the end of my dreams, the field is destroyed.

  8. Norma Martinez on

    I just saw a big sunflower that had blossom then it began to transform the next thing I new it was DEAD

  9. I dreamed I walked outside of a house & just stood up against the siding. All of a sudden a sunflower pops up from the ground. Then it dies & another one pops just keeps happening. The sky starts off dark but then the sun gets very bright & then the sun catches on fire while the sunflowers keep growing.

  10. I had dreamt that my boyfriend was driving and we were going through a field of sunflowers & we both turned & looked at each other & smiled there was a beautiful sunset in front of us & a cleared path then a huge sunflower caught my attention & that’s when I woke up. I felt relaxed what does my dream mean?

  11. I dreamt I was being given sunflower seeds by an individual I actually didn’t trust. 2 bags of them. I remember thinking the bags were filled with something else but when I looked closer it was sunflower seeds.

  12. To me this sounds like something on your mind that has previously been worrisome that you have put to rest (“someone just died”) and sunflower above above signifying that you feel good about it …hope for the future… whats to come.

  13. Sukanya saikia on

    I was lying on a freshly covered grave of somebody who had just died and looking up at a sunflower plant growing just close to me. The plant seemed to tower above me, the flowers looking down at me……

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