Spain Dream Meanings and Interpretations


Spain Dream Symbol – Dreaming of Spain and its people reflects an attitude that only notices the positives in life. You may be focused on the positives in life and not even see the negatives. You may treat the negative people and things that cross your path with the appropriate disdain and move on. You do no let obstacles stop you or stress you out. You do deal with them with little thought or effect on your life.

Alternatively, a dream featuring Spain can mean you are surrounded by manipulative and dishonest people. You may feel always on guard. Do you not know who to trust? Are you confused and wary of others’ motives? Do people butter you up to get what they want? Dreaming of Spain can symbolize you need to be more careful about who you trust.

Spanish people in a dream can mean you have the ability to see the positive in any situation. It can also mean there is someone around you who promises the world and usually delivers nothing. Someone who is “all talk and no action”. These people usually expect you to do all the work. They can use empty flattery to manipulate you to abide by their will. Does this make you happy?

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  1. Sheila Iita on

    I had a dream about being in Spain. In that dream I wanted to extend my stay of which I was offered to stay until 26 February 2020.the mission to Spain was to study. I met different students speaking different languages but someone was chasing me in the dream.

  2. Janette Bentley on

    I have had a recurring dream about Barcelona, Spain for weeks. After reading the meaning, I now understand why I’m dreaming this. Thank you so much.

  3. Andrea Abi Antoun on

    I had a dream me and my family went to Spain and stayed there for 2 yrs. when we first got there I met a guy, and after the two years we were so close. At the end of the two years me and my family were finally leaving and I didn’t want to go back to my home Australia. The guy I was really close with hugged me and kissed me on the cheek and said I like you a lot. I did he same thin as well. Then the guy said see you in a year. And I was wondering what he has meant. Although the guy I got close with looked exactly like my cousin, and I think it was my cousin.

    Can you please interpret this dream?

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