Sound and Noise Dream Meaning and Interpretation


Noise Dream Symbol – Dreaming of noises is a sign of mysteries from the unknown. You may be confused and have fears in your waking life that cause you much stress. This dream can serve to attract your attention to the things that are causing your stress. You need to take action of some sort.

Noises in a dream can also represent finding solutions to your personal challenges. This may be a time where you need to stand tall in your truth. Are you not being heard? It is time to stand your ground to speak out. Or, there may have been something holding you back. This is a time when you have new understanding that removes all barriers to moving forward. Walk your path with courage and self-confidence.

Hearing an Alarm Clock Dream

An alarm sounding in a dream can be a way for your subconscious to bring you back to reality. You may need to wake up to someone or a situation in your waking life. Are you accepting a bad situation to keep the peace? Do you feel someone close does not always tell you the truth? Something around you is not as it seems. This may be someone close so you need to be wary. Be careful who you trust. This may be a time when you consciously use commonsense to deal with some sort of crisis.

Sounding an alarm to get others’ attention may reflect your feelings of doubt about something that is happening in a relationship. This may be a time where you are at your wits end. Have you been searching for help in this situation? Do you feel invisible? Does nobody hear you? Speak the truth that is on your mind. People will listen when you speak your truth with integrity.

Animal Sounds in Dream

Dreaming of animal sound can mean lots of things. It depends on the sound of the animal. Fearing a sheep bleating can reflect your nervous feelings. Are you living in fear? A horse’s neigh can indicate your strength and that you walk through life with integrity. It is a time to walk through life with confidence. Dogs barking may indicate malicious gossip and meddling in others’ affairs. You may need to ignore this for those that matter will not care.

Hearing frogs croak in the dark can warn of death or of severe punishment. You need to prepare. The coo of pigeon can bring bad news for your marriage or life in general. You may need to invest more quality time in your close relationships. Hissing snakes can warn of war. Who are you fighting? Is it really worth the stress or should you just walk away? The sound of a cow mooing can seduce you into temptation. What old bad habits return to seduce you? Camels braying warns of problems if you plan to travel. This may not be a good time to travel.

Dreaming of a roaring lion can mean you feel threatened. Alternatively, you may be the one doing the threatening. Is there some sort of bullying going on around you? Hearing the sounds of tomcats fighting can signify your life is a mess. There is gossip, lies, and cheating around you. It is time you take back control of your life. A wolf howling can mean you will be involved in a robbery. Either as a victim or as the thief. A jackal barking can mean there is evil on the way. Be prepared for a long, hard fight. Hearing a squeaking mouse brings love, peace, and financial success.

Hearing Bells in Dream

Hearing bells in a dream is a sign you are worried about something. Bells can warn of an impending disaster and it may even mean death. It can also be a sign you need to find better ways to communicate with the world. For, if you do not, your communication with those close to you may break down. Seeing a broken bell can mean your relationship with your partner may even end. To hear bells generally means there are struggles in your life. Bells will usually bring warnings.

Hearing an alarm clock bell prompts your awareness of your inner feelings. It may be a time to reassess how you feel about the progress of your current waking life. A woman receiving a bell as a gift is a sign of marriage in the near future. If you lose the bell in the dream, it warns that your real-life partner is in danger.

Bells ringing in a dream can bring news of a death. This could be of someone you have not seen for a while. A quiet person listening to bells is a sign you are being heard. An outgoing person listening to bells can mean they are unhappy. Are you causing trouble for others? Or, have you got yourself into a lot of trouble? It is a warning you need to sort this out. Many bells in a dream represents arguing with others and fear of standing up for yourself. What do you really fear?

Hearing a bell after dark is a sign that the sadness in your waking life will turn into a happy future. Bells ringing for young lovers symbolizes marriage. Bells ringing for a death is a sign you have an admirer who is likely in a position of authority. Seeing yourself ring the bells indicates you will soon meet someone who will become someone special in your life. Seeing someone else ring the bells can mean there will soon be positive news. You will be grateful for the positive changes to your life.

Dreaming of making a bell can symbolize building a home. Setting the foundations for a happy family life. Seeing a bell tower indicates you work well in a team and have good working relationships with those at work.

Church Bell Dream Symbol – Dreaming of church bells represents positive outcomes over challenges. If things are tough now, this is a message to let you know to keep persevering for things will soon change.

Echo Dream Symbol

Dreaming of an echo can mean something will soon have great impact on your life. It could be that you are being overconfident about something and my take a step back. It can also represent the depth of your emotions and your spirituality.

Echoes can represent your need to be heard in your waking life. Or, it could be you need to listen better to others. Whose echo do you hear? Your own or the echo of another? This is a clue as to what the dream refers to. It is a warning you need to be more open to others’ opinions It opens your ability for better understanding. Or, you may need to spend more time with people doing the things they enjoy.

Hearing another’s echo can mean you need to let people in. You may need to let down your guard. Learn to trust again. You have shut down your emotions for too long. Hearing your own echo can mean you need to try different ways to communicate so others start to hear what you have to say. It can also mean you need to listen to your own inner voice. What is your intuition trying to say? This may be a stressful time in your waking life. It can be a message to take time out to enjoy the simple things life. To rest and rejuvenate. Life is not all about working. You have to take the time to enjoy it with the people you love.

Looking for the source of an echo in your dream symbolizes searching your soul. This may be a time you reassess parts of your life. Maybe you are at a crossroads and need to make major changes to your life. This can mean to take the time to reflect on how you want your future to be. Listen for the words being echoed for they also hold the key to the dream meaning. It may only be one word or a phrase, or even only a noise of some sort.

Gunfire Sound in Dream

Gunfire in a dream can either refer to violence or there may be something in your waking life you wish work out. It can represent anger and tumultuous emotions. Seeing someone fire the gun can represent your fiery attitude to others when you are upset about something. Dreaming of gunfire destroying people and their homes can mean there will soon be trouble in your life. This can be financial trouble or romantic strife.

Dreaming of gunfire in war is not good news. It can mean that someone close will fall on hard times. It can also mean your love life will have troubling times or you may change your place of work. Just know this will not last long, so try to stay calm and ride this time out. Using gunfire to kill another indicates an emotional time. This can refer to your close relationships. There may even be an unexpected death in your close circle of friends.

Dreams of gunfire can also warn people are maliciously gossiping about you. This may be someone close so be careful of who you trust. Seeing someone trying stop the gunfire means that everything will eventually be alright. Dreaming of a mass shooting is a sign of bottled up anger. There may be someone that makes you angry in your waking life. This is a warning you need to deal with this before it takes control of your life.

Knocking Sound in Dream

Dreaming of knocking is a sign that you sometimes act before you think. This may often bring you disappointment and be responsible for some of the loss in your waking life. Is there something important that need your attention? Are you ignoring your responsibilities?

Hearing knocking on the door is a sign you will be asked for an opinion about something you have no control over. Or, there will be surprise news of some sort. It can also mean that you will soon meet new people who become old friends. Mantra

Singing a mantra in a dream is a sign you are about to change your perspective about something. This will be a time of peace and contentment in your life. Many wishes will come true.

Hearing Musical Sounds in Dream

Music is a part of our everyday lives. There is almost nothing negative about hearing music in your dreams. It has the power to bring out all sorts of emotions. Hearing music you like in a dream can mean this is a harmonious time in your life. Music that uplifts you can mean you have overcome recent obstacles and your life has taken on a positive outlook. It can symbolize finding freedom and independence. There will soon be a time in your life filled with much prosperity and abundance.

Sometimes dreams may be set to music. This can mean there are parts of the dream you need to pay special attention to. It can also refer to getting in touch with your emotions. Music that makes you sad or angry can represent your trouble communicating what is on your mind. Are you having trouble telling others how you really feel? Do you not speak out for fear of hurting others’ feelings? It is time to speak out with the courage of your convictions.

Hearing Your Name

Hearing your name called repeatedly in a dream can mean you are surrounded by friends and family who support you. It is a reminder that no matter what happens they are always there to help when you ask. Hearing your name mispronounced is a reflection of your own self-doubt in your waking life. This may be something you constantly battle with from time to time. If you have a different name in a dream this is a warning that trouble will soon come to your life.

Forgetting your name can indicate you feel out of place in your waking life. You may need to reassess what you want from life. Dreaming of hearing someone else’s name indicates you may meet someone with that name in your waking reality.

Being afraid of hearing familiar voices calling your name in a dream warns you need to get your life in to order. You may need to ask for help to deal with a situation that may be out of control. Help may come from people you barely know. Remember to show gratitude.

Silence in Dream

Dreaming of silence is a sign there is something missing from your life. It can also represent your inability to speak your personal truth. This may be a time where you feel uneasy in your waking life. Silence represents peace and quiet. Is this what you need in your life right now? This is a sign you need to take a break to rest and rejuvenate. Even take a break from your everyday routine or responsibilities. It will bring balance back into your life.

Needing silence symbolizes following your own path. Dreaming of sudden silence can mean you will spend time traveling the world. Being in a silent place can mean you will have a sudden, nasty shock. Walking through silent streets can mean you will have self- doubt. You need to have faith.

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    • Janice Fleury on

      I dreamed i was in an amusement park. The park was empty except for me. All the rides were running but completely silent. I could hear myself walking through leafs and humming. I would stop and watch a ride but never try to ride one. Sometimes I would laugh at one. All rides that I watched was some type of small old style rollercoaster. I was not look for anything/anyone and I was very calm. I was enjoying the area. The park was full of very vibrant colors and beautiful. It was peaceful and I was happy.

  1. I dreamt that I was in an isolated part of town in which a siren (mermaid temptress, not ambulance wee-woo) had managed to manipulate a large group of innocent girls into becoming sirens. I had managed to survive it by plugging myself into my earbuds and avoiding listening to their songs. In many of my dreams recently, a mass amount of people turns evil for some odd reason and I am forced to pretend to be like them in order to survive and escape the darkness.

    • i had a dream jusy last night and all i coould hear was very faint muffled inaudible talking and twinkling or sparkling or crinkling noised and was submerged in something

  2. I dreamed about me inside my room in the dark , while lay down on the bed i was look outside cause i heard bell ringing loudly , the outside was dark with lil blue light , then i lost consciousness

  3. I had a dream of leaving my body and wandering around. I scared a kid by pulling his shirt and kept flying. I arrived at some office and the next scene I remember was having sex with a short haired woman. Meanwhile, I was getting conscious, I heard an intense purring sound. It felt so real. I don’t know what the heck it was. But when I woke up I felt intense pleasure and creepiness.

  4. I was dreaming I was in the woods on a full moon with music playing I dont no what music it was all I can remember is drums and I was chasing a dream catcher that had a crow skill on top and feathers and a skeleton key hanging from the bottom I woke up at 3 am sweating and felt lost not really sure what it means

    • I just woke up because of the most terrifying dream of something stomping around my room while im sleeping in my bed and i can hear it coming faster towards my bed then i wake up when it reaches me, and its terrifying af like when i woke up i didnt know if it was real or not because one night my parents woke me up and asked if i was stomping but how could i, i was asleep, but damn its terrifying and now im even more paranoid of falling asleep now then before.

      • Elizabeth Kokemuller on

        I was running, barefoot, to church with a trash can full of broken down cardboard boxes and it made a thunderous noise.

  5. Yovana Appadoo on

    I heard normal chart music then it progressively got louder and louder
    And it turned into white noise and everything was bright white.
    I felt I had to focus in the dream on blocking that sound and then I woke up my heart was beating fast it felt like I had a fit or my body was shaking when I was dreaming and my eyes rolling back. I felt aware of what was happening and forces myself to wake up.

    What the fudge cake is this ?

  6. I heard the ringtone I have assigned to a particular person. When I looked at my phone, because it woke me up, there was nothing. No text, no missed call. I wonder what that means

  7. I dreamt I was lying on my bed next to the window. I heard a train sounding it’s horn nonstop. It was so loud like it was right outside my window. Through the window you could see the shadow of the train going by my window. I then remembered that it was impossible because there is no trains by my house and the property is enclosed by a fence. All of a sudden my bed wasn’t by the window anymore but across the room. I also felt I wasn’t in the room alone. I then woke up from the dream.

  8. Day dreamer on

    I dreamt about a bee buzzing around me when I shoo it, it goes to my student and he finally shoes it away but the student continued making buzzing sound for mocking me as while shooing it away I closed my eyes. Later when I opened my eyes bee was gone.

  9. I had a dream of arranging drums and playing drum in midst of people in my dream. What does that mean?

  10. I woke up at 12:40am I had dream of a whine, then hearing a dog e animal walk into my room, then there was this growling and in its growl there was a clicking sound. I had so much fear I began to freeze and not move. I could fell it getting closer to the bed. The fear froze everything in my body. They I yelled stop and slapped my arm on the bed and yeld again stop and it went away. I did how ever wake up the whole house.

  11. The knocking sound is Jesus! Revelation 20-21 Jesus said “Behold , l stand at the door and knock, if anyone hears my voice, and opens the door, l will come and sup with him, and he with me . To him who overcomes I will grant to sit with Me on My throne, as I also overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne. “

  12. i heard to loud thump then a small black ball rolled from under a reclining rocker chair towards me and i woke up

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