Shouting Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Shouting Dream Symbol – Dreams that feature loud arguments and shouting suggest that you may be at conflict with yourself in your waking life. Alternatively, sometimes shouting dreams are a way for people to get things off their chest, without actually hurting anyone in their waking life.

People who have a hard time expressing their opinions and ideas to those around them, may experience shouting in a dream to express some of these bottled up emotions. Sometimes these dreams can be a form of therapy, especially if you are shouting at a particular person and getting something ‘off your chest.’

If you know the person you are shouting at this dream may indicate that you are upset at something they have done to you and are trying to clear your conscious of those thoughts.

If you are being shouted at in a dream it may indicate that you need to be more sensitive to people around you. Perhaps you are not paying attention to the needs of people you love and are only focused on yourself.

The key to understanding the shouting dream is to try ask yourself what you were shouting at and why were you shouting. If you know the root of the problem then you can find a way to make yourself better.

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  1. I had a dream that my mom and my teachers found out how far behind in school I was with assignments I’m struggling to keep up with and my mom was furious because I lied to her again. Subbconsusly I know I’m mad at myself for not doing my work and not being able to focus even on my adhd meds and that everyone else can get it done and over with but I can’t. My mother also read my journal the other day which I put my frustrations into and every thought I have that I don’t want to think about ever again so now she knows that the amount of stress I get from school makes me suicidal but she acted as nothing happened. The moral of the dream, I just need to get past this weeks work till winter break.

  2. I was dreaming about chasing and shouting “I hate you” at my PE teacher and it was horrible. I actually hate her but if that happend in real life others may tought i have problems.
    What does that mean? Why was I dreaming that?

    • I’m having an argument with my mom and telling her that im in depression cause of how she treated me as a child and explaining to her my problems, that happens in the exact room where she hit me when I was a kid.and I start crying my voice is no more normal, in high pitched low voices im trying to explain while explaining in the middle, i keep screaming in the same tone.

  3. I had a dream where I met my crush in my apartment and he was oddly quiet. I knew he was upset so I asked him what the matter was. He didn’t wanna talk so I tried to make him feel better by being goofy. All of a sudden he yelled at me to stop. I felt so taken back and startled because in real life he’s not the person who yells at someone (as long as I know of). So I brushed it off by laughing awkwardly but he didn’t say anything. A couple of minutes passed by and he just stood up, painted my wall?? (its not allowed to paint walls at my apartment) and left. 🙁

  4. Laila Beard on

    I have this dream where I’m sitting on a bed in a dark room and the person I love is yelling at me && telling me I’m stupid and they keep trying to leave but I keep telling them “I know I’m stupid I’m sorry but please don’t leave” and the person I love tells me that I actually say all these things out loud.

  5. I had a dream, a dream that I’ve had twice, where I looked a completely different person and I had this friend, every time I did something wrong or every time the friend thought I Did something wrong, they would start shouting and screaming at me and I didn’t know how to fight back. The only thing I can relate this to is in school I was bullied by people who used to be my friends and I never stood up for myself. But I’m not so sure. Any interpretations?

    • I once had this dream that my friend was at my house with my mom and I was the first to notice that a woman we didn’t know was yelling for help and I heard it from my grandmas house. In my dream, the yelling was really loud and could imagine it in my head. It really freaking me out now that I’m pretty much heartbroken these past couple months, and have been having bad dreams lately. Any interpretations?

  6. Toyin Zubair on

    I often dream that I saw a person and all of a sudden I will be shouting thief thief thief at him,what could be responsible for this kind of dream?

  7. i had a dream about Im shouting to my mother and all people sorround us hear everything what i burden shouting with cry i tell everything that what she’s done for me it is like what my feels today that i tell what i want to tell to my mother when i woke up i feel comfortable i think i need to share her what ive hatred her.

  8. I had a dream that there was a dark figure in the corner of my room that was telling me not to go to counselling and i was shouting back at it in my sleep telling it i need to go. This kind of felt like a sleep paralysis dream but not sure. I viewed the whole thing not from my eyes in the dream but as if i was lying next to myself. Any interpretatations on the meaning?

    • This is almost definitely sleep paralysis/lucid dreaming or somewhere between the two. Especially if you could not move in the dream

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