Sewer Dream Symbol


Sewer РFor sewer, see Sewage. The sewer in particular is a dark and dank place that is both scary and interesting. The problem with the sewer being interesting is simply that it always ends the same: someone gets covered in fecal matter. If you dream about going into a sewer it means that you have entered into some part of your life that your subconscious has determined to be full of danger and putrefaction. Enter with caution and if at all possible exit before you get started on this path in your life. 

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  1. Hello,
    I had a dream, I was hiding in a house, some people were chasing me and trying to kill me. Firstly I thought of entering the AC duct but then I realized that this path would not let me escape from the house. Then I saw a sewer pipe which had a way out to the other side of the house. Funny thing is that this sewer pipe was not underground but was on the top of the building. It was a very long and huge pipe. I entered the pipe and trying to move to the other side as quickly as I can. I was about to reach the end and get on to the other side but suddenly I woke up. What does this mean?

  2. I had a dream i was riding a motorcycle and launched off a big curb, right into one of those sewer drain things in the gutter. the bike actually went all the way in, but i pulled it out. i had some articles in the seat.. I only lost an orange gameboy.

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