Servant (Slave) Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Servant (Slave) Dream Symbol –  To dream about being a slave may indicate that you have people around you who are in control of your life. Whether it is financially or emotionally, these people have the power to control you and dictate what you do. The dream may indicate that you need to spend more time and focus on the needs of yourself and less on the people around you.

Alternatively, dreaming of having slaves may indicate that you are using or are restricting the freedom of those around you. This dream may indicate that you need to start giving people more freedom and allow them to make their own choices in life.

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  1. In my dream I had just last night. I was sold by my family, and from there it was the sexual slavery like I was someone sex slave even tho nothing to sexual happened in dream, but was being tied up at gun point and from there I was hamilulized, beat, threatened, and was forced body change. In the start of it was nice till I got home where the “kidnapping” happened till he told me I was sold n he could have me anyway he wanted. No rest in the dream of different types of psychological torture as well, what was scariest about the dream was how willing I was after so long, and the dream(nightmare) seemed to last for months.

  2. In my dream I was with some other girls from my dance Academy and we were staying a hotel out of town to do a performance. Before I knew it three of us were missing and we tried to find them and they had moved over to a girl who lived in areas apartment and when we went to find them they were being bound and tied up and taken away by men. Because we went to look for them we also were bound and taken and found out that these men had paid money for us to be their slaves for the rest of their lives and in order for us to the comply they had given us a pill that paralyzed us mentally The rest of the dream is not very important but I am also going through opiate withdrawal right now and I wonder if it has anything to do with it…?

  3. I had a dream awhile back, I was a slave and running away from my masters. They chased me, dogs barking and a large group of slave sellers followed too. I managed to get to a clearing where a small pond was and I looked between the brush watching them running. Then I woke up. I had only had this dream once but I had told my mother about it and she had asked if I was learning about slavery in history and, the day before I did not see/learn anything about it. I would like to have an idea as to what this dream may mean.

  4. I had a dream that I was back in slave times and I was a white indentured servant who was desperately trying to escape with the slave children. One of the black “house slaves” was an overseer of me and the work I did in the house and he was worse than the actual slave masters themselves. They only I was concerned with in the dream was trying to escape with the children.

  5. Ok so I’m in a early college course to get me dual credit and a degree when I graduate from high school. So my dream was that we (early college students) had to meet somewhere in the southern part of Texas. Once everyone was there, white people started coming out and taking two people at a time. I got paired with one of my friends. They started to give us a test and once we were done they gave us surgery and we were awake when they did it. Once they were done we look like some kind of monster. Me and my friend went to go look for my other friends. But once we found them we only talked like 5 mins before our “masters” came and found us. My master was a white woman with blonde hair, and for some reason I knew she was going to be easy to fool. Later that day we were in our masters bedroom. I started to get on her good side. Then my friend said something to our master and my friend walked into where all the masters meet up (basically their meeting room).Keep in mind slaves are not allowed in that room, but we didn’t know we were slaves we just know that we’re here for something we didn’t sign up for. And my friend started being being rude and I went in the room and I touched a statue that was in there, then my master started calling other masters to the room by yelling. Then I try to leave the room and she kept blocking my way while looking at my friend. Then i asked her “Is it because I touched the statue? I didn’t mean it.” but she doesn’t reply. Then a few minutes later……I know the rest of my dream but it’s too much to type and no one will read it so I’m done

  6. Isabelle Geoffrey on

    I had a dream that I had a meeting at school. Also at one point we had been singing in a band. And I had danced to sing ladies . Then a pharaoh type man had come and he brought in other people too as slaves. We got chained up and separated out. We were given things to try and these things were to rest in us. There was a scientist lab tech guy watching his from behind glass.In the end my mother started to make lives better for the slaves and then the slave master allowed me to leave. As I was leaving my mother and I kept hugging because we thought we would never see each other again. The people who had come to pick me up were eating sushi in the car.

    • Julie hodge on

      So I had a dream that I was a white slave to a soldier of the USA during this time with phone and stuff. and he would force me to do whatever he wanted or he would hit me really hard with a baseball bat. And if I even talked back in any way he would pin me to the ground and start kissing me and try to have sex with me. I made a deal with him that one day a month I would have a free day and I would get to go anywhere I want but I only had three hours to do whatever I wanted. And if I wasn’t back by exactly three he would get to do anything he wanted to me. One time it was 3:02 when I got back and he made me wear this slutty outfit and clean his house while he would do sexual things got me. I am 14 so I really don’t know what this means can anybody help me understand.

  7. Indigo Zoey on

    My dream was about me being a slave to a couple who was older then me , at first it was like we was friends then the gentleman told me to serve him in a manor that if I didn’t I would be killed , he killed someone in front of me just because he didn’t like the way the person served him . The dream went on with me serving . I have no memorie how this ended tho . I woke up st some point in the early hours in the night . When I finally got back to sleep my dreams carried on but I don’t remember them now . I had negative dreams all threw the night till I woke up just now . I remember another dream type of me having sex with strangers , an elevator was a main part of this dream ?. Then another part of the dream later on I was getting dressed up with an old friend who I couldn’t trust with my partner I was putting on make up ect … then left ended up getting out of a red car . Me and the people I was with was surrounded by people with weapons I then had a large what turn from s large samari sword to a jamastic stick I was performing to these random guys , then I stated having sex with one of them !. It was so weird n random . I feel really negative n ashamed waking up with this in my subconscious. So that’s why I’m trying to find some clarity , if u could help me please I’d be very grateful .!

    Ps Iv had mafia dreams before n come to realise it’s the symbol of curription n those who control us the people . The Past dreams was so much more horrific tho , this time I feel it’s saying to me someone close is taking advantage of me ?., mabey ?.

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