Selling Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Selling Dream Symbol – Dreaming about selling things represents that those things which you are selling hold value to you still, but they are not the same that they used to be and you feel that it is time for an upgrade. This can be a very confusing dream because you can sometimes have dreams of selling your boyfriend or husband.

At first, you might think that you are selling him like a slave, but the truth is that you are just trying to get rid of him. Your relationship with him used to be very fulfilling and you loved him. However, as time has moved on he has ‘gotten old’ in more than one way and your subconscious is trying to tell you that it is time for a big change.

Alternative Selling Dream Meanings

Dreaming of selling things can symbolize trying to persuade others to your point of view. Do you really understand what your perspective really is? Selling gold can mean someone will rob you. Make sure you keep yourself protected. Selling velvet material is a sign you are lazy. Have you lost hope? Trying to sell your home can mean there are losses coming soon to your life. It I a good time to put some money away for the tough times. Selling meat in a butcher shop can mean you may be viewed with contempt in your waking world, which can damage your reputation.

Selling medicines from a pharmacy means there is a lot of money on the way. Selling drugs is a sign you are involved in questionable proceedings. Selling fruit can mean there will soon be family problems. Seeing yourself with a fan for sale symbolizes the hard work you put in to achieve success. Video games for sale in a video store can warn there are illusions around someone you think you love. Are these of your own making? This is a situation that probably will not work out over the long term.

Having a motor vehicle for sale can mean you are trying to recover a debt someone owes. Putting jewelry up for sale can mean you will suffer great loss and disappointment throughout your lifetime. Selling credit warns your insecurity and distrustful nature could be holding you back.

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  1. I had a dream that my significant other was selling all of my possessions and I was sobbing and upset and couldn’t stop him or figure out why. What do you think this means?

  2. In my dream, I had so much beef to sell, but I didn’t have scale, idea or even how to measure the meat while customers were waiting for me to sell but didn’t find a scale till it was evening, then I woke up

  3. Tina Vincent on

    A dream of being very busy selling recharge cards, clothes and some good stuff, and was paid huge money for the sold items in a dream.

  4. What if I helped someone sell a piece of furniture on Facebook and they gave me a portion of the money for helping them

  5. My husband of 10 years has been dreaming for the past 6 months that ive been selling him. Different scenarios but selling him none the less… whats that mean?!

    • What about dreaming of selling new arrival of clothes in a boutique that is now bivger than the one i own. The clothes are very beautuful and the customers are amazed. Dreamed twice about this.

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