Self Defense Dream Symbol


Self Defense – Self-defense, whether in the form of martial arts or a more conventional weapon, can be a powerful  by that you feel secure or perhaps that you feel threatened. More often than not it means that you feel threatened by something in your life that requires you to have a self-defense strategy. If you dream that you have to actually protect yourself by using self-defense, it means that you feel as if you are under immediate threat.

In this case it would be important to evaluate your actual level of danger to determine the need to contact the authorities about your danger. Believe it or not, many people allow themselves to remain in very dangerous situations because of a false sense of confidence or because of a fear of the very people that could help them. 

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  1. Days after days I am having dreams where I need to hit someone for protecting myself, but I can’t do that as if my hands and legs are stuck unable to move, I cannot even call out for help because my throat does not work properly. The voice comes out feeble and does not reach to others. The dream sequence changes after this or I wake up thankfully I never see any physical assault but the feeling of not being able to defend myself is bothering me a lot.

  2. I had this odd dream recently. It had two males who pretended to be my friend. At some point they stole money from me along with comics which they claimed to have sold. Eventually I contacted them to find out why they did this. Besides this everything in my bedroom was touched/moved out of place which is how knew they had robbed me. They claimed they needed money for crack if remember right… Though wouldn’t tell me who or where they sold the comics. I remember they were over my house, for some reason I stabbed one of them… This was with like a normal kitchen knife or something along those lines. I could even feel the pressure of the knife as it pierced him. I stabbed him multiple times, they refused to return my money or anything else they stole or give details what did with it/who gave to etc. I can’t remember if before stabbing him he threatened me or provoked me. I just know that kept stabbing him in different places even eventually in like the eye to make sure he was dead like something out of TWD.

    The other person was somewhere else in the house. HE was like hiding behind wall or in hallway like out of clear LOS… He said something about not going down easy or some sorta like threat or whatever. I remember grabbing two large kitchen knives from the kitchen. One was like the one that used to cut ice cream cake w/ like a fat blade while the other was longer/thinner more akin to slicing meat or whatever. So he ran at my mother attacking or stabbing her or something. Then I ended up stabbing him hardcore, though not sure if it killed him or somebody else was there… Remember before waking up that was another confrontation or threat from some guy. I never saw their faces, I sorta seemed to know them or like they were friends. I remember being worried my dogs were alright before waking up or where they were during all this.

    I guess it was a nightmare, being robbed of cash/comics as odd as that sounds. Just everything being moved in my room in many ways upset me the most. Like everything was touched/moved/rearranged. Odd how I could feel the pressure of the knife each time that was stabbing them though. Like it was real feeling the resistance of it going into their body. I didn’t get any joy from this, I was still upset about having the money stolen etc. REal odd that don’t remember any of their features, skin color, hair, faces, don’t think that was ever shown in the dream… There might have been some text messages or phone calls between us but nothing else really. I think that was doing some sorta stretch or exercise at time they were robbing me. Had trusted them for some reason or didn’t really think they were a threat or concern about robbing me. Like it was a surprise they would do such a thing, had no idea they were crack heads or any drug issues…

    I wonder what the dream means, shame they were not lawyers or it would have been productive ;). Just two people who thought were my friends that were just faking to get close enough to rob me etc. Killing them seemed empty if they had died so its really weird. Remember waking up feeling unsettled, like it was real not just a dream.

  3. I had a dream that I had a partner that I protected him and he protected me. There was gun fire pitted against one side toward the other. Somehow, I was separated from my protector and it seemed I was left alone. Another stranger and I saw each other and we pointed our guns at each other. He looked scared, I shook my head and motioned that we both not shoot. He obliged this request and a confrontation was avoided. I then hid under a car. A second stranger (to me at least) seemed to recognize me and desired to turn me in. It would seem I was of high value to the opposing side. He referred to me as some kind of a trophy or princess… it was kinda vague. I pointed my gun at him, he was not afraid. He moved forward and I walk backwards and away trying to create distance and avoid shooting him. He then told me that I was going to lose everything… after several steps I had no choice but to shoot. I cocked my pistol and shot him once in the heart. He stopped, looked at his chest and kept advancing. The same thing happened two more times… and he didn’t die. Then I woke up!


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  5. I dreamt that I had to stab a man as self defence even though through the whole beginning of the dream he wasn’t crazy or interacted with me

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