Seesaw Dream Symbol


Seesaw – The seesaw is representative in popular culture as the equivalent of the tipping of the scales back and forth, and no wonder. The concept of the seesaw is the same as the scales. Therefore, the symbolism is the same for both of these objects. The scales are used as a device to measure the worth of something. The seesaw is similar, but more often used to measure the worth or some other feature of humans. If you see two people that you know in the seesaw, it represents that some part of you is judging these two people. If you are on the seesaw with someone else it means that you might have a back and forth argument or conversation with this person.

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  1. I was on a seesaw somewhere around Howard Street Baltimore Maryland near a college. I was with a random French student. The seesaw was on top of water, almost like a pool. People were watching sitting around us. He lead to the seesaw first, and told me to come love. I went up and then plunged into the water. I woke up trying to catch my breath. Ps. He wore a very nice burgundy red blazer.

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