Security Dream Symbol


Security – Security is something that all people desire in their lives. Humans are wired to do whatever possible to ensure their security. When they reach a place where they feel secure, humans tend to stop pushing for greater accomplishments. Whether it is financial security, physical security, emotional security, spiritual security, or security in your relationships, it is okay to dream about having it. If you dream about not having security for these things in your dreams it does not mean that what little security you might have will be taken away.

It is merely a way for your subconscious to convey to you the fact that you are uncomfortable with these aspects in your life and you crave a higher level of security in your life. Some problems associated with not having security in your life include having or exhibiting bad habits, like smoking, drinking, or nail biting. You may also have a tendency to overeat or binge on certain foods. Sugars and fats are two of the most comforting types of food because they send the message to your brain that you have security of a food source. Humans are, in our basic functions, animals. Having a secure food source is central to our instinctual side.

If you feel insecure about something in your life, indulging in fatty or sweet foods is your subconscious way of righting an imbalance in your brain. You cannot help but do what you are doing.  That is okay. However, before you pick up that soda, ask yourself, “Do I already have a secure food source? What type of security am I really looking for?” 

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