Screaming Dream Symbol


Screaming Dream Meanings – The sound of screaming in your dream can be vivid and alarming even if you do not see its source or know its cause. Screaming is the greatest symbol of fear in your life. You will often hear screaming in your dream if you are overly worried about others in your waking life. Parents hear the screaming of their children in their dreams. There is a Promethean part of the brain that is especially active during resting hours.

During the course of evolution periods of sleep were always the most dangerous part of an animal’s life. In fact, many animals including fish, birds, and reptiles actually keep an eye open while they sleep if they are fearful of their safety. Mammals also have an instinctual part of their brains active while they sleep. This is the cause of sudden bouts of terror in some people while they sleep.

In rare cases, people can actually get violent in their sleep. This is all caused by the “protection” part of the brain and its insecurity during sleep. To hear screaming indicates that the part of your brain that regulates the feeling of peace and safety is off.

Additional Screaming Dream Meanings

Hearing screaming in a dream is a symbol of fear. You may be worried about something in your waking life and fear the outcomes or consequences. What is it you fear? This also indicates there are powerful emotions you have bottled up inside. Dreaming of being unable to scream means there is something in your waking life that needs your immediate attention. Do you even know what it is that you fear? Hearing others scream may mean there is upsetting news on the way. You may need to be prepared.

Shouting Dream Symbol

Dreams that involve shouting can warn of impending trouble. When you are the one shouting, this can mean you are going through a tough time in your waking life. You may be only feeling only negative emotions. It can also signify a particular situation turning into something that is hard to deal with. It will all turn out well if you use perseverance and wisdom to deal with the situation.

Hearing someone else shouting signifies a warning of fright or anger. This is a sign there is bad news on the way and even the death of a loved one who lives far away. This can bring warnings that there are those who gossip behind your back. You may need to be more careful about who you trust. Someone’s loud shout for help is a cry for help from them in your waking life. Can you answer that call in your real life?

Shouting with surprise can mean you get the help you need from your secret love. What or who do you have hidden away? Shouting in fear can bring unexpected good news from afar. Hearing people you do not recognize shouting in fear refers to your worries in real life. It is a reminder that if you act with wisdom and integrity you will have a positive outcome.

When you shout for help in a dream someone will come to your aid. If no one comes to help, you could sink into a deep depression. This will have a negative impact on all parts of your life, especially on financial matters. Shouting in anger to someone can mean you lose the support of someone just when you really need them. This is a time where you need to foster relationships, rather than drive them away.

Someone else shouting can bring on depression and troubled times with your life partner. Hearing animals screaming warns of an impending accident. This could be you or someone close to you involved.

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  1. georgina fell on

    I had a dream that I was standing on a beach looking out at the ocean, there was a person either side if me. Then I let out this almighty scream, it was filled with so much pain and anger I’ve never heard anything like it before. Then my scream made the ocean react and turn into a huge wave that I could see rising up higher and higher. I dont know if this is related at all but a few days after I had that dream my dog died and I cried like I have never cried before.

  2. Danish Samir on

    I dreamt that I was in a wide underground parking lot – type area . It was very big. And in that dream I was with my father and a little girl who came there with me was roaming to and fro there. My dad and I were able to hear someone screaming far behind us. That even echoed there cuz that place was tremendously huge! That girl didn’t seemed to have any problem. Then I offered a Math problem to that girl, I wrote the question on the side of a van. She was unable to solve it, and she whined and moaned and this triggered the screaming to get louder. That girl was terrified along with me and my dad. She screamed too. The screaming from behind us incremented violently only this time me and my dad, heard that the person who was screaming , has started to come to us, running. We decided that we’re going to flee this place immediately and then I woke up

  3. I had strange dream which put me in to the curiosity.

    I have been going thru a lot in life from all aspects, financially, personal and From 5 months dealing with job issue at work which is not getting been resolved.

    In dream me and my husband going in car and all of sudden I have been stopped that is being planned and when I saw man with gun tucked in and with suitcase coming towards to me and I was so suspicious about incident and turned towards to my husband to my shock he sprayed something on my face and me shouting for help in shock to save my life, this dream scared me to death.

    I never had dream about my husband or he is in my dream he is wonderful and devoted person not sure wat is this dream about that scaring me so much.

    In my life only who are close to me are the one who put me thru a lot.

    What is dream about? I would like to know meaning of dream.

  4. Had a dream where i was in bed screaming and couldn’t wake up even in the dream. Then when I finally woke up in the dream i found my sister was sleep walking pushing and hitting my head while also screaming saying im late for work . After that i woke her up and she acted as if she didn’t remember anything . We went down stairs to her room and then something pulled me out of her room while i was trying to grasp on the wall(mind you this is still a dream im in) and i look at my sister who went back into her dream sleep mode . After that whatever was pulling me ended up putting me in the living room and i was on the tv show my wife and kids and told them what happened and they didn’t believe me . After that i got pulled somewhere again and ended up in the front door of the house . Then in my dream i woke up from that dream and still heard the screaming, felt as if someone was yelling in my ear (still dreaming) and then I realized i was still in the dream so i tried speaking but it didnt work then i tried moving and it didnt work then i just tried my hardest at yelling and finally woke up from everything terrified please somebody let me know what that means

  5. Vuong Nguyen on

    I was at home, in bed sleeping next to my partner (friends with benefit) when I was woken up by her murmuring words, ” That man is so distastefully gross “. Half awake I replied, “What man?” but instead of answering she suddenly screamed, ” Why do you keep doing this, i’m going to tell my friends about this, ” proceeding to force her hand into my mouth like she was reaching for my heart. It felt like she had been possessed by a demon or became a witch when she was screaming because her voice was so distorted and wicked. I woke up so distressed and frightful that I quickly searched for explanations. What could this possibly mean?

  6. I had a dream where my mother and I just moved into a small trailer together, I remember there weren’t any beds yet so we slept on the couch and loveseat. My friend texted me and asked if I wanted to go see a late night viewing of some movie, I said yes and started to get dressed. He stated he was about 20 minutes away so I should just wait in the house since it was around 2 a.m. I agreed and sat on my phone on the loveseat. All of a sudden I hear blood curdling screams from a woman coming from the woods across the street from us. I tensed up and peaked out the window for a split second before closing the blinds and curtains. I texted my friend, before I could finish the text he called me and told me to make sure all of my doors and windows were locked and to close all of the blinds to any window that was open. I wanted to question why but he told me to do it and that he’s staying at a hotel since he couldn’t make it home. I told him to come over and he could sleep on the other loveseat but he cut me off and said the scream was too close to me. I hung up and sat on the loveseat for hours before my mom woke up and she could see how pale I was, she asked if I heard the screams too and I said yes. She said they were all over the county then I woke up. I’m still shaking.

    Also, I haven’t talked to said friend in dream for at least 5 years, so that’s also very confusing.

  7. I looked up this symbol because I woke up a little bit worried about what I had just experienced in my dream. I was listening to some kind of recording in it in which a person introduces the file as the recording of the raping of a child. The recording then continues and someone on it just says: “just don’t cry” in a repeated manner immediately followed by the loud and alarming screams of a child. I hear this and in about 3 or 4 seconds I’m waking up, disgusted. I believe this happened because I’m worried sick about an exam later today and I had overslept for an hour already. Perhaps that shocking dream was a way my brain devised to wake me up knowing it’d gross me out.

  8. this has only happened twice, but i wake up to hearing the scream in my dream, i don’t remember anything at all i just hear a scream and i’m waking up thinking did i dream that or really hear it. in my walking life i know what i’m afraid of but i’m not sure if that is the reason i’m having. this scream in my dream since i don’t remember anything from it except for hearing it and nothing else

  9. I dreamed that I was sitting by a window and screaming and this girls decided to join with my screams. Any interpretations?

  10. A week ago I had a dream where I was walking alone at night with no fear at all but for some odd reason, I was screaming “help! help me!” as if I needed help when I didn’t. I continued to walk and Then a few moments later, I heard a whole bunch of kids all screaming “help” all at random times and they sounded like they needed help. That they were afraid, afterward I started to get scared because I felt like someone was looking for me. Then I woke up. Can someone please help ease my fear and worries by interpreting this…

    • This is biblical.Just talked to a friend about this.I have had the same dream since I was a kid.All dark….people screaming my name for help.The dream has gone away….its been over 5 years since last one.I feel its end of times stuff.Just thought I share.

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