Scorpion Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Scorpion Dream Symbol – The scorpion is a symbol of fear and anxiety in your life. If something at work or in your everyday life is scaring you or you are nervous that something bad is going to happen to you because of an event that you will be attending, the scorpion is a manifestation of that fear.

Regardless of your fear or anxiety, the scorpion isn’t necessarily a symbol of danger. Despite this, however, the scorpion can be a symbol of warning if you are actually stung by the scorpion in your dream.

Your dreams can bring into reality the symbol of the scorpion to warn you of something that is going to stand in your way in the near future. The scorpion is also a symbol of a latent poison that is slowly consuming you.

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  1. Abdulmalik Shittu on

    Today I dreamt that a black scorpion came directly to me in the midst of other 2 friends only to stung me on my thumb.

  2. I was holding and kissing my ex boyfriend when I saw a gigantic black scorpion crawling from a dark corner towards us and I was scared trying to run out but could not

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