Scissor Dream Symbol


Scissor – Scissors are a symbol of change and precision. If you dream about scissors cutting something that they should not be able to cut (i.e. scissors cutting through darkness or memories) it indicates that something in your life is unacceptable to your subconscious and you are trying to understand how it correlates to the other things in your life that you have experienced; things that seem in direct conflict with your memories or feelings.

If you dream about scissors cutting through something real, like hair or a wedding invitation, it means that a great change is getting ready to happen. In the instance of the hair it means that you are about to undergo a change in personality or outward looks. Perhaps you are going to get a new job and it will change the way others (and even yourself) look at you. In the case of the wedding invitation it could mean that the wedding will forever change you perception of life or that it is doomed. 

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  1. I had a dream where this girl that I’ve never seen or met was saying that she has to kill me. She had scissors in her hand and I could feel the scissors on my stomach then I got away from her then she got me and I could feel the scissors on my right shoulder but she never stabbed me and I woke up.

  2. Brittany Ellis on

    Hi so my dream was weird, I was cutting with scissors through something that was covering my plant and I was trying to give it sun, now here’s the weird part, I also had to cut through my cats fur…I love my cat and wouldn’t ever in a trillion years so such a thing!

  3. Dreamt about cutting a mans hair and getting frustrated because they were dull and rusty. I apologized for the way they tugged and hurt him a bit. Offered the hair cut for free and paid the owner the price of hair cut. told the owner that I would sweep and do shampoos until I could get some sharp ones

  4. I had a dream where my husband cut the bedsheet and mattress with a scissor. but first he ejaculated sperm on me. I felt disgust but also relieve that he cut the bed sheet. What does this mean.

    • I had a dream that scissors were flying at me and trying to kill me; a large pair and a small pair. I had to use all of my strength to keep them from penetrating my skin. At one point, I was lifted off the floor when trying to pull one away from me.

      Please help me understand.

  5. can and did fully intepret the scissors aspect but what i can’t get is that self and autistic son who has a history of SEVERE OUTBURSTS out of the blue–we were seated in a church familiar to me but he was never there in reality—–so we are seated in this church and he looks around and states out loud LARGE SCISSORS ON THE FLOOR-and yes there is a pair of shears,like large tailor scissors right in the centre aisle in the middle of the floor AND HE IS STARTING TO GET WOUND UP and i can’t stop IT and wake up…
    i remain very puzzled at trying to figure out what this clearly remembered dream MEANS.—being in THAT church at a service has me puzzled.==and we are nowhere near it the same.
    the location IS connected to the past involving him but he never was inside this church.
    i was for my brother’s funeral way back when-and i don;t dwell on it ,

  6. Allaiza Longatang Lacaba on

    I had this dream last night that was someone who’s attacking me of scissor, his on a mask that is white and a black long like wizard gown with a hood, I dont know if his trying to kill me or anything, but his going to get close to me and he point the scissor to, he open and close the scissor that was like his going to cut me, what does this means?? Others said that if you dreamed about scissors someone will die or you yourself will die

  7. I had a dream where I was cutting holy temple garments with scissors. And I did it over and over again cutting up the garments. The garments were very clean. And I believe I saw my hands holding the scissors. Im not sure what to think about it. It was me doing the cutting, looking through my own eyes only seeing the garments and scissors and hands.

    • Laura Lynne Watson on

      Perhaps you’ve been going thru a transitional phase with your religion. Not loading it but finding it confusing & just waiting to get down to the details, the truth. Clothing can also represent the dreamers personality. Seeing as they were clean & they were a religious type of clothing I take it you are a very spiritual, loving person who tries to practice this to everyone you come across. Look to the color or the garment for further information. Scissors can represent both cutting apart & coming together. If you feel as tho you’re slipping from who you are, look more closely at what all the details of your dream are point to. God is showing you thru your dream(s)

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