Science and Math Dream Meanings and Interpretations


Atom Dream Symbol

Dreaming of atoms is a reminder of your unlimited potential. You have the skills and ability to achieve whatever you set your mind to. Do you underestimate yourself? Do you give enough credit to those in your life who support you or do you underestimate their value? This may be a time to reflect on the bigger picture. How do you see your future?

Chemistry Dream Symbol

Dreaming of chemistry can be about discovering the right combinations. This may be a time where your interactions with others are going well. Or, this could remind that without some sort of chemistry relationships can stagnate. Sometimes you need to consider whether the time spent persisting could be better spent elsewhere. It may be time to walk away.

A dream where chemistry is highlighted can refer to moments in time when you react to someone or something. Just as chemicals react to each other. You my even fear a reaction when you have to deal with tough situations. Have you done something to upset someone? Do you need to break bad news to someone you care about?

Chemistry in a dream can also refer to sexual chemistry between you and another. It may be one-sided. Is your sexual attraction to someone one-sided? Or, is someone attracted to you that you reject?

Energy Dream Symbol

Dreaming of energy is a sign you are exploring your own energy levels. When you feel an unusual energy in a dream it can mean there are repressed emotions coming to the surface. It is a sign you need to deal with these to help move your life forward. Seeing yourself experimenting with energy is a lesson in the ‘power of attraction’. It is a reminder of the power of positive thinking and how it can turn your life around. Remember, what is uppermost in your thoughts is what you attract to yourself.

Energy is transformative. It is finite and never disappears while you are alive. Transforming a solid object into energy in a dream is a reminder that it is alright to release the old fear and negative energy. It is easy if you consciously try. This may be a good time to take at your attitude to the world. Will it help you get to where you want to go? Or, will it make your path forward more difficult?

Magnifying Glass Dream Symbol

Dreaming of a magnifying glass is a reflection on certain life changing moments. It can also be a reflection of the future. Looking through a magnifying glass indicates your waking life is out of control. You need to get things organized. It can also mean you are super organized and everything has to be in its exact place and order. Is this an obsession with you? Are you obsessed with perfection? Are you always comparing yourself or situations to others? This is not healthy. What others do should not be a matter for you, unless they deliberately set out to harm you. You may need to relax your attitude towards life to help you achieve success.

Trying to analyze something using a magnifying glass and it does not magnify its size in a dream can warn there are disappointments on the way. It can also mean you have fears that someone you rely on will let you down. Is there someone like this in your life? This type of dream reflects a lack of trust in someone or a situation. You may fear being disappointed. A magnifying glass in a dream can also warn you are the one who is letting others down.

Seeing someone looking through a magnifying glass can mean you or others are over analyzing everything in your lives. This is a sign you need to relax and chill out a little more. Or, you may be a more impulsive person who makes decisions without too much thought. Do you pay little attention to the details? This can bring you trouble for you do not have full understanding of what you commit to. Others may see you as someone who is only concerned with today. As someone who does not plan for the future. Is this you?

When you dream someone is staring at you through a magnifying glass, this indicates your waking feelings of being judged. Do you feel that others judge you in your waking life? This is a reminder you need to deal with life with more self-confidence. A broken magnifying glass symbolizes freedom and independence. You may finally be free of a controlling person, situation, or emotions. You can move forward with a clear conscience. This is the beginning of a new phase in your life.

Mathematics Dream Symbol

Dreaming of mathematics is a sign you are evaluating certain areas of your waking life. It indicates you may need to be less emotional when dealing with difficult situations. It warns to sit down and thinks things through logically before taking action.

Studying math or solving a math problem symbolizes a tough situation in your life that can only be resolved with positive solutions. This can indicate that making mistakes or poor choices will see you fail. It is a time where you need to take great care before you make a commitment. You may need to make sacrifices and think rationally to avoid mistakes. Being unable to solve the math problem indicates confusion in your waking life. Is there something that does not make sense in your life? What do you need to know to get a greater understanding?

Dreaming of a math problem can also signify a problem in your life that has only one logical solution. This may not be what you want to do, but you may have no choice. You will need to come terms with this to move on.

Measurement Dream Symbol

Dreaming about measuring yourself indicates that you have set standards for yourself to live by. It may even indicate what others expect from you. Do your compare yourself to others? Do you measure up? Are you better or inferior to others? How does this affect your life? This really is not a healthy attitude. You may need to stop comparing yourself to others. Be the person you truly are. Do not be afraid to be the unique version of you.

Science Dream Symbol

Dreaming of a scientific experiment can be a prompt for you to be more adventurous. You may live your life in a predictable and routine way. This can lead to depression and boredom. Are you stuck in a rut? This type of dream suggests you need to be more daring. You need to take a chance. Get out there. Be impulsive. Show the world who you truly are.

Dreaming of science can also symbolize making new discoveries about yourself. These may be confusing so you may take the time out to discover more about yourself. It can be that the way you see the world will change. You may soon have a new perspective about many things in your waking world. Are you questioning things at this time?

Telescope Dream Symbol

Dreaming of a telescope indicates this is a phase in your life where you maybe analyzing a situation in your waking life. Watching someone through a telescope is a sign you need to stand up for your mistakes. You need to face the consequences. There is no point hiding what you have done or letting another take the fall for your actions This is a message to have strength and courage. People respect honesty.

Looking at the stars through a telescope reflects your positive attitude to life. This is a message you need to deal with the negative things in your life with a positive attitude. It can also mean there are sudden, in expected messages on the way. Be prepared to take action.

Seeing a telescope can indicate a bright, happy, positive attitude. It can also reflect the opposite in you. Are you feeling frustrated and troubled? Do you feel you do not have the strength to deal with the trouble in your life? You may need to grow better resolve in your heart to have the strength to deal with tough situations when they cross your path. Breaking a telescope can mean there may be unexpected trouble find its way into your life.

Positively, dreaming of a telescope can mean you face your responsibilities and take action to deal with the challenges that come your way. You may also need to put things in place when trouble comes into your personal and working life.

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