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School Dream Symbol – Dreaming of being at school indicates learning new skills helps you move forward in life. It can also reflect your feelings about your future and social status. Dreaming about being at school can indicate you have a lot to learn before reaching your goals.

This sort of dream is pushing you to reach your full potential. It can also mean there are new people in your life. You are learning who they are and how they fit in. They may be different to the types of people you usually mix with socially. You may also be thinking of moving onto something new. Dreaming of leaving school indicates your home and personal life will soon improve.

school-dreamsSchool is where we learn many things about life – responsibility, work ethic, rules of society, and moral values. As well as receiving an education in the important things we need to know. All these serve us well throughout life. It could be dreaming of school indicates there are conflicts in your job or you are unhappy and want to move on. Consider what you have already achieved to work out where you need to go next. Maybe you need to go back to school to improve your skills and abilities.

Dreaming of higher education can mean you may need to relate past lessons to the current challenges you face. Take the time you need to analyze the situation before making any decisions. School popping up in your dreams can symbolize a dominant person in your life.

This is probably someone you are trying to sever contact with because they no long have anything to offer or have outworn their welcome. It can also be that a dream about school can be a reminder of how you felt during that time. It can also relate to a dislike or resistance to authority in your real life.

We do not have a choice but to go to school. It is compulsory to spend your childhood there. Dreaming of school could also mean you want to break free of the establishment. If you are a student, this indicates you are open to learning from others.

You have no problem respecting that others have lessons to teach you. Lost at a school or running late for an exam signifies what worries are on your mind. It is a time to consider how to relieve yourself of these so you can move your life forward. Asking questions in class shows you recognize other people have something to offer. You can often receive sound advice if you are open to hearing.

Dreaming of being at a school without studying signifies you have much to offer the world. You already have much wisdom. Talk with your contacts about potential opportunities. Having friends who are teachers indicates your own high ambitions. Being suspended from school means you may have problems socially throughout your adult life. You may need to address this to stop it occurring.

If you are teaching, it can mean that sometimes you are so busy striving for your dreams you forget to stop to appreciate the small things in life. Dreaming of being a school teacher indicates your love of learning. You may even be due to pass a work assessment sometime soon in your waking life. Seeing yourself outside a school can mean there is something you need to learn to help you move forward. What do you need to know?

Dreaming of being in the school library can mean there are things you need to learn to help you reach your dreams. A laboratory may symbolize you have wasted time and money on a business undertaking. You either need to cut your losses and walk away, or find a new way to achieve success.

When you dream of eating at school this can mean someone you love needs your support. Playing in the schoolyard indicates teamwork is required for success. It can also mean you have been put into a difficult situation without your permission. Being bullied at school can mean you are not a good communicator in your real life. You need to stand tall in your truth with strength and courage.

Alternative Meanings

Dreaming about school can bring back memories of the past that can be both vivid and full of nostalgia. They can also be repositories of great wisdom and knowledge that you may have forgotten. Depending on the emotional context of the dream, the school can be a symbol of awkwardness and teen angst or it can create a feeling of accomplishment and pride in your work.

The school is a powerful symbol that has different meanings for each person, but it is often a symbol of learning and an incremental accumulation of knowledge. Many times the school and the workplace are interchangeable in dreams because they both represent institutions that have their own set of rules and organization that is different from the outside world.

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  1. Katana Keller on

    I dream frequently of school(s), usually former schools I went to, but very little is familiar to me. Many times I am not a student. I am just there. Many times I am looking for a classroom, but I am not sure why. I remember where the room was in the past but everything has changed. Many times the school is a combination of all the schools I have been to. It is like going back to an old neighborhood where I grew up, but everything is different than I remember it, and I don’t know why I am there. I cannot find something, a room, the office, books, a locker, how to leave, where my car is parked…. Sometimes there is also some bureaucratic issue such as a scheduling problem or other error. Sometimes the school is just part of a neighborhood that has changed significantly since I lived there. Almost none of it is familiar but I keep looking for things that used to be there to anchor myself. I feel lost and disoriented. I don’t know anyone. And I am tired and it is difficult/painful to walk, and I usually am carrying something that feels too heavy. Somehow, the only way to get around is to walk, which is too difficult.
    (I am not a student or a teacher; I am not late, or afraid of failing a test, or any of the usual school dream themes.)
    Any ideas?

  2. I dreamt that I was doing History which I never signed up for and the teacher just said “well your name is down so you have to” and was totally condescending because of my bad grades in it. I didn’t feel like telling her I did really well in Physics and Math because those were the subject I signed for

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