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Scarecrow – A scarecrow is a totem of death and fear, but it simultaneously holds the opposite symbolism of hope and prosperity. The exact meaning of the dream symbol depends on whether you are the crow or the farmer, in the dream. Scarecrows are meant to frighten away crows from the crops, which is why they are often eerie and frightening. They are pseudo-human creations, which puts them in the same category as dolls.

They are symbols of death because they carry the reminder of the fear of starvation, if the crows eat the harvest. On the other hand, they are symbols of harvest and plenty. The exact connotation of this symbol will depend on the other symbols surrounding this one, and the emotions you dream of experiencing in connection to it as well.

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  1. I had a dream I was running from something and I’m not sure what it was but I felt terrified! I came to a mobile home and saw people inviting me into there home me and my son began to walk down the driveway and these people morphed into scarecrows and started screaming the most blood curdling screams you can imagine and then they would turn back to normal people then back again and I could here them screaming from holes in the grounds and under the mobile home. I can’t figure out the meaning to this has anyone had a similar dream

  2. I had a dream…first thing i see out the window and its a scarecrow coming down walking towards my house it opens my backdoor and somehow my dad walks in,but weird thing is my dad was standing like 10 feet from his self but crazy part is that didnt just happen once he walked again thru the door 3 more times but the last one he was in a wheel chair and was old it was like a weird cloning stuff..i stepped outside of my home looked up at the sky i see constallations but they had shapes to them like i think one was shaping out the reaper of death,others like a soul leaving the body,an angel with a sword,and other shapes but i cant remember too well it felt so real i was praying in my dream!Praying… i was scared i thought the dream was real. Someone pleaae…please.

    • Elizabeth hart on

      You stated I could dream was farmer or crow, however, I dreamed I was a scarecrow…I was walking around.
      What does my dream mean?

  3. I had a dream about a very pleasant scarecrow he took me around the village I lived in except it was 100s of years ago

  4. Wish someone can help me. So many times I dream and can see myself lying in bed while I sleep. Then many times I get so scared in my dreams that I’m aware of who is next to me in real life that I’m trying to make noise In my dream so that the person who is near me can hear me and wake me up. It works but I don’t understand that I dream of dreaming.
    And I also just woke up now from dreaming about a scarecrow. Same thing happened about me making noise so that someone can wake me up. But in my dream while I saw the scarecrow in my room I start to say in Jesus name, in Jesus name.. I was chasing him away.
    Does anyone have advice for me.

  5. I have had this dream about 3 times along with others and every time something changes. This time two were there and one of them turned black and white like laughing Jack the creepypasta. And each time it happens it gets wierder and wierder and creepier and creepier

  6. So my dream was very vivid, my boyfriend and I where living in a village, (I am pregnant in real life) but in the dream my boyfriend and I where super in shape! We lived in a village and it was always known that there was a couple , a man and a women they where scarecrows that came alive every once in a while, they where blind , could not hear but could smell very well, we had this lotion that kept the scarecrows from finding us, but if they found prescripted glasses any prescripted glasses they where able to see . Well anyways in the dream they where chasing us everywhere, they wanted my boyfriend and I the most! But since we wore the lotion they’d get super close to us sniff around and keep running trying to find us. We ran into a lil black boy who was great at throwing a needle into aired balloons and for some reason , we knew he could help us defet the scarecrows? (Super wierd) the kid stuck with us , and found a villager with glasses , the scarecrows got to the person first, got the glasses and they where able to find us and tryed attacking until the little boy threw the needle and hit the glasses off of one of the scare crows my boyfriend crushed the glasses. Then. I woke up. So wierd but interested to know what it means ?

    • Shana this sounds like “Goosebumps” have you ever read or seen the episode called “The scarecrow walks at midnight”?

  7. Mon Starlyn Nogra on

    I have dream about a lady whose wearing a scarecrow costume that hangs herself to a nearby under construction house. What is that about ?? I really want to know because it really scares me. I am not a kind of person that usually remembers my dreams but this one this is the first time I have experienced this. Please help me.

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