Saturn Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Saturn Dream Symbol – When you dream of Saturn it can mean you will beat those who try to destroy you. Are there people around you constantly trying to make your life difficult? Are they trying to negatively affect your business and other areas of your personal life?

Saturn brings the message that it is time for you to face these people. It is time to stand tall in your truth. But, you need to do this with peace in your heart. Once you do this it is likely they will not bother you anymore.

Saturn can represent legal and leadership matters. Seeing Saturn close to the moon is a sign it is a good time to invest in real estate. Saturn in a dream can also symbolize wanting to live a more natural life.

Are you dreaming of escaping to the country? It can also signify that you are happy serving others. Have you always dreamed of devoting your life to the betterment of other people?

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  1. I dreamed of Saturn illuminating different colors as a cube above it beamed light towards it. When the beam connected they both shined vibrant colors for a few seconds, then Saturn would fade grey until it happened again. Stars and moon were both present, but the event occuring between Saturn and the cube were so vivid it was the only focus. I felt uneasy but amazed. Just wish someone could help me interpret this dream.

  2. In my dream it was around 6pm the sky was black and suddenly i saw planet saturn with its ring it was coming near to earth slowly from west…. Beside saturn i saw moon but it was too small…

  3. I dreamt of doomsday, in it was the moon, stars and planet Saturn which shone brightly, in fact brighter than any celestial body and emerging from its rings was a shiny orb which looked like a spacecraft or so. After such display came news on every social media about our planet, martial law was declared and peace ceased to reign. Please, may I know its meaning as I am deeply troubled by it.
    PS: I really would love to hear from you.
    Thank you

  4. I dreamt that I was watching the news and they were saying that soon there would be a end of world catastrophe and to immediately seek shelter because our earth would be destroyed by Saturn. All of a sudden my family and I are running to the basement and getting under tables and I can see through the basement window that the sky was orange and I woke up after seeing big balls of fire coming down.

  5. I dream of seeing Saturn and its moon and a star in one line. I kept looking at them curiously and slowly they are all coming closer to me like a flying (dancing) butterfly, they’re passing through me.. was so beautiful. I really would like to know the meaning. Thanks

  6. I dreamed with Saturn. It was so close to the earth (like the moon) and it’s rings where “dancing” (was spinning fast and in waves)… I would like to know the meaning…

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