Sandbox Dream Symbol


Sandbox – Sandboxes are places of enjoyment for children. They represent the creative forces of childhood and imagination. To dream of a sandbox with a sand castle in it is indicative of a childlike creative power in your life. To dream of a broken sandbox is a symbol of that your childhood has been taken away from you and you will not be able to see life out of a sense of wonder or awe again for some time.

If you dream of playing in a sandbox, this is an auspicious symbol of your ability to access creativity in a childlike manner, without fear of judgment or failure. If you dream of seeing children playing in a sandbox, this indicates the promise of this sort of creativity without fear being reawakened in you. 

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  1. Laura Lynne on

    I had a dream that I was watching a young woman out my bedroom window. She was in my backyard jumping on my old boat sandbox in the pouring rain.

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