Sand Dream Symbol


Sand – Sand is a symbol of time and of infinite possibility. In its most common form, sand is seen either on a beach or in an hourglass. Sand running through the fingers or an hourglass is the most direct symbol of time. Dreaming of this indicates that the time is running out for something to be done, for a choice to be made, or a project to be completed.

It is important, if you dream about sand running through fingers or an hourglass, for you to focus on the project at hand and get it completed in a timely fashion to avoid negative consequences. Sand on the edge of the ocean represents the vastness of the subconscious, and may signify a level of fear or intimidation that you feel when confronted with ideas or truths from your subconscious. 

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  1. In my dream we saw a lady walking but she was not moving her legs , when she realised that we have noticed her she sat down on a corridor as we wanted to pass her by doing incantation towards our direction and it affect our legs like eletric shock all the girls i was walking with fell down except me. We immediately started prayer and rebuking her all of us . As we were praying and sending fire to her she started crying of fire as she wanted to go she turned on held my waist and said that ” you (me) all your body will be sand” we all started sending it back to her she continued crying of fire that’s i woke up.

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