Saint Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Saint Dream Symbol – Saints are symbols and patrons of people, places, ideas and things. To dream of a saint carries with it the same connotation that that saint has in your life or in religious belief systems. To dream of a saint is similar to dreaming of the stage.

Dreaming of a saint can mean a few things. It depends on what else is happening in the dream. Seeing a saint refers to getting through the challenges in your path. Talking to a saint can warn you need to make amends for something you have done. But, are you avoiding facing the consequences? Is there something you are trying to hide?

Saints can visit to remind you to fulfill your potential. You cannot achieve success if you sit around waiting for it to come to you. Do you need a kick up the butt to get you out there working towards your dreams? It is time to take action.

You can dream of a saint at times when you struggle with your morality. Are you judging yourself too harshly? Do you expect too much of yourself? A saint behaving like a demon warns to take a good look at yourself. Are you acting with integrity?

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  1. Sarika Sagoonanan on

    Hi my name is sarika and i would like to know what it means when u meet someone and they introduce themselves as a swamijji

  2. Marivic deligero on

    I dream last 2014 of saint santo Niño,,my first vacation here in mariveles,,i see him in my dream..i dont know why,,and i dream again this year 2020,,what does that mean about,,thank you. And godbless

    • Rence Andrew Ones Dajalos on

      In my dream I’m with a friend praying inside the church. We we’re praying about Covid-19 to be over already. Behind us is the statue of Jesus Christ and his father Saint Joseph suddenly somebody touches me and my friends shoulder. When we look who it is its them Jesus Christ and Saint Joseph we were shocked at the moment then we go back praying. When we look back again they’re gone we thought thats only our imagination my friend already go back on praying and then when I’m about to go too I saw the statue of Jesus Christ and Saint Joseph smiling at me and also Saint Joseph winked at me.

      Sorry for the long post you may not believe me but its my dream. I hope somebody interpret this dream for me I’m dying to know what does my dream is all about. Thank you!

    • Hai, am guru. I had a dream of nude sage giving his pubic hairs to me. Plz explain what is the meaning??

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