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Sage (person) – The sage is an archetypal form full of the symbols of wisdom, age, and good advice. To see the sage in a dream is indicative that there will soon be a source of wisdom in your life that you should pay attention to. A sage is often represented by a hooded figure or an old, bearded man. The message you receive from the sage in your dream indicates an important message from your spiritual aspect that you need to understand in order to achieve an important goal, thrive in your current circumstances, or nourish or repair a relationship.

Sage (herb) – The herb Sage is a symbol of spiritual purity and innocence. The burning of sage is a Native American ritual called smudging. Native Americans smudge to rid themselves of evil spirits and to purify their lives before battle, vision quests or hunts. Dreaming of sage is an intense and sacred thing. If you dream about sage in cooking, it is representative that you will have a spiritual revelation occur to you in the next few days. 

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  1. I had a dream that I got asked to smudge somebodies house and the other day I had a dream that I was a medium helping someone communicate What do these dreams symbolise please.

  2. Had a dream that I had two sage bundles – both of them bigger than the single one I currently have. I don’t remember much, other than that I only burned the one my dream self recognized as the one I currently own, took the binding string off of it and draped it over a hook, and smudged a pumpkin with it.

  3. i had a dream that i was in my own place (i currently live at home) and i was burning sage to repel negative energy from my new place. i was feeling a sense of urgency in the dream, and i’m not sure what that means. i’ve had a rough year with anxiety, ending a long term relationship, working in a toxic work environment with toxic people and i lost my friend to suicide in november also. i plan to leave the state in search of happiness and new beginnings, ridding myself of the negativity i’ve been going through. and i hope this dream means i’m taking the right path in life to rid myself of my troubles and feeling “lost”.

  4. I had a dream that i was a withces apprentice and we were outside at night next to a pond and the night sky was filled with stars and it was warm and the air was sweet. I felt extremely happy i pulled crystals out of my chest, amethyst and moonstone and held them in my hands then i burned a bundle of sage towards the water and remember having the feeling of being high

    I took this as a good omen that i will soon experience a very amazing spiritual moment and that i will come into finacial wealth and know my femine side very well

  5. I had a dream that I was in a scary old house and 2 guys (I feel they were evil) and then sage appeared in my sight like in pieces. And somehow I got the feeling to light it and I did and they disappeared.

  6. Last night I had a dream that my mom, my daughter and I moved into a new house. After a while a few rooms seem to carry a negative energy. I think it was a bedroom we weren’t using and a bathroom. I immediately went to sage those areas. End of dream.

  7. I dreamt that I was on a farm. I had a dog who had a close relationship with a cow and my dog was growing sage in his fur, the cow would eat it and it would grow back. Suddenly I started to worry how the sage was growing, so I asked all of these people “does sage grow from air or is it growing from my dog and is it hurting him”. When I woke up I realized that in the dream I asked the question over and over and it was sage that was the prominent symbol. ( I think) The possibly interesting thing is that I’m currently thinking of ending a 29 yr old marriage. After reading so many people dreaming about their ex’s I’m wondering if that’s relavant.

  8. I dreamed about an ex lover. He and I were in the car. He kissed me tenderly and then jumped out of the car into traffic. When I regained control of the car and pulled it over I ran to his body but it was the body of him as a teenager (I only met him last year and the relationship was only bad ever). I gathered him into my arms and there was an abalone shell with sage bundle rapidly burning. I remember watching the colorful strings (red, blue and bright green) burn and unravel. It shook me up pretty good. Any help in interpreting is appreciated.

  9. I’ve been off & on with this guy for almost 4 years. I dreamed I was staying in a vacation rental that belonged to one of his ex’s. I found a gun, a bowl with burnt sage & paper clips on a stand. In my dream I called her & asked her why did she have this on her stand? She was crying & said “cause he’ll never hurt me again”.

  10. Its about four times from last night dreaming of a man sitting in front of zulu herbs showing me how to used them. I am a bit worried now I think this dream says something. please help.

  11. I dreamt I went on some sort of quest and ended up in a room with three other women and was told I should sage myself and so I did (I have never done that before and I did have awareness of that in the dream and I told them that) but I began to do it just listening intuitively and the two girls on either side of me (the other one was in front of me) began pulling things off of me – out of my back. I could actually feel them pulling things off of me.

  12. I had a dream that I was in a house that was mine but In waking life I’ve never seen it before, I just knew it was mine.
    I was smudging the house with sage on the upper floor, I saw my dad, he was talking to someone who happened to be my ex relaxing on the couch, they were just having normal chat but in waking life have never met.

    I opened the closet went inside and smudged it, suddenly I felt somekind of supernatural uneasiness or fear and I woke up.
    I don’t know what this was about except for the fact that I’m in an unhappy marriage.
    I can’t really make a lot of sense of it. Is there anything you can point out for me?

  13. I dreamt of burning sage and in the (thick) smoke a man’s face appeared, faced down and rose up when he realized he was animated he opened his mouth and eyes squeezed as in awakening from slumber…
    Later on in the night as I went beck to sleep, I dreamt that a “healer” saw a little girl inside of me. He asked me to reveal to him what it is I feel, and I was afraid to admit…I felt fear. I repeated it the second time but the words left my mouth as I literally awakened.

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