Saddle Dream Symbol


Saddle – A saddle is a symbol of the tools you need to achieve a goal. The exact meaning of this symbol varies depending on the animal the saddle is meant for, but the most common form of saddle is meant for a horse. A horse is symbolic of freedom, and of a means of getting yourself to your goal. This means that the saddle is often a symbol of an artificial means you believe you need to harness the power to achieve your goal. The more steps that are placed between you and the ability to actually move toward a destination in your dream (saddle, horse, car, etc.), the more you feel insecure in your ability to accomplish your goals.

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  1. I dreamed I found a small glass saddle at a store. I was surprised & amased that I came aross this.I felt fortunate to of found this. & I was happy to buy it. Told the store clerk about my pet horse that I valued & enjoyed . ….don’t have a real horse & what could a “glass” saddle mean ?

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